Sparking up Marriage with Ecards

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but one of the things that they don’t tell you in the marriage vows is that it is a lot of work. Deciding whom you want to marry may be one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made. Keeping the marriage together through thick and thin, however, can be much more difficult. When you add busy careers and children to a relationship, it is not surprising that the spark dies in over 90% of long relationships. Free ecards can help you to spark up your marriage again quickly and fairly easily.

A Reminder

Sometimes the couple in a marriage just needs a reminder as to why they married in the first place. If you have been dealing with difficult situations, a small token of words can often help to rekindle the romance in the relationship. Sending an “I love you” card may be all that it takes to make your husband or wife smile and remember how much they love you as well. While words often work, they sometimes aren’t quite enough to make a relationship that has strayed off course lean back into it’s proper position.

Taking It Further

If you’re looking to help your relationship get a bit more spark, a bit of planning, and a free animated ecard or two, may be just the way to do it. To begin with, make some plans for you and your spouse that do not include work, children, or any of the normal haunts. If, for instance, you go out to dinner frequently, avoid the restaurants you usually go to. If you tend to relax around the house most weekend evenings, plan to go out instead. If you can afford a hotel room for the night and don’t usually spend the night at one, book a suite! If you’ve got children, plan for a babysitter and make sure that they’re taken care of. Then start your plan.

Send your spouse a free animated ecard explaining how much you love them, and how you want to show them that you love them. Then, an hour later, send another free animated ecard telling them that you have plans to show them how much you care about them and how much you enjoy spending time with them. Another hour later, send a third free animated ecard that says that you will be contacting them soon to let them know about the plans that you have made.

Throughout the day, send little reminder ecards that let them know how much you love them and how you’re going to prove it in person. By the time the end of the day rolls around, make sure you’ve sent an ecard asking them to meet you at a specific place. Then, whisk them way for an evening (or weekend) away, where you can physically show your love to your spouse once again, where it’s just the two of you.

Celebrating Fatherhood with Free Ecards

Mothers are looked to as the epitome of caring and loving, but what about fathers? Fathers are often overlooked, except on Fathers Day, and are not appreciated. There are some amazing fathers in the world. There are some fathers who give up everything they have and own in order to take care of their children, and other fathers who are forced to raise their children on their own in a world that is designed for women to be single parents and not men. Free ecards can help you to celebrate fatherhood on an everyday basis, instead of just once a year.

Against Dads

The world is designed to celebrate fathers who like to take their children to sports games and who are found playing catch with their children in the front yard. It is not, however, set up for men who have to change a baby diaper while they’re in a grocery store, or for Dads who have to take time off to deal with a sick child.

Fathers, however, are just as important as mothers, and are just starting to assert their needs and rights. More and more you find diaper changing centers in the men’s bathroom, and men allowed to take time off from work. Some businesses even give men maternity leave, so that they can share the time with their newborn and their spouse, or so that they can adopt a child.

A New Kind of Dad

Gay and lesbian relationships are becoming much more talked about now, and it is not abnormal to find two men raising their children together in harmony. These men often have a lot of adversities to go through, and could definitely use a free ecard to help them to remember that there are people out there who agree with their decision to raise a family and who want to help celebrate fatherhood with them.

What to Say

There aren’t, however, many free ecards that exist to help you to celebrate fatherhood that don’t have the phrase, “Happy Father’s Day” on them. One way to tell your father how much you care about him is to send a Thank You card and to write a personal note inside of the free ecard, such as one of these:

• “Dad – thank you for always being there for me and for always supporting me.”
• “The world doesn’t always appreciate Dads, but I appreciate mine. Thanks.”
• “I know how much you gave up for me, and I know how much I love you. Thanks for always being there.”

No matter what you say, whether it’s just “Thanks for being there”, or “thanks for being you”, a free ecard can help you to let your father know exactly how you truly feel. Send a free animated ecard to your dad today thanking him for being a great dad and watch how emotional he will get.

Getting Ahead in Business with Free Animated Ecards

The business world is a dog-eat-dog world, and it can be difficult to get ahead, especially when you’re trying to go against tons of other businesses. If you’re in the business world, you know how important it is to do whatever you can to keep your clients and customers with your company, and the best way to do that is to prove to them that you not only haven’t forgotten about them, but that you truly care about them. One easy, and inexpensive, way to do that is to send free ecards to them whenever it is their birthday!

Keeping Track

Sending free ecards to a client or customer (or boss) on their birthday is not only affordable, it is a great way to let the recipient know that you are thinking about them. How can you keep track of each person’s birthday? First, you need to have each clients email address and birthday. This can be tricky to get, depending on what type of a business you are in. If you send out newsletters (which you should be doing to get traffic to your website or business), you can request the birth date that way. If you have a store that exists in the real world, you can ask new guests to enter their email address and their birth date when they go into your store.

Once you have complied all of this information, it is time to get it organized. Using a program like Excel makes it easy. Open a new spreadsheet and enter the person’s name, birth date, and email address. Then simply arrange the file in order of birth date, starting with January and running through to December. Every day you or your assistant can check the file and will know who is having a birthday. Then, simply choose the free ecard of your liking and enter the email addresses.

Some free ecard companies will allow you to enter multiple addresses for each ecard, while others require that you use only one address per ecard. Remember to keep the ecard a simple and elegant one, rather than a silly and goofy one, unless you’re in the funny business, then make it as silly as you’d like.

Your Information

One thing you need to remember to put in your free ecard is your contact information. If you don’t have your contact information available on the free card, the recipient will not only know who sent the card, they won’t know how to get back to your site, possibly costing you to lose some business. Sending free ecards is a great way to keep yourself connected to your customers and clients, costing you only a little time and effort. You will be amazed at how quickly and positively your clients and customers respond to the free ecards they receive from you. You may even want to send a free ecard during an anniversary, depending on what type of business you’re in.

Falling in Love and Saying it Right!

Have you ever fallen in love before? The rush of excitement when you first meet someone, coupled with the feeling of initial attraction, is addictive, and many people go for years without finding that one special person who means the world to them. Others, however, search and search for the other half of their heart. If you get lucky enough, you find someone to love. Telling someone you love them, however, can be a very nerve-wracking thing. What if, once you’ve told them, they don’t say that they love you as well? There are a number of ways to tell someone you love them, from being vocal to sending a free animated ecard. Which way works best for you?

Saying It Out Loud

If you’re a brave person, you tell the love of your life out loud that you love them. This, however, can have some serious consequences. If, for instance, you tell the person that you love them and they are quiet for a long period of time, you may believe that they don’t feel the same way about you. This could lead to the entire relationship breaking up, especially if you are a very insecure person. Or, even worse, the person you’re saying “I love you” to may turn around and break off the relationship prematurely because they are scared. This is when a free animated ecard can help to win them back, however, you’re looking to get a positive response the first time, without needing the “I’m Sorry” ecard.

Sneaky Ways

There are also sneaky ways to tell someone that you love them for the first time. For instance, you could place a note in their lunchbox or in a dozen flowers. You may write it on the bottom of a note and leave it in their car. Hopefully they won’t have anyone else bumming a ride during that important and vital time, or else you may wind up being a bit embarrassed! Sneaky ways can work, but more often than not wind up with the person feeling embarrassed afterwards.

Free Animated Ecards

Free animated ecards are another way to let that special someone know that you care for them. These ecards are designed to help you say those special words without any embarrassment experienced between either of you. For instance, if you wanted to tell someone you loved them for the first time, you could send a free animated ecard that is created to emote that specific feeling. You then are giving your loved one the chance to absorb that information, and are giving yourself the chance to wait for them to figure out how they feel. More often than not, the sentiment will be returned, simply due to the fact that you’re giving the person the opportunity to assess their true feelings. I love you free animated ecards work almost every time to announce to your true love how you really feel, and is a great way to keep reminding them! Of your feelings!

Summer Coming to an End?

It may seem like just a few days ago you were thinking and planning about all of the things you were going to do this summer. You were going to head to the beach more often. You planned on getting all of the outside construction done on your house. Maybe you planned on going on a number of picnics and hikes. Did you get everything done? If you’re like most of us, you didn’t. The summer months go by extremely fast, especially if you live in a place where the winter months tend to take over, giving you only a few weeks of summer to enjoy. Free animated ecards can help you to enjoy one last bash!

Sending the free animated ecard “Let’s BBQ” is a great way to throw your final summer bash! Get some food, get some tables, and fire up the grill! Send summer out with a bang, and get every last drop of sunshine you can out of nature! If you’re getting too cold for an outdoor grill, do some grilling indoors! As long as you’ve got a covered area or a garage, you can fry up some food that will make everyone happy!

Fixing a Messup

Have you ever messed up? Have you ever done something that you wish you hadn’t done, and then wished that you could take it back? Everyone messes up from time to time, but it’s often more difficult to apologize to a friend or loved one than it is to admit that you’ve done something wrong. What do you do if your friend won’t even talk to you to give you the chance to apologize? Then you have to be a bit more creative with your apologies. This is when a free animated ecard can come in handy.

Free animated ecards go directly to the recipient’s email inbox, making it impossible to ignore. Since you’re not around, most people will allow their curiousity to get the better of them and will click on the link to see exactly what you have to say. The Will You Forgive Me Please ecard is one that allows you to admit, very clearly, that you were wrong and that you are sorry. It asks your loved one or friend to “please” forgive you, and admits that you feel you definitely deserve punishment. This one ecard may open the door, making your loved one want to talk to you again.

The Importance of Free Animated Ecards

Do you remember when you were young? Back before the internet was the huge deal that it is today? Before you could look up recipes or definitions with a few clicks of a button? Before email was the most popular form of communication? Then, it was very difficult to keep track of a number of things, including birthdays and anniversaries. You had to have a calendar full of all of these events, and a stack of cards ready to mail, if you got the chance to mail them in time. This was a very difficult time, and even though there were some great things about it, there were also a lot of bad things. How horrible did you feel if you forgot to send out a card for your best friend’s birthday? How much did you berate yourself for being stupid when you forgot to send a card for your parents anniversary? Thanks to free animated ecards, you never have to worry about forgetting again.

One of the most enjoyable things about free animated ecards is that they can be dated ahead of time, making it quick and simple to take the time to set a bunch of free animated ecards to go at the same time, making all of your greetings get to their recipient on time, and making you look like a hero to your family and friends.

Keeping it Simple

Another beauty of free animated ecards is that they keep things extremely simple. Instead of having to spend tons of time searching for the perfect gift, which may not be right anyway, you can get a free animated ecard and send your thoughts and feelings to your friends and family without having to spend much time or without having to worry that your friend will not like the gift that you choose.

Keeping it Cheap

Let’s face it: one of the biggest problems we have in today’s society is monetary. Money is not as easily found as it was before, and it can cost a pretty penny to not only buy a gift but to send one. Even cards have become very expensive and are often not easily affordable when you’re scrimping and saving. Free animated ecards are, well, free, and are a great way to show someone that you’re thinking of them and how much you truly care for them, without having to spend a dime.

Types of Ecards

There are dozens of different types of free animated ecards that you can send to your friends and family. These cards range from funny, for those friends who like to have a bit of humor in their lives and for those days that you’re feeling particularly silly, to serious and sweet, for those days when you want to let your friends and family know exactly how you feel about them. Often, a free animated ecard can help to convey your thoughts to the recipient much easier than a gift could do.

J.D. Theiss is the writer for, a company focused on providing high quality, free animated ecards, allowing people to show their loved ones how much they care with just a few quick clicks of their mouse.

Getting Well With An Ecard

It’s hard to be sick. We all know that. Don’t we all remember what it was like? Sure, there are people who visit, but they’ve got other things they need to be doing so they go on their way after a short stay. What about all those flowers they bring? They’re a nice thought,but they don’t lat all that long. Soon enough they’re dead.

Maybe the best way you can cheer a sick friend up is by giving them something that they can enjoy over and over again like a one of the free animated ecards that are available at GotFreeCards.Com. Here you’ll find a selection of the best get well soon ecards that are sure to cheer someone who’s not having the best time of it.

Surfing the site is a pleasure as well. GotFreeCards.Com is designed with the customer in mind as they’ve placed tabs at the top so that the clients can conveniently look through what’s popular and what’s the latest in free ecards. Beyond the Get Well variety, there are several other categories to look through that will meet all you ecards needs.

A Little Courtesy Goes A Long Way

There’s not enough courtesy left in the world. People rarely excuse themselves when they bump each other anymore and generally it’s just not all that common for people to be nice to each other. They jostle each other for seats on the bus or the subway and many are constantly plotting ways to get ahead of their fellows. However, there is a way to turn the tide by taking small steps and one that each of us can accomplish is by thanking someone with ecards for a kindness.

Why not try and brighten up someone’s day by sending them one of the free animated ecards that are available through GotFreeCards? They’re always in the spirit of helping out and spreading goodwill and one look at the vast selection of free ecards that pass along a simple thank you will show you how dedicated they are to making life a more courteous and happy place. Their thank you section is only one of a number of categories available that includes miss you, sorry, and get well soon.

Send an August 15th Ecard to Celebrate the Spirit of Indian Independence Day

The long-awaited dream of an independent India came true at the stroke of midnight on August 14, 1947, when Pundit Nehru addressed the nation that was reborn after a struggle of almost 200 years. In his declaration of Independence, Nehru inspired the nation to take the solemn pledge of a spirited awakening. This year, India celebrates its 61st anniversary of independence. Even though many things have changed with the passage of time, the quintessential spirit of the country has remained very much the same. Despite its diversity of culture and religion, the nation has managed to hold on to its identity in the last 60 years. Acknowledge the undying spirit of independence by sending e-cards to your loved ones. At, we have a large collection of 15th August ecards – each as diverse and as expressive as India itself is!

Ever since the independence, the notable changes have come in all spheres of life. The country has steadily grown in stature economically. Hence, the general standard of living has improved significantly from what it was like in the 1950s. Our free animated ecards are exclusively made to salute the indomitable spirit that’s been lasting for such a long time now! The famous saying the more it changes, the more it remains the same is perfectly applicable when it comes to trace the progress of India in its post-independence era. Give your friends and relatives a reason to smile by sending them e-cards that are flavored in patriotic spirit. Just to add a touch of your own personality, you can customize your e-card with sound and photo. So what are you waiting for?