The Birth of the Easter Bunny

   So, how did the Easter Bunny get its name…and what does a bunny have to do with Easter eggs anyway? Legend has it that the rabbit (actually, the hare) was a symbol associated with the ancient festival of the Pagans, celebrated in honor of the Goddess Eastre or Eostre. She was the Goddess of […]

Personalize your Ecards, It only takes a minute!

  Do you remember the last ecard you received? Probably not. If you do, then what specifically do you remember about it? Chances are you remember it because it was personalized. With a note. Or the sender’s voice. Or picture. Or maybe all of those. Now, there’s no question that our free ecards are pretty […]

St Patricks?

 Saint Patrick’s Day may be better described as Saint Patricks’ Day—as in, celebrating the lives of two different men.       The Saint Patrick of tradition was believed to a Roman born citizen.  On or around his 16th birthday, he was captured in Rome by Irish raiders.  After several years in captivity, he escaped and returned to Rome.  […]

Holi Rituals and Traditions

  The previous posts on Holi explored the various legends associated with this Indian festival of colors.  Ras Leela There is one legend that is particularly colorful and fascinating – that of Radha and Krishna’s Ras Leela. Those familiar with Indian culture know that Lord Krishna was known for his love of the Gopikas or […]

The spirit of Holi – The stories and significance

Love. Fertility. Harvest. The onset of spring. If there is any festival that represents the true spirit of all of these aspects and bundles them in one joyful package of color and festivities, it surely is Holi – the Indian festival celebrated in the lunar month Phalguni, which usually falls in early or mid March. […]

Holi – Celebrating colors, harvest and life!

How would you like to be smeared with a splash of rainbow-colored water and powder from head to toe before you even realize what’s happening? Not your idea of a perfect day is it? But, if you thought that being the victim of a practical joke is the last thing anyone would ever want, you […]

St. Patrick’s Day – Origins, Legends and Traditions

How will you commemorate this St. Patrick’s day? Will you enjoy New York’s Fifth Avenue parade, which is the nation’s largest and most popular event? Or use the occasion as a legitimate excuse to hit one of the many Irish pubs in your city? Perhaps, like the rest of the US, you will wear Green. […]