Thank you messages to write in cards

The Right Words
The Right Words

Saying ‘Thank you’ seems a lot easier to do when the person you are saying it to is standing next to you. Facial expressions and body language – a warm hug, a genuine smile, a hand shake – communicate what words cannot. But, there are situations when you may have to adopt the long distance ecard way. Written words may not always compensate for a hug and a smile, but, they can still communicate your heartfelt appreciation in a sincere manner, provided you choose the right words.

So how do you convey what you feel in an eCard ‘Thank you’ card or Printable card ‘Thank you’ printable card?

  • Be sincere – When you say it from your heart, it shows. So say what you mean and mean what you say. ‘Thank you for making it to the party. We really enjoyed your company’ seems far more sincere than, ‘Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the party.’
  • Be specific – Tell the recipient, what exactly you are appreciative of. Instead of saying, ‘Thanks for everything’, you could say, ‘Thank you for making me feel welcome. I needed that’ or ‘Thanks for being a good listener and for reminding me of my capabilities. Talking to you boosted my confidence.’
  • Be yourself – A thank you note serves as a token of your appreciation. It reflects your personality. So, whether you are thanking guests who attended a party, or a friend who helped you out, remember to add that personal touch that says it’s from you. A card is not complete until you personalize it with your message.
    • Use these pointers to make your

Thank you cards

Thank you printable cards

     sweet and memorable.

Why should I use GotFreeCards?

We get many notes from our users but we thought we should share this with you … (Thanks Rachael)

Every single time I have to go to a birthday party I go to hallmark to get cards but once we ran out, and we did’nt have enough time to go buy another card so I ran to my computer and searched for ”online printable birthday cards”. so i browsed through all the sites and found ””. so since then I always came on this site to get my birthday cards for my friends. I also told my friends about it. they tried it and liked it too. I have’nt tried another site yet because I don’t need to try because I already have a fantastic site.well, the way I got to this site might be a boring story for you but the site is a wonderful, awesome, and helpful site to me. I also don’t have to pay for the cards! which is super duper cool!

– Rachael

Free Animated Ecards

It has been a year since we started our blog. We have come a long way since then. However, our first post is still relevant…

First post below:

Everyone expects to get cards on their birthday or on a special holiday, and free ecards have become the quick and easy way to let someone know how much you care. So much so, in fact, that sending free animated ecards during a holiday has become commonplace.

If you want to truly surprise someone and show them how much you care about them, you may want to send them animated cards when they least expect it – on a day that is not a holiday! Animated ecards such as the Thanks for Making Me Smile card are a great way to put a genuine smile on someone’s face.

The best part about sending animated cards isn’t that they are free and only take a short time to send, it is in knowing that when the receiver gets their ecard, they will know that someone cared enough about them to take a few minutes out of their day to send it.

Editor’s Notes:

In this day and age when I receive so much spam and twitter. When I know someone has taken the time to choose an e-card specifically for me. It goes a long way in my book. How about you? Do let us know.

Summer – a great reason to send ecards!


Can free ecards really forge bonds or renew old ones?

I think it could.

You know how you never get around to calling or writing to some of your friends or relatives although you want to? Well, life happens. Sure. But, getting back in touch with people is easier than you think. It doesn’t take long. Nor does it cost you anything.

Think about it. It’s summer. The kids are home. You’re probably taking a few days off to go on a vacation with your family. Or at the very least, have a slightly less rushed schedule than during the school year. Now is a great time to drop a line to people you haven’t spoken to in a long time and say, “Hey!”

Our selection of Free Summer Ecards, Photo cards and Printable Cards lets you do exactly that.

You don’t have to wait for a birthday or special occasion to send someone a free ecard. Summer is as good an occasion as any.

Our summer ecards feature many different themes including beaches, BBQs and Back to School.

Maybe you want to catch up with a buddy but it’s been a while since you last spoke and you aren’t sure how to break the ice. Or you have family in another part of the world and you just want to let them know they’re missed. Sending a free summer ecard or a photo card with a recent picture of you and your family ought to do the trick.

Try it. It won’t take a minute. But it will make a difference.

All Occasions

On this blog, we’re always writing about all the different occasions to commemorate by sending a free e-card.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, e-cards are always a convenient and cost-effective way of showing people, on holidays, that you’re thankful for their presence in your life.

            But you don’t have to wait for the next holiday to roll around on the calendar to take advantage of our free e-cards here at  We have tons of birthday cards, of course, along with cards to say “Thanks” and to send your good wishes to that friend or loved one who’s been under the weather lately.

            Not only that, but even if you’re just looking for a way to let someone know how much you care, you should check out one of our “Friends” cards, or one of our quickly-growing categories of knock-knock jokes.  From the incredibly clever, to the just downright silly, there’s a joke for every taste and temperament.

            Feel like personalizing a card?  Or maybe commemorating one of the holidays we haven’t gotten around to designing for yet?  Click on “printable cards” at the top of the homepage, and just follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen (or see my earlier blog on the subject). 

            So you see, no matter the holiday or occasion, is your best spot for free, thoughtful, and funny ways to say that you care!

Birthday Reminders

So you’re kind-hearted enough to remember friends and loved ones on their birthdays and other holidays, and you’re frugal and sensible enough to save your money in doing so by using, but how do you keep it all straight?  How do you make sure, for example, that you remember to send next-door-neighbor Joe an e-card for his birthday in February, but don’t forget to do the same for classmate Jane on her anniversary?

            Holidays are easy to keep straight—most of them fall on the same day every year, and most stores and television stations are kind enough to constantly remind us, weeks in advance, that Christmas / Valentine’s Day / Halloween is coming.  But they don’t exactly do the same thing for Joe’s birthday or Jane’s anniversary, do they?

            To keep these lesser-advertised but not-less-important days organized, try the “Event Reminder” on 

            Just go to the homepage——and click on the “Event Reminder” button at the top of the page.  This brings a screen up where you can type in your name, the name of the event you want remembered, and any personalized notes you want to add in regards to the event.  Then, just select when you want to be reminded (the day, the day before, etc.) and enter your e-mail address. will then, at absolutely no charge and with no obligations required on your end, e-mail you a reminder of the big day at the time you specify.  It’s that simple!

New Year Ecards Surprise

Everyone gets presents on Christmas, and even though we smile and act like we’re surprised to have been thought so kindly of, in reality, if Mom or Dad hasn’t got us any gifts, we’d feel pretty miffed.  Similarly, on Valentine’s Day, if you don’t buy your significant other a gift, you’re making trouble for yourself.  Mom gets flowers on Mother’s Day, and Dad gets tools on Father’s Day.

New Year Ecards
New Year Ecards

   But what about those other holidays, where gift-giving isn’t exactly traditional?  That’s when you really have the opportunity to surprise the people you love.  And you shouldn’t have to break the bank, either.  For instance, on New Year’s this year, why not send out some free ecards from  They’re absolutely free, and when your friends and loved ones open their e-mail boxes and see you’ve sent them an animated e-card, not only will they know you’ve been thinking about them, but they’ll also know you didn’t have to get them anything: you only did it because you care.

Christmas Cards on Sale


Christmas Ecards
Christmas Ecards

I went to a book store last week, to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, and I had to smile at this display of Christmas cards, situated right at the front of the store. 

            I go to this book store often to get coffee in their café and use their Internet connection, and so I remember seeing those Christmas cards, for the first time, several weeks ago.  At that time, probably the beginning of November or close to it, the cards were priced at full retail: close to twenty dollars for a box of fifteen, if I remember correctly.  I remember shaking my head and thinking, People would be crazy to pay that much for cards.

            A couple of weeks later, all the boxes of cards had sale stickers on them, which read: “ONLY $15!”  It was a discount, sure; but ten dollars?  For a box of Christmas cards?  And a couple of weeks later, they had been reduced again, down to ten dollars a box.  And then this past week, during my last-minute Christmas shopping, the cards were bargain-basement priced: three dollars a box.  And people were picking through them like crazy. 

            That’s a decent price, to be sure, but it just made me think: all the silly little things that we spend money on, that we really don’t have to…it’s ludicrous.  Why, for example, would people leap at the chance to buy these Christmas cards for even three dollars a box, with only fifteen cards per box, when they could get ecards for free, on gotfreecards,com, and send as many as they like?

            I suppose there’s always going to be a market for people willing to spend money on things they don’t need, but still…

Send Free Christmas Ecards Today!


Free Christmas Ecards





Free Christmas Ecards



Even when something as perfect as FREE CHRISTMAS ECARDS is readily available for everyone to use, there are still people who have some excuse not to use them. Here are the top 7 excuses people have for not using FREE ecards and an answer for each excuse:

Excuse #1) I want to write my own sentiment in the Christmas cards I send out this year.
Answer: You can add your own sentiments to every ecard at

Excuse #2) I want to be able to send pictures of my kids and the dog in my Christmas card.
Answer: This is also something you can do with each ecard!

Excuse #3) I don’t understand how to do it.
Answer: It’s easy! Just select the card you want to send, input the email addresses of the recipients, add your personal message, add any photos, and hit the send button!

Excuse #4) But I have all of these cute Christmas postage stamps to use.
Answer: Save them for something you HAVE to mail! No stamps needed at!

Excuse #5) I want to send people something they can keep and show to their loved ones.
Answer: It will be on their computer! They can forward it to anyone they want to show!

Excuse #6) My grandma doesn’t have an email address to send it to.
Answer: also has FREE printable cards that you can design yourself to print out and mail! Perfect for those Christmas stamps you’ve been saving.

Excuse #7) I don’t celebrate Christmas.
Answer: So send a holiday ecard, a thank you ecard, or any ecard you want! The choices are endless!

No more excuses! Send your free ecards today!

Christmas Lights

Free Christmas Ecards

Free Christmas Ecards

Lights Lights Lights! Who doesn’t love Christmas and Holiday Lights? They’re pretty, they’re festive, and they stir up the holiday spirit in all of us. But while we love to look at them, even travel distances to see the houses with the best light shows, no one really wants to be the one to hang them up.


Case in point: A friend of mine hung up his lights this weekend. He finished just as his wife pointed out to him that the outlets for the plugs where located on the opposite side of the house than he thought. He had to take down ALL of the lights and start over. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? My friend, that’s who.

When I was a kid, our lights were perfectly stored tangle free, thanks to my genius dad. Each January he wrapped the light strands carefully around paper towel rolls and carefully placed them in boxes to be stored until next year. Each December he’d unroll the strands in the garage, lay them on the ground to organize them, and plug them in to make sure they all worked. One December when I was 10, he asked me to help him in the garage with the Christmas lights. He picked up one end of a light strand to take it to the front yard, I picked up the other end, we started walking and wouldn’t you know I dropped my end and ALL of the lights broke. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? Me at 10 years old, that’s who!

As I recall all of the Christmas light follies, and there are many, I can’t help but laugh. For all of the brave people hanging up their lights this year, send them FREE ecards from, like the ecard, “Tangled Lights”. Let them know you are thinking of them and all of the hard work that they do to light up Christmas!