Favorite Birthday Ecards

Some of our Favorite Birthday Ecards

Are you ever out of ideas when it comes to buying people birthday gifts? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably yes.

There comes a point when you really don’t know what to get people on their birthdays.  After you’ve given someone books, gift baskets, CDs, picture frames, a watch or jewelry, maybe even a digital reader or smart phone, invariably, there’s bound to come a day when you go, “What do I get Nina this year? ”

It’s not that I’m against gifts or anything.  I like buying gifts for people I love and like most people, enjoy getting thoughtful gifts on my birthday. But, there are times when I know I don’t have to get gifts to make someone’s day or to wish someone a Happy Birthday.  Instead of cluttering someone’s home or desk with yet another picture frame, flower vase or a book they have probably read already, I opt to send free birthday ecards.

Sometimes I send free ecards even after I’ve bought gifts. They just add a fun, personal touch to the whole occasion. Either way, take a look at some of my recent favorites when it comes to Birthday ecards. Maybe you’d like to send one of these to your loved ones this year?

  1. Someone Special Birthday Ecard:  – A simple, elegant, tastefully designed ecard with no bangs and whistles. Just lovely flowers, soothing  music and pleasant colors coming together to wish someone special a Happy Birthday!
  2. Surprise Fairy:  – Kids will love this, especially little girls and young ladies. After all who doesn’t wish for a fairytale birthday? With this charming birthday wish, it just might happen!
  3. 10 Years Old Birthday Ecard I love sending birthday ecards to my little nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids. Kids are so thrilled when they receive email, especially if it’s someone wishing them on their birthday. If you have a young friend who’s turning 10 this year, you’ve got to send the little monkey this free Birthday ecard. Trust me, you’ll hear whoops of delight!
  4. Sunshine and blue skies :  Sometimes the best birthday gift you can give someone is…what they already have.  But maybe, they just need a reminder to enjoy it. This birthday ecard is a special favorite of mine because it helps me notice how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. And no gift comes anywhere close. Go ahead wish someone a splendid day with this sunny ecard!
  5. Budget Birthday : OK. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of free ecards inspired by the economic downturn. Humor is one thing that keeps us going during adversity.  So, why not lighten up someone’s day with a joke about the economy ?  This one’s a great pick…especially if your friend works in finance!

Check these free Birthday ecards out and do share your favorites!

Upcoming Spring Holidays Easter and Holi

Upcoming Spring Holidays Easter and Holi

Wow! Can you believe that March is almost upon us?! As hard as it is to accept that we’re already approaching the third month in 2010, I won’t deny that this is the time of the year I look forward to the most. Who doesn’t? What’s not to love about spring(allergies aside!)? Flowers in full bloom. Nature at her glorious best. Milder temperatures. Longer days.  The anticipation of summer. Everything about spring reflects celebrating a fresh start. It’s not surprising that spring time puts people in a better mood, as many studies suggest! I could have told you that myself! Just seeing more sunlight, spending time outdoors, getting more fresh air, seeing lush greenery works wonders for your state of mind, mood and overall health.

And to top it all, you have the year’s first holidays coming up to lift your spirits further. No matter where you are and what your faith, the arrival of spring is marked by festivities of one form or another.

Take Easter. This colorful holiday celebrated in memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, has its origins in the festival of fertility – Eastre. It has evolved into one of the most widely celebrated Christian holidays and is marked by children dressed in their best clothes going on Easter egg hunts and coming away with baskets full of goodies, families coming together to pray, spend time together and welcome new beginnings.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the Hindu festival of Holi that is not very different in spirit. This Indian spring festival is marked by a reenactment of Ras Leela – the divine dance and song celebrations of Lord Krishna and his beloved Gopikas in the gardens of Brindavan.  In India, Holi is an occasion for children and adults alike to engage in fun and pranks such as splashing colored water or spraying paint over each other. There are a number of legends associated with Holi, but, in all of them, the underlying theme – the onset of spring in all its glory – is unmistakable.

No matter which part of the world you live in and what your beliefs, we hope that you will take some time to celebrate new beginnings and to rejoice in the blessings you are surrounded by this spring.

And to help you get into the spirit of Spring festivities, we have created dozens of free Holi Ecards and free Easter Ecards for you to share with your friends and family.

Don’t forget, Easter falls on April 4th and March 1st is Holi!

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Valentine Ecards

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am sure you have everything under control. But if you don’t and you need some last minute ideas. Here is how GotFreeCards.com can help

1. Free Valentine Ecards – Email your loved ones an instant animated valentine ecard

2. Free Printable Valentine Cards – Print one at home so you can take it to the party you are going to

3. Photo Ecards – Add your photo and send ecards

And since 14th is also the Chinese New Year click the link below for Chinese New Year Ecards

1. Chinese New Year Ecards

Free Valentine’s Crafts and Paper Projects for Kids

Not everything about Valentine’s day has to cost you a fortune. In fact, some of the most enjoyable aspects don’t.

This year, you don’t even have to run to the store to buy craft supplies and paper. You don’t have to stand in store aisles picking out a big box of Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s classmates. Just head to our printable cards or photo cards section. You’ll probably be amazed at the variety and number of colorful free printable Valentine cards we offer. But, wait! That’s not the best part.

Did you know that you could turn this into an easy and fun Valentine’s Day project for your kids to do?

What better way to spend a wet or freezing afternoon or an unexpected school closing than by helping your kids make their own, free Valentine’s Day cards at home?

Older kids can browse and select their cards themselves, They could even upload a picture you approve of to a photo card, print it out and add their own personal touch or note. With younger kids, you can encourage them to select a card or picture they like, or select one and print it out for them and get them to color in or doodle on the blank side to personalize it.
By encouraging your kids to make Valentine’s Day cards –

* You save what you would have otherwise spent on expensive store bought greeting cards

* Kids have the opportunity to express their creativity and talents, thus spending a few minutes away from TV, internet or video games

* Friends, teachers and relatives who receive the cards appreciate them more as your child took the time to personalize each card

* You teach your kids the value of money, time and effort

* You get to spend time with your children and engage in a family Valentine’s Day bonding activity! Just what it’s all about.

And it all takes just a few minutes. Browse, select, personalize and print!

Tip: You don’t have to settle for making just greeting cards with these printable cards. Use them as wall posters, invitations to Valentine’s Day parties or even as wrapping papers for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you come up with cool, new ideas for Valentine’s Day projects, tell us about them!