Summer – a great reason to send ecards!


Can free ecards really forge bonds or renew old ones?

I think it could.

You know how you never get around to calling or writing to some of your friends or relatives although you want to? Well, life happens. Sure. But, getting back in touch with people is easier than you think. It doesn’t take long. Nor does it cost you anything.

Think about it. It’s summer. The kids are home. You’re probably taking a few days off to go on a vacation with your family. Or at the very least, have a slightly less rushed schedule than during the school year. Now is a great time to drop a line to people you haven’t spoken to in a long time and say, “Hey!”

Our selection of Free Summer Ecards, Photo cards and Printable Cards lets you do exactly that.

You don’t have to wait for a birthday or special occasion to send someone a free ecard. Summer is as good an occasion as any.

Our summer ecards feature many different themes including beaches, BBQs and Back to School.

Maybe you want to catch up with a buddy but it’s been a while since you last spoke and you aren’t sure how to break the ice. Or you have family in another part of the world and you just want to let them know they’re missed. Sending a free summer ecard or a photo card with a recent picture of you and your family ought to do the trick.

Try it. It won’t take a minute. But it will make a difference.

Photo Cards – Share a picture, send an ecard at the same time

I don’t know about you, but I sure miss picture post cards.

When I was growing up, thanks to my dad’s job, we traveled and moved a lot.

Somehow, I developed a fascination for picture post cards. I would collect postcards wherever we went and mail at least a few out to my close friends. The idea that by sending them a picture of the places I visited or lived in would somehow bring them closer – stuck with me.

I enjoy receiving postcards too. I love reading the little caption below the picture that describes the spot and love learning about the experiences my friends have had in that place.  Sadly, nobody sends picture post cards anymore. At least, nobody I know.

It’s so easy to call someone, text them or catch up over IM, Facebook or Twitter that picture postcards seem like too much work. Besides, who’s got the time, right?

But, there is something special about seeing a message accompanied by a photo from a loved one and for a moment – being transported to where they are, even if only in thought.

Since picture postcards started fading away, I think the closest thing to replace them are photo ecards. Like this one. Here, you can simply choose an ecard template, attach a picture you’ve just taken and send it instantly to your friends and family. In some ways, this is even better than picture postcards, because you get to send an actual picture of you from the place you are visiting and do it within seconds. So one minute you could be standing next to the Statue of Liberty and the next minute, your friends across the globe would have received your photo ecard! An ecard and a photo wrapped in one – what a cool way to send your summer vacation pictures to friends and family!

And don’t forget, Friendship Day is Aug 2nd. So, go ahead and send a photo card to your best friends no matter where they are.

If it’s a picture of you standing atop the Statue of Liberty, even better.

Send a Free Photo Card now

Let Free Ecards go to work when you take a vacation


Set Event Reminders!

Imagine this. You’re on a family vacation. As you sit sipping your favorite cocktail on a gorgeous pool-side deck in your ocean-front hotel, your kids splash in the water park; it’s a beautiful summer day and you think “This is life!” And then you begin humming a tune. It’s your favorite song (although you may sound completely off key). It brings back memories of college days. “Ah, those were the days”, you think.

And that’s when it hits you. Yesterday was your best friend’s birthday. And for the first time in your life, you forgot.

Everybody needs to unwind and forget about the daily grind once in a while. But, there are some things you can’t afford to forget, no matter where you are.

Although a phone call and a belated birthday wish may be all it will take for you to make up, there’s really no excuse to forget someone’s birthday. And a belated wish is well…belated. It’s never the same as wishing someone on their special day.

Well, luckily for you, this is an imaginary situation.

In real life, of course, you would have set the gotfreecards event and birthday reminders. So, the minute you checked your messages, you would have remembered what day it was and promptly called your friend to wish her.

Or, even better, you would already have scheduled birthday ecards to be sent to her on her birthday using our “Send now” or “Send on (birthday) date” feature. So she’ll know that no matter where you are, you still think of her and care enough to wish her.

And you can go back to sipping your heavenly cocktail and soaking in the July sun.

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards
Birthday Cards

It is been a while since we wrote about our birthday cards. Now that all the major events of the summer like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and 4th of July, is behind us. We want to re-introduce birthday cards to our audience. We have close to 100 free birthday eacrds. They are funny, silly, apt and truly artistic. If you want to add photos to them just click on add phot and voice red button and upload your photo of choice.

We have also introduced a completely new feature all Free Printable Birthday Cards

have you had a chance to review that? It is an excellent resource for for the last minute birthday cards to print at home for the summer birthday parties. We have commissioned some excellent young artists for the artwork we are sure you will enjoy it. So gohead and explore …

Summer Family Time Ideas

Summer BBQ
Summer BBQ

Summer sure is funny. One minute you’re thinking, “What a great 4th of July! Glorious summer days ahead.” and before you know it, it’s time for back-to-school shopping. Nobody really knows how the days in between whiz by so fast.

Between summer camps and family obligations, don’t overlook the many opportunities these months provide to bond with your kids. That’s what summer breaks are for, after all. Your fondest memories of childhood are probably those of summer breaks. Today, kids barely need the company or want the supervision of adults as they fiddle with their gadgets – text-ing, IM-ing, tweeting and downloading.  So do you ever wonder how you can put the magic back into summer?

It’s easy. Try doing as many of these as possible. Feel free to add to the list and share your ideas for a great family summer time.

  1. Get out with your kids more. Take a walk. Go swimming, hiking or biking. Take them to the park, museum, library or a picnic spot. Shoot some hoops. Drive around. Stop to admire scenic views. Just do the things that you always put off doing. Plan to spend at least a few minutes with your kids outdoors everyday.
  2. Do crafts or other projects together. It could be as simple as going through your CD collection with your kids, listening to some of your favorite songs and organizing your media cabinet. (See how many birds you kill with that one?) Or, start a summer blog that you and your kids can update, describing the places you visit and things you do, adding photos and videos – a great way for you to get up to speed on the latest web technology. Create a scrap book or photo album. Use our free printable cards section and encourage kids to make personalized cards for grandma, grandpa or other relatives you may be visiting.
  3. Organize ‘No reason’ parties. Why wait until a birthday to get all your friends and family together? Just pick a convenient day and invite everyone for a picnic in the park, a backyard BBQ or a pool party. Remember that sleepover you promised your kids, but have been postponing? You won’t find a better time than now. Or how about a neighborhood camp-out night in your yard? Imagine a dozen kids and grown ups lying on their backs, trying to identify constellations! Somehow, fun multiples when shared. With our Twitter Party Invite, you can send word to everybody within minutes. It doesn’t get any simpler. So go ahead and throw that summer party for absolutely no reason, other than to make memories with your kids.

Whatever you do, just don’t let the summer slip by without doing at least one new thing with your kids.

Share with us – how will you be spending time with your family this summer?

Photo Cards – Send Photo Ecards

Photo Cards
Photo Cards

It seems like every day Got Free Ecards introduces a new, exciting feature to its website. The newest upgrade is the re-designed photo cards. Now, Got Free Ecards has given users the ability to upload their own photographs for a long time, but now there is an entirely new feature! You’re basically building your photo cards from the ground up.

Step 1 Choose Frame and Effects: There are two tabs here to select from: “Frames” and “Effects.” Click on the “Frames” button, and choose your favorite border design for your photo. Then, do the same for “Effects,” to add a little animated flair to your card.

Step 2 Upload Photo: In the “upload photos” box, click “browse That button takes you into your computer’s hard drive, where you can scan around for the photo you want to use. When you find the right one, click it once, and then click the “open” button. Do you see your picture displayed on the webpage now? Good!

Step 3 Select Music: Select the music track you require to match the frame. You can also not choose any music.

The final step is to fill in the information boxes at the bottom of the page, so we know where to send the card. And for sure add your own personal message just for the recipient!

July 4th – more than a holiday

July 4th means different things to different people.

To some, it’s a celebration of the birth of a great nation. (With the emphasis being perhaps on the celebration, than on the significance of the nation’s birth!)

To others, it’s a reminder of the gifts that our forefathers fought to bring us – independence, freedom, liberty – whatever you call it, it’s something many of us take for granted.  It shouldn’t take long to realize how fortunate we are. There are millions of people who don’t enjoy what we now believe is a right. Whether it is freedom of speech or the right to vote and elect our leaders, the citizens of the free world have much to be grateful for, despite all the shortcomings in the ‘flawed system’ we are so quick to point out. So, in a way, July 4th is a solemn reminder of how much further we need to go.

And then there are those of us, for whom, it’s merely a long weekend. “What are your plans for the long weekend in July?” “So, where did you spend the Fourth weekend?” “Where’s your family headed for July 4th?”

Sure, July 4th may be almost synonymous with BBQs, fireworks, road trips, parties and parades. And that’s perfectly fine. But, before you head out to party, why not take a moment to reflect on what this Independence Day means to you and your family. Thanksgiving may be months away. But July 4th is yet another opportunity to appreciate this gift of freedom that we enjoy, and to express our gratitude to the people who make it possible for us to live our lives the way we want. Be it our troops, our political leaders or forefathers, spend a few minutes thinking about them. If you have a long road trip or flight ahead of you, it might be a great time to discuss what this holiday means with your kids. (And don’t be surprised if they seem to know more than you!)

So, if you’ve decided to celebrate a more meaningful Fourth, start with Free Fourth of July Ecards. Send a July 4 th free ecard, printable card or photo cards to your friends and family, reminding them how fortunate we all are to be celebrating a holiday that represents freedom.

So, tell us, what does July 4th mean to you?

4th of July Ecards

It’s almost here! The holiday that kicks off summer with a bang. (Or, on a budget, for some of  us.)
When you think about it, July 4th probably wins hands down when it comes to popular  holidays.
BBQs. Fireworks. Parades. Beach parties. River cruises. Not to mention a blazing summer sun  that almost refuses to set.

Be it LA, Vegas, Chicago or your backyard – regardless of where you are, you pretty much can’t help partying when the whole country is!

If you’re still short of ideas, check out our blog for some of the best places to be this Independence Day. And if you’ve decided to stay home, you can still celebrate in style, even on a shoestring budget.

Free 4th of July Ecards

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to wish your friends and family a fantastic Fourth with Free 4th of July Ecards. Our animated ecards and printable 4th july cards feature a number of Independence Day themes. (If you have a tough time picking just one, go ahead and send as many as you want. They’re still free!)

Free Photo Ecards

Uncle Robert or Cousin Danny can’t make it to your famous Fourth BBQ this year?

Why not send them July 4th Photo Cards? Just pick a picture of you at the grill or the kids playing in the backyard. Select your favorite July 4th theme, type in your message and send it!

Photo Ecards combine the personal touch of a picture postcard with the simplicity of a free ecard. Check it out, as we put the finishing touches on this new feature.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and fabulous July 4th!

July 4th Trivia

July 4 th is just a couple of days away. Take this fun quiz to see how much you really know about America’s birthday.

1. Betsy Ross sewed the first flag. True or False?

2. How old was George Washington when he held his first public office?

3. Alexander-Gustave Eiffel known for building the Eiffel Tower, also built the iron framework for ————–.

4. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th 1976. But, it was declared a legal holiday only in ——-

5. The United States imports fireworks worth approximately ——- every year.
($5 million/ $ 700,000/ $ 200 million)

Scroll down for anwers

July 4th Ecards
July 4th Ecards


1. False

2. 17

3. Statue of Liberty

4. 1941

5. 200 million ( $217 million in 2007)

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