Birthday Reminders

So you’re kind-hearted enough to remember friends and loved ones on their birthdays and other holidays, and you’re frugal and sensible enough to save your money in doing so by using, but how do you keep it all straight?  How do you make sure, for example, that you remember to send next-door-neighbor Joe an e-card for his birthday in February, but don’t forget to do the same for classmate Jane on her anniversary?

            Holidays are easy to keep straight—most of them fall on the same day every year, and most stores and television stations are kind enough to constantly remind us, weeks in advance, that Christmas / Valentine’s Day / Halloween is coming.  But they don’t exactly do the same thing for Joe’s birthday or Jane’s anniversary, do they?

            To keep these lesser-advertised but not-less-important days organized, try the “Event Reminder” on 

            Just go to the homepage——and click on the “Event Reminder” button at the top of the page.  This brings a screen up where you can type in your name, the name of the event you want remembered, and any personalized notes you want to add in regards to the event.  Then, just select when you want to be reminded (the day, the day before, etc.) and enter your e-mail address. will then, at absolutely no charge and with no obligations required on your end, e-mail you a reminder of the big day at the time you specify.  It’s that simple!