December 28, 2013

Ideas for a Memorable New Year’s Party

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

There are many top 10 lists out there that will tell you about the best New Year’s Eve parties in your city, the best cities to toast the new year and the best places to be at 11.59 pm on Dec 31 2013. Yet, not many of us actually get to go to these parties. The fact is, most of us would rather spend New Year’s Eve in the company of our closest friends and family and ring in the new year in our own special way, even if it doesn’t make headlines.

Here are a few ideas to make your New Year’s celebrations more memorable and wholesome:

Take a hike for good health: Why not kick off the new year’s eve party with a nature hike in your city? Gather your friends and family and head out to a trail where you can spend the day enjoying the outdoors together? Many state parks offer New Year’s Day or First Day Hike programs, so if you can’t make it on New Year’s eve, you could join one of these First Day Hikes in your state.

Try something new: There’s something or the other we’ve all been putting off for a while. It could be learning a new language or improving your golf swing, taking that dance lesson or joining that book club. Why not start off the new year on the right note by signing up for a class or club? After all, it is a new year. Get together with a few of your friends and try something new on Dec 31st.

Lend a hand: The holidays are a great time to think of those less fortunate. Donating to charity is one thing, but giving your time has its own value. Volunteering for a cause you care about has many benefits. It boosts your self esteem, keeps depression at bay, looks good on your resume and helps you build relationships with other like-minded people. If you and your friends have always been talking about doing something for the bigger good, now is a great time to start. Whether it’s helping out at the homeless shelter or planting trees, it’s a wonderful way to give your new year a meaningful start.

New Year’s Eve parties last a few hours but the impact of each of these ideas could extend far beyond. So, as you’re planning your party this year, think about how you can make your celebrations more memorable. Our selection of free New Year’s eCards and printable cards are great for wishing your friends and family and to invite them to your party. Don’t forget to add a little reminder about the special new idea you’ve decided to take up this year.

December 22, 2013

Spread Holiday Cheer with Free Christmas eCards and Cards

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How close are you to wrapping up your holiday shopping?

Here’s a last minute Christmas surprise you can spring on your friends and family with almost no extra effort and zero cost: Christmas eCards.

Unlike shopping for gifts and greeting cards, this one doesn’t require you to brave the winter weather and the crowded mall. All you need is a computer or your iPad and maybe a printer, if you choose.

Here are a few great reasons to send out these ecards if you haven’t already:

  • No hassle: Free Christmas ecards are ridiculously easy to send and you can do it from the comfort of your couch. You can even schedule them ahead of time. Just choose from the dozens of ecards on, personalize it with your name and message and hit Send. Did you know you can add a photo and an audio message to many of these cards? Try these fun options when you’re sending ecards to your loved ones this year.

  • No delay: Sending an ecard is quick, taking only a couple of minutes in most cases. Your recipient sees it instantly, unless you’ve scheduled it to arrive at a later date. No waiting in the check out line, at the gift wrapping station or for the postal service delivery.

  • No hidden cost: Besides being easy, did we mention ecards are free? No matter how many cards you send, you don’t have to pay a dime. It’s not a free trial period where we start charging you after you’ve sent the first 5 cards. No. It really costs you nothing to send ecards to as many people as you like. You won’t have to register or answer annoying password questions to send your free Christmas ecards.

  • Cards you can hold: Some people like to hold Christmas cards in their hands. For them, you could create printable cards. These are cards you can personalize and print at home. Simply choose the way you want the card’s front and back to look, add stickers, symbols, your personal note etc and print it out. You could even print out color-in cards that kids will love to fill in with colors of their choice. These are especially great for grandparents who usually love anything their grandkids put their fingerprints on! Printable cards are free too, all you need is paper and a printer handy.

  • Merry X’mas Mother Earth: Free ecards are a great way to go easy on the planet. Imagine the amount of paper you’re saving by not buying greeting cards, envelopes and stamps. And what better time than Christmas to give the planet the gift of a little consideration?

At a time when tons of sales and promotional emails land in our inbox every day, who doesn’t like to see a personalized message from a close friend or family member? An ecard is a special, personal way to wish someone you love a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

If you have a few minutes to spare right now, why not schedule or send a few free Christmas eCards?

December 21, 2013

printable christmas cards

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Have you checked out our wonderful new selection of printable christmas cards? Its all free no registration required so go ahead and take a tour – print one for your friend family or neighbors.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

December 1, 2013

Christmas cards

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Now that you have completed your Black Friday shopping its time to send out the christmas cards. We have released a bunch of new christmas cards please take a look here

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