keep spreading joy!

“I wish November, December would never end” sighed my twelve year old.  My little one was saddened by the fact that the festivities were over. There was a lot to celebrate in these two months- It typically started with the Halloween, then came my birthday, and then hers followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and finally the New […]

Turn Valentine’s Day into Valentine’s Week!

The good thing about Valentine’s Day and other such occasions is that is gives us an opportunity to think about and do something nice for the people we love once a year. The not-so-good thing about it is that we often take that as an excuse for not being as nice on other days of […]

My Favorite Valentine Ecards

Valentine’s Day – What’s your take? When it comes to Valentine’s Day – I come across two stark contrasts in people’s attitude towards the occasion. Either you go completely overboard with every possible budget-blower on the list from flowers and chocolates to an expensive dinner to diamonds and a moonlight cruise….or you pretend nothing’s going on […]

This Valentine’s Day – Fall in love…with yourself!

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for love! If you have a shiny new 2010 calendar in front of you, the month of February no doubt looms large at you. The 14th stares back silently. You may not have circled it, but, everyone knows that every time your eyes fall on the […]

Valentine Ecards History

  Besides Christmas, for which holiday do people buy and send the most greeting cards? You guessed it, St. Valentine’s Day! We know some of the history of Valentine’s Day, but when did people start traditionally sending Valentine’s Day cards? Before the 1400s, people recognized St. Valentine’s Day only by orating their Valentine in song […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts- it’s the experience that counts

Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. If you are looking for something fun, yet meaningful to do this Valentine’s Day with your special someone, here are some ideas you could try.  1. Sign up for a class – Is there something you and your significant other have wanted to learn […]