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“Mom, can we invite Sarah and Sally to the party?” “Can I get a new bike this year?” “Can we go to Disneyland?”

All signs that a birthday is coming up!

If you’re a busy mom (or dad) planning Junior’s birthday party, you probably wish there were things you could cross off your to-do list (and your budget) right now! Kids’ birthday parties are supposed to be fun for everyone – after all they celebrate our most precious gifts. But, between guest lists and goody bags, it’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed by all the planning that goes into a child’s birthday party.

It doesn’t have to be so.

The trick is to keep party planning simple.

All kids really want is to have a good time with their friends and maybe a favorite character or two.  How you execute it all is up to you. The details that go into the cake, the hand-picked favors for each child, the elaborate balloon arrangement – are all great add-ons. They look good in the birthday pictures you’ll send grandma. But truthfully, you only have to focus on the things that are important to you and your child. You can simply leave out the rest if you don’t have the luxury of endless free time or a large budget.

Planning a party

Birthday parties can be easy to plan if you start a couple of weeks ahead.
* Make a guest list.
* Pick a venue – a park or your backyard is great for outdoor summer parties. Indoor venues include kids’ party places like Chuck E Cheese, children’s museums or your living room
* Choose a cake, snacks and refreshments.  Set a reminder to pick up the cake and other items on the day of the party. If the party place has food – terrific!
* Get your child’s opinion on what character or theme he likes.  Use the Yellow Pages, the internet or your friend’s recommendations to arrange for a clown or character.
*Make a shopping list and go out and get all the plates, decorations and other things you need to match the theme.

All of this can be accomplished within a few hours if you plan well.

Send out free, personalized online party invitations

When it comes to sending out invitations, you don’t need to sweat it one bit. Simply use gotfreecards’ free birthday party invitations to invite as many guests as you like at no cost!

Our birthday party invitations – both photo cards and printable invitations – are specially designed for little guys and gals.  Available in various kid-friendly colors and themes ranging from flowers to balloons to animal characters, these cards are easy to customize.
* Just upload your little prince or princess’s picture.
* Add the party details in the text box.
* Print them out and mail them to your guests OR just click send to email them.

And that’s all there is to it. Now go enjoy that party!!

Favorite Birthday Ecards

Some of our Favorite Birthday Ecards

Are you ever out of ideas when it comes to buying people birthday gifts? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably yes.

There comes a point when you really don’t know what to get people on their birthdays.  After you’ve given someone books, gift baskets, CDs, picture frames, a watch or jewelry, maybe even a digital reader or smart phone, invariably, there’s bound to come a day when you go, “What do I get Nina this year? ”

It’s not that I’m against gifts or anything.  I like buying gifts for people I love and like most people, enjoy getting thoughtful gifts on my birthday. But, there are times when I know I don’t have to get gifts to make someone’s day or to wish someone a Happy Birthday.  Instead of cluttering someone’s home or desk with yet another picture frame, flower vase or a book they have probably read already, I opt to send free birthday ecards.

Sometimes I send free ecards even after I’ve bought gifts. They just add a fun, personal touch to the whole occasion. Either way, take a look at some of my recent favorites when it comes to Birthday ecards. Maybe you’d like to send one of these to your loved ones this year?

  1. Someone Special Birthday Ecard:  – A simple, elegant, tastefully designed ecard with no bangs and whistles. Just lovely flowers, soothing  music and pleasant colors coming together to wish someone special a Happy Birthday!
  2. Surprise Fairy:  – Kids will love this, especially little girls and young ladies. After all who doesn’t wish for a fairytale birthday? With this charming birthday wish, it just might happen!
  3. 10 Years Old Birthday Ecard I love sending birthday ecards to my little nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids. Kids are so thrilled when they receive email, especially if it’s someone wishing them on their birthday. If you have a young friend who’s turning 10 this year, you’ve got to send the little monkey this free Birthday ecard. Trust me, you’ll hear whoops of delight!
  4. Sunshine and blue skies :  Sometimes the best birthday gift you can give someone is…what they already have.  But maybe, they just need a reminder to enjoy it. This birthday ecard is a special favorite of mine because it helps me notice how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. And no gift comes anywhere close. Go ahead wish someone a splendid day with this sunny ecard!
  5. Budget Birthday : OK. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of free ecards inspired by the economic downturn. Humor is one thing that keeps us going during adversity.  So, why not lighten up someone’s day with a joke about the economy ?  This one’s a great pick…especially if your friend works in finance!

Check these free Birthday ecards out and do share your favorites!

The Joys of Gift Giving

Everybody loves getting gifts.  Christmas, birthdays…whatever the occasion, we all love seeing packages with our names written on them, seemingly taunting us from where they sit on the other side of the room, or underneath a Christmas tree.  In fact, you could almost say that getting presents is the greatest of life’s joys. You could almost say that, because truly the biggest joy is giving gifts to others.

Giving gifts to those we care about isn’t just about filling an empty spot in their kitchen with a new toaster.  No, things like ecards don’t just exist to give our friends and family members a few chuckles.  Gift giving is all about injecting a little bit more meaning into your own life.

Everyone hears that it’s better to give than to receive, and most of us just hear that statement and kind of roll our eyes.  But it’s a true statement, nonetheless.  The evidence is certainly there.  Getting a new gaming system on Christmas makes for a good memory, sure; but finally being able to give your fiancé an engagement ring creates a great memory.  And twenty years from now, which day will you remember more fondly: you day you bought your first car, or the day you gave your daughter some money to help her buy her first car?  What I’m getting at is that when we are able to help the people we care about achieve happiness, our own joy is a greater, more meaningful feeling than any other in the world.

That’s why we need to make sure to remember our friends and loved ones on their birthdays and on holiday.  Not because the gift you give your son will make him happy, but because being able to give it to him makes you happy, as well.

And we’re not talking about flashy expensive gifts, either.  Something more personalized, with little to no cost attached, does the trick just as well—and even better, really.  Printable birthday cards or free birthday ecards for example, give everyone involved the great joy of gift giving, without putting a big hit in your wallet.  Plus, when you take the time to make a personalized gift, the value of the gift surpasses any sort of monetary value.

Birthdays and holidays are times for togetherness, and they’re times to spread joy around to those we love and care about.  Just remember—giving someone a gift on their birthday brings you just as much joy as it brings them.

Free Birthday Ecards

Recently I came across some interesting facts about greeting cards some of them are listed below.

Do you know that there are about 7 billion greetings cards purchased every year? Of which 50% is for birthday, thank you, get well soon etc. and the other 50% is event related like Christmas etc. So every year about 1.5 billion Birthday cards are sent out.

Women purchase more than 80% of all cards. On our site has about 64% women visitors.

Do you know that in average a person receives 20 cards in a year and about 30% of it is birthday related? We wish we had such numbers for free ecards. But we definitely know that birthday is the most popular category. So why not send out free birthday ecards, today?

Let Free Ecards go to work when you take a vacation


Set Event Reminders!

Imagine this. You’re on a family vacation. As you sit sipping your favorite cocktail on a gorgeous pool-side deck in your ocean-front hotel, your kids splash in the water park; it’s a beautiful summer day and you think “This is life!” And then you begin humming a tune. It’s your favorite song (although you may sound completely off key). It brings back memories of college days. “Ah, those were the days”, you think.

And that’s when it hits you. Yesterday was your best friend’s birthday. And for the first time in your life, you forgot.

Everybody needs to unwind and forget about the daily grind once in a while. But, there are some things you can’t afford to forget, no matter where you are.

Although a phone call and a belated birthday wish may be all it will take for you to make up, there’s really no excuse to forget someone’s birthday. And a belated wish is well…belated. It’s never the same as wishing someone on their special day.

Well, luckily for you, this is an imaginary situation.

In real life, of course, you would have set the gotfreecards event and birthday reminders. So, the minute you checked your messages, you would have remembered what day it was and promptly called your friend to wish her.

Or, even better, you would already have scheduled birthday ecards to be sent to her on her birthday using our “Send now” or “Send on (birthday) date” feature. So she’ll know that no matter where you are, you still think of her and care enough to wish her.

And you can go back to sipping your heavenly cocktail and soaking in the July sun.

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards
Birthday Cards

It is been a while since we wrote about our birthday cards. Now that all the major events of the summer like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and 4th of July, is behind us. We want to re-introduce birthday cards to our audience. We have close to 100 free birthday eacrds. They are funny, silly, apt and truly artistic. If you want to add photos to them just click on add phot and voice red button and upload your photo of choice.

We have also introduced a completely new feature all Free Printable Birthday Cards

have you had a chance to review that? It is an excellent resource for for the last minute birthday cards to print at home for the summer birthday parties. We have commissioned some excellent young artists for the artwork we are sure you will enjoy it. So gohead and explore …

Birthday History

Ever wonder why we celebrate birthdays?  I did, too, and so I did some research, and what I found is pretty interesting.

            Celebrating birthdays, like many contemporary traditions, has its roots in Christian customs.  Centuries and Centuries ago, after human beings figured out how to follow lunar cycles, it wasn’t long before the first calendar, as we would recognize it, was developed. 

            Shortly thereafter, early Christians, who regularly struggled with pagans and those of other faiths for dominance in the societal limelight, got it in their heads that on the anniversary of a person’s birth, the pagans would send evil spirits to torment that person. 

            The solution, which probably made some sort of sense at the time, was to throw a huge party, in the birthday boy or girl’s honor, in the hopes that all the positive energy and good-will would drive away the evil spirits.

            Whatever their reasons were, I’m just glad that birthday celebrations have developed into what they are today; and I’m certainly glad I don’t have to worry about demons getting me on my birthday, too.  Remembering to write all those Thank-You cards is enough trouble!

Celebrating Birthdays During the Holidays

Happy Birthday Ecard

Happy Birthday Ecard

My daughter was born the day before Thanksgiving. To my mind, the next day was the most joyous day of Thanksgiving I had ever experienced. As the years passed, however, I often felt that her birthday celebration was lost somewhere between the turkey, the football and the anticipation of shopping.


We do our best now to set aside a specific time and place for a party or family get-together. We know that it is important to separate the holidays from her special day.

This advice was passed on to me, as well, by a dear friend, whose birthday falls a mere ten days before Christmas. As she was growing up, her parents took great pains to ensure that the anniversary of her birth wasn’t overshadowed by the holidays. I, too, refrained from combining Christmas and birthday gifts into one.

Everyone has friends and family members who have holiday birthdays. It’s so easy for us to forget or ignore the birthdays during this whirlwind time of shopping, parties and gifts. But it’s not difficult to find an inexpensive, quick way to remind that person with a November or December birthday that you care. Just look to for the perfect birthday e-card!  From humorous, to serious, light-and-sweet to generous, the selection is superb! And the free birthday e-card means you will save a bit more cash to spend on their Christmas present!

Birthday in July


Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts

When I was growing up, I had a friend in the neighborhood whose birthday was on December 27th—just two days after Christmas.  I often told him how unlucky he was, to have a birthday so soon after Christmas: there’s no way he would get enough presents!  Me?  I was lucky, I thought, because my birthday is in the summer, and so my gift-receiving days were spread pretty evenly apart through the year. 


Of course, now that I’m older, I realize it’s not just about maximizing gift-receiving potential, and I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to celebrate a birthday in a snowstorm, rather than at the beach.  The important thing, either way, I’ve learned, is to surround yourself with people you love, and who love you.  That is what makes a birthday special, and not gifts. 

But gifts are nothing to sneeze at, either.  At we have free e-cards that you can send to your friends and loved ones on their birthdays.  You can show them how much you care with our animated e-cards, and save money by not splurging on expensive gifts, too. 

Even though I still wonder what a winter birthday would be like, I’m perfectly happy to be able to blow out my birthday candles, and then jump in the pool.