Why should I use GotFreeCards?

We get many notes from our users but we thought we should share this with you … (Thanks Rachael)

Every single time I have to go to a birthday party I go to hallmark to get cards but once we ran out, and we did’nt have enough time to go buy another card so I ran to my computer and searched for ”online printable birthday cards”. so i browsed through all the sites and found ”gotfreecards.com”. so since then I always came on this site to get my birthday cards for my friends. I also told my friends about it. they tried it and liked it too. I have’nt tried another site yet because I don’t need to try because I already have a fantastic site.well, the way I got to this site might be a boring story for you but the site is a wonderful, awesome, and helpful site to me. I also don’t have to pay for the cards! which is super duper cool!

– Rachael