How to create Birthday Party Invitations

Online birthday party invitations –
a free and fabulous way to invite guests to your party

“Mom, can we invite Sarah and Sally to the party?” “Can I get a new bike this year?” “Can we go to Disneyland?”

All signs that a birthday is coming up!

If you’re a busy mom (or dad) planning Junior’s birthday party, you probably wish there were things you could cross off your to-do list (and your budget) right now! Kids’ birthday parties are supposed to be fun for everyone – after all they celebrate our most precious gifts. But, between guest lists and goody bags, it’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed by all the planning that goes into a child’s birthday party.

It doesn’t have to be so.

The trick is to keep party planning simple.

All kids really want is to have a good time with their friends and maybe a favorite character or two.  How you execute it all is up to you. The details that go into the cake, the hand-picked favors for each child, the elaborate balloon arrangement – are all great add-ons. They look good in the birthday pictures you’ll send grandma. But truthfully, you only have to focus on the things that are important to you and your child. You can simply leave out the rest if you don’t have the luxury of endless free time or a large budget.

Planning a party

Birthday parties can be easy to plan if you start a couple of weeks ahead.
* Make a guest list.
* Pick a venue – a park or your backyard is great for outdoor summer parties. Indoor venues include kids’ party places like Chuck E Cheese, children’s museums or your living room
* Choose a cake, snacks and refreshments.  Set a reminder to pick up the cake and other items on the day of the party. If the party place has food – terrific!
* Get your child’s opinion on what character or theme he likes.  Use the Yellow Pages, the internet or your friend’s recommendations to arrange for a clown or character.
*Make a shopping list and go out and get all the plates, decorations and other things you need to match the theme.

All of this can be accomplished within a few hours if you plan well.

Send out free, personalized online party invitations

When it comes to sending out invitations, you don’t need to sweat it one bit. Simply use gotfreecards’ free birthday party invitations to invite as many guests as you like at no cost!

Our birthday party invitations – both photo cards and printable invitations – are specially designed for little guys and gals.  Available in various kid-friendly colors and themes ranging from flowers to balloons to animal characters, these cards are easy to customize.
* Just upload your little prince or princess’s picture.
* Add the party details in the text box.
* Print them out and mail them to your guests OR just click send to email them.

And that’s all there is to it. Now go enjoy that party!!

How do I make Christmas Photo Cards?

Christmas Photo Cards
Christmas Photo Cards

It’s become a tradition, in many families, to mail out Christmas cards with family photos attached to everyone on the gift list.  I have a niece, for example, who I’ve watched grow up, one year at a time, just through the yearly Christmas cards her parents send out.  Now, the tradition of sending photos to your family members along with your Christmas cards has gotten a whole lot easier, and a whole lot cheaper, too.

The first thing you need to do is point your Internet browser to the Got-Free-Ecards Christmas photo cards page.  On this page, you’re going to be faced with the first of several decisions: what size card do you want to create?  Currently, there are designs available in 5” x 5” and 8” x 4” sizes.  And within those sizes, there are several designs to choose from.  Just pick the one you like the best, and click on it.

On the next page, you’ll see a larger version of the card you’ve picked at the top of the screen.  Below that are options for customizing the font—including alignment, color, size and style—and on the left size of the screen there’s a list of step-by-step instructions for making your card (so even if you forget everything I tell you here, you’ll still be set!).

The first thing you’ll want to do is hover your mouse over the center of the stock photo on the card.  A button will appear, which reads, “Upload Photo.”  Click it, and you’ll be taken to an explorer window, of the contents of your computer.  Go through the contents of your computer, find the photo you want to upload, and click, “Open.”  The stock photo on the card should be replaced by your own personal photo.

Hover your mouse over the picture again.  Along the top edge of it, you’ll see three more icons: to zoom in or out on the image, or to flip it around in 90 degree increments.  And at the bottom of the picture, just below the “Upload Photo” icon, there’s a “Best Fit” icon.  Now, if you use either of the “Zoom” icons, you’ll be able to click and drag your photo across the screen.  Use this feature if you want to crop it in a specific manner.  Also, after using “Zoom,” an icon appears at the bottom of the picture, to the left of the “Best Fit” icon, that will allow you to automatically resize the photo to cover 100% of the screen.  And, if after all your own fooling around you’re still not happy with your own results, just click that “Best Fit” icon, and the picture will automatically resize to an optimal fit and position.

Now, if you want, you can leave the stock message—“Merry Christmas”—as it is.  Or, just click once, anywhere over the text, and you’ll be able to retype your own message.  Now, see the gray box above the text?  Click and drag there, to move your message anywhere on the screen.  And you can even change angle at which your message appears, by clicking and dragging the green colored curved arrow at the top and right of the text box.

Now it’s time to mess with all those text options at the bottom.  You can change the font color, the size, the formatting style (like bolding and underlining), and even the type of font itself.

If you’re satisfied with everything you see, then there’s only one thing left to do: click “Print.”

Not only is this whole process a lot more personalized than sending regular Christmas cards, it’s also less time consuming.  And, best of all, (if you ask me, anyway) it’s absolutely free!  So this Christmas, why not change up the tradition, and try Christmas photo cards

How to Create Your Own Printable Cards

If you have never sent a Printable Card before, we have good news for you. If you have been using the Printable Cards section on gotfreecards to wish your friends and family on special occasions, then we have even better news!

Introducing the new, improved, easier-to-use and better-to-view, personalized Printable Cards with photo.

If you want to send a Printable Card, here’s what you do.

1. From the several Printable Card themes available for the occasion of your choice, click on the one you like best.

2. Cover

Do you see the two tabs Cover and Inside? First, choose the Cover tab. (It is selected by default)

3. Image

· If you’re happy with the image there, leave it as it is. If not, you can rotate it, resize it, re-position it or delete it and replace it with an image from your computer.

· To resize the image – drag its corners. To rotate it – drag the curved, green arrow on the top right corner. To re-position the image, drag it to the position you want. To delete the image, click on the X on the top left.

· To upload a picture from your own computer, click on the Add Photo link on the right. Select the image you wish to upload. When the image is uploaded, it will appear in place of the default image. You can resize, re-position or rotate this image in the same way.

· Once you are happy with the image on the Cover, you could add text.

4. Adding Text

· Click on the Add Text link on the right. It opens up a Text Box.

· Type in your message. You can resize, re-position and rotate the text box just like the image.

· Choose the font, text size, alignment and text style from the options on the right. Add as many text boxes as you want and arrange them any way you like. So, there’s literally no limit to how creative you can get with your Printable Card.

5. Inside

· If you’re happy with the image and text on the Cover, move on to the Inside, by clicking on the Inside tab. If not, go back and make necessary changes.

· Upload an image from your computer, resize or rotate it, add text and customize it just as you did for the cover.

6. Printing Your Card

· You have two options. Choose Print on One Side, if you prefer a smaller sized card that is folded over twice. (The way you would fold a handkerchief) This is a compact printable card.

· If you prefer a larger card that has a single fold across its center, choose Print Front and Back. (This opens up like a magazine or newspaper.)

Printable cards how to add your photo

You’ve decided to make a free printable greeting card on  How exactly do you go about making a card with your own personal photos?  

First, go to and click on “Printable Cards” at the top of the page.  On the next page, click “Card with your own photo.”

To start, select, from the tabs in the middle of the page, whether you want to work with the cover or the interior of your card.  Then, click one of the two buttons to the right, depending upon where you want to begin: with adding text, or uploading photographs.  If you click on “Add text,” a box will appear, and all you need to do is type your message in that box.  From there, you can change things like font color and size, using the menu to the right, and by using the old click-and-drag method you can move the text box around to anywhere you want it on the page.  

When you’re done with the text, click the “Upload Photo” button, and a computer explorer menu will pop up.  Just go through your files, find the photo you want to use, and click, “open.”  After it loads, your picture will appear on the screen, and you can drag, drop and slide—just like with the text—to position it just the way you want.  

After that, just switch between the “interior” and “cover” tabs to finish the card, and when you’re done, click “print.”  That’s all there is to it.

Printable Cards Famous Quotes

Say you’ve decided to make a free printable card, and you’ve gone through all the steps I’ve outlined in previous posts, but you just can’t figure out exactly what to say.  What do you do?  Let our Famous Quotes index help you. 

At the top of the homepage, right next to the “Printable Cards” button you looked at earlier, there’s a link for “Famous Quotes.”  If you click that button, you go to a page that is updated daily with famous quotes.  Feel free to use the current day’s update, or cycle back through the index to find something you like a little better.  

Once you find the one that’s just right for your printable card, highlight the text with your mouse, right click and then click “copy.”  Then, when you’re on the “add text” page for your printable card, right click again in the “add text” box and click “paste.”  And voila!  Your famous quote is inserted!

Sure, we can come up with our own words of wisdom, but sometimes it’s best to let the great minds of our time speak for us!

Printable Cards with Artwork

If you want to take advantage of the free cards at, but you want some just a little more tangible than an electronic greeting, we have options for you along that route, too.  Instead of sending an animated e-card, you can just as easily put together one of our free printable cards with pre-rendered artwork. 

At, first click on the button at the top of the page that says, “Printable cards.”  Then, on the next page, click on “Card with artwork,” and you’re well on your way.  From the menu on the left of this next page, you can pick the type of card you want to make. Currently, we only offer Birthday, Christmas, Thank You and New Year 2009 designs, but we’re working on adding more every day!

After you’ve made your selection, pick from the wide variety of card templates, and click on one to enlarge it.  The image you select will be the outside cover of the card.  You can click the tab near the middle of the page that says “Inside” to type in a personalized message that will appear inside the card.  Then, once you’re done, just click print.  That’s all there is to it. 

Many sites will require you to pay a fee, or register in some way.  But with the free printable cards at, all you need to do is make your selection, add your text and print!