Christmas Lights

Free Christmas Ecards

Free Christmas Ecards

Lights Lights Lights! Who doesn’t love Christmas and Holiday Lights? They’re pretty, they’re festive, and they stir up the holiday spirit in all of us. But while we love to look at them, even travel distances to see the houses with the best light shows, no one really wants to be the one to hang them up.


Case in point: A friend of mine hung up his lights this weekend. He finished just as his wife pointed out to him that the outlets for the plugs where located on the opposite side of the house than he thought. He had to take down ALL of the lights and start over. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? My friend, that’s who.

When I was a kid, our lights were perfectly stored tangle free, thanks to my genius dad. Each January he wrapped the light strands carefully around paper towel rolls and carefully placed them in boxes to be stored until next year. Each December he’d unroll the strands in the garage, lay them on the ground to organize them, and plug them in to make sure they all worked. One December when I was 10, he asked me to help him in the garage with the Christmas lights. He picked up one end of a light strand to take it to the front yard, I picked up the other end, we started walking and wouldn’t you know I dropped my end and ALL of the lights broke. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? Me at 10 years old, that’s who!

As I recall all of the Christmas light follies, and there are many, I can’t help but laugh. For all of the brave people hanging up their lights this year, send them FREE ecards from, like the ecard, “Tangled Lights”. Let them know you are thinking of them and all of the hard work that they do to light up Christmas!