Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day falls on June 20 2010.  If you’ve already started looking for gifts and aren’t having much luck, check out our post on How to Choose Father’s Day Gifts. These tips may help you figure out what Dad wants this year.

Of course, you don’t always have to opt for gifts off the shelf. Making gifts is a great option that allows more personalization and saves you money. Ironically, hand-made gifts, which may cost less, are usually the ones that we can’t attach a price tag to. Their value lies not in the actual product but the thought and effort that goes into them, especially when they’re made by kids…which is why they’re considered priceless and are preserved for years.

So, if you’re wondering what to get your dad or husband on your children’s behalf for Father’s Day, take a look at some of these ideas and throw in your own creativity to make the gifts truly unique.

Father’s Day Gifts You can Make at Home

Hand-written poem wall or desk accessory:
Encourage children to write a short verse, poem or song for Dad in their best hand writing. They can even design the background or add a decorative border if they like.  Cut the poem to size and insert it into a photo frame – find an old one in the basement or attic that you can reuse.  To give the gift a longer life, consider laminating it instead. This will make a great gift for Dad’s desk or his office wall.   

Photo collage poster:
Start by collecting memorable pictures. For example, find pictures of your child holding her dad’s hand or the first time Dad gave Junior his bath, or one with Dad and baby asleep on the rocker. Look for pictures that tell a story or rekindle a memory. Scan them and use basic tools from image editing or graphic design software to position them however you want to create a collage poster.  Include dates and locations against each picture, Add a caption such as World’s Best Dad, Happy Memories with Dad or Happy Father’s Day.  Print it out on poster paper using an online service or an office supplies store. Or print it out on regular paper and have it laminated.   This gift adds a fresh twist to conventional photo gifts.
Alternatively, consider printable Father’s Day cards from gotfreecards.  You can select from dozens of designs, add a photo and your personal message and print it out.  Choose printable cards that can be colored in to turn it into a craft project for kids.

Hand-painted photo frame:
Breathe new life into an old, unused frame or purchase a photo frame with unfinished borders and personalize it.  Put your stamp on the photo frame by hand-painting a border design, adding your dad’s initials or a short message such as, We (heart) you Dad.  Young kids can finger paint it or add a free-hand design.  Don’t forget to insert a special picture in it before you give it to Dad.  Check out more tips on how to paint and decorate picture frames.

Coupon Book:
What are Dad’s least favorite activities? Mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage, washing the car…? Why not make a coupon book of services offering Dad the option to use them on a day he doesn’t feel like doing something. Make a list of age-appropriate tasks that your children could do and help them make a book of coupons . For example, you might include ‘Lawn Mowing and Raking on any Two Saturdays of Dad’s Choice’ and ‘Exclusive Access to TV Remote on One Sunday Every Month’.  Coupons are a fun way to enlist children’s help around the house, while giving Dad the gift he could really use – free time!

Memories DVD w Personalized Album Cover:
Most of us have tons of video footage of our children’s milestones and don’t know what to do with them. Well, now is your chance to put them to use. Select the best shots that are special to Dad and make a Father’s Day video or slideshow. Add music and witty captions.  Get your kids to design a CD cover to go with it.  This is one movie Dad won’t fall asleep half-way through!

Find more Father’s Day Crafts inspiration on these sites:

Fathers Day Trivia

Fathers Day Trivia

1. Who is the founder of Fathers Day?

2. Which year was this first celebrated?

3. When was father’s day made officially to be held 3rd Sunday of June?

4. Approx how many fathers are there in United States?

5.  When is father’s day celebrated in Australia?

Scroll down for answers.

Father Day Printable Cards
Father Day Printable Cards


Ans 1: Sonora Louis Smart Dodd

Ans 2: The first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington, in June, 1910.

Ans 3:  Father’s Day was celebrated on different dates until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson

Ans 4: 66 million fathers

Ans 5: In Australia, Fathers’ Day is the first Sunday of September.

Editors Note:

Below are links for Fathers Day Ecards and Printable Cards

Fathers Day Printable Cards

Fathers Day Ecards

Father’s Day – Free Ecards and Printable Cards

On Father’s Day, what do you get a dad who seems to have everything?

My Dad is a strong, open-minded and friendly guy with a great sense of humor. He never takes himself too seriously and laughs heartily when we crack jokes at his expense! He is a helpful handyman, a dependable motivator and a trustworthy confidante.

Yet, it’s almost impossible to know what to get him when his birthday or Father’s Day comes around.

It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate gifts, but, he just seems so content and happy that you never know if he needs anything. It’s hard to buy gifts for Dad. Of course, he ends up loving whatever I get him so I always feel like I got him the perfect gift. He’s just a positive person who enjoys and appreciates everything his kids do for him. He especially likes it when we send him thoughtful wishes.

Which is why, regardless of what I get him, I always send him free Father’s Day ecards as well. Dad loves reading my personalized note and message. I know he preserves greeting cards and notes from his family for years. And you thought women were the sentimental ones!

If you’re not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day, or, simply want to add a personal touch to your Father’s Day wishes, why not consider sending free Father’s Day ecards?

Gotfreecards has dozens of them to choose from. Here are a few of my picks.

The Handyman Husband: – The perfect ecard for your husband, who besides being a great Dad to your kids, is a great help around the house. Why not make his Father’s Day special by taking over his handyman duties for a day….at least virtually?!

King of the World…Just for Today: Even kids know who the boss is at home. But, on Father’s Day, Dad gets to rule.

Dad Your Beacon:
If you think of your Dad’s guidance at every step, if you hear his voice at every crucial crossroad and if Dad is your inspiration, no symbol could say it better than this one.

Daddy’s Girl:
Dads and daughters have this mysterious, magical bond that nobody really understands. Whether he’s giving her bike a gentle push or nudging her to go for her dreams…a daughter just knows that with Dad’s support she can do anything.

Thoughtful Gift:
Like me, if you can’t think of anything to get your Dad that he doesn’t already have or doesn’t really need….you can always rely on free Father’s Day ecards to warm his heart.  Ultimately, it is the thought that counts and free ecards help you convey them.

Printable Cards:
Free ecards aren’t the only way you can get your Father’s Day message across to Dad. Browse our section of Printable Cards and find one that fits your Dad’s personality. Choose from traditional designs to humorous themes, color-in pages to Rock Star and sports themes.
Just select your design, type in your message, print it out and send it!

So free Father’s Day ecards or Printable Cards? Which will you send Dad this year?
(Can’t decide? Send both! They’re still free!!)

How to Choose a Father’s Day Gift

Fathers Day
Fathers Day

Father’s Day is a few weeks away. If you find it difficult to select the right gift for Dad, start by taking a couple of minutes to think about it. Instead of heading to the store or to a shopping site and browsing thousands of gift items, start by making a list. A list of your dad’s interests, what he needs, things he may find useful or interesting or something that might motivate him to pursue a hobby or a healthier lifestyle.

Dads can sometimes be difficult to buy for. If you find yourself in such a situation, Father’s Day is a great time to put some thought into what your father may really appreciate.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a Father’s Day gift:

Dad’s needs: Observe Dad closely and listen to him. Maybe he needs to upgrade his cell phone or perhaps he could use a new car stereo? Maybe he’d like some help renovating the garage.  As you engage in casual conversation, pay attention to the little details your Dad reveals inadvertently. If you ask him what he wants, he’s probably going to say, “Nothin’!” but if you listen carefully, you’re sure to find something that Dad really needs at the moment.

Dad’s interests: Parents spend most of their lives sacrificing their needs and forgoing activities they enjoy so they can save up to educate their kids or to give their family a better life. Now is the time to encourage Dad to take up his favorite hobby again or to pursue a new one. Whether it’s golf or photography,  give your Dad a head-start by buying him the essential items he will need( a camera, golf clubs) or by signing him up for a class or enrolling him in a club.  Motivate Dad to get actively involved with a favorite sport or activity by getting him a gift he can’t wait to use.

Dad’s Health and Lifestyle: If your dad isn’t too careful with his diet and lifestyle, give him a gift that makes it easier. A health club membership, an exercise bike and cook books with nutritious, low fat recipes are options.  If your dad already leads a healthy lifestyle, reward him with a gift that supports it. He may like a new pair of running shoes or a watch with a compass.

Gifts for Dad’s Work/Travel: The frequent traveler Dad will appreciate gifts that make his trips more comfortable in some way. Consider an organizer for his toiletries or travel documents, or an electronic photo holder to hold his grandchildren’s pictures. Personalized coffee mug and mobile music players make great gifts too.

Anytime Gifts for Dad’s: Some gifts are great for all kinds of Dads and come in handy if you’ve run out of ideas. A tool kit, for example, lasts a long time and lets handy-man Dad finish his in-house projects.  If he hates yard work, consider hiring someone to help him out for a few weeks.  Get him a subscription to an online movie rental service or buy him tickets to a game or show in his town.

When buying Father’s Day gifts, spend more time thinking about your Dad and his tastes and less time shopping – the secret lies in reading his thoughts and buying him the gift he really wants. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on gifts. All that counts is the expression on Dad’s face when he opens them!  So, before you select a gift, visualize your Dad opening it – and if you see him smiling…it’s probably the perfect choice!

Tell us about the best Father’s Day gifts you ever bought.

Father’s Day

You are thinking why are we talking about father’s day again but do you know that it is father’s day in Australia this weekend.  Father’s Day is celebrated in Australia on the first Sunday of September. While we are celebrating Labor Day. Look at the history of labor day below.  Just for your reminder fathers day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June in USA.

So to all our readers down under. Happy Father’s Day. Go out have some fun and remember to send out free Father’s Day Ecards now!

Father’s Day is June 21st are you ready?

Father’s Day is June 21st. Kick off summer with Dad’s big day.

Dad. Superhero. Best Pal. No matter what he means to you, now is the time to let him know. (Even if he pretends not to care about all that stuff!) . Here is a quick summary of our posts.

Tucked in between Memorial Day weekend and July 4th is a holiday that many dads don’t take seriously. (At least, I know of one who simply laughs it off as a completely unnecessary fuss.)

But just because dad doesn’t make much of it doesn’t mean we should make Father’s Day any less special than it ought to be. Besides, this year, it’s the first day of summer. So you have all the more reason to celebrate.

Dads are a different breed. They’re cool alright. But they’re also funny and loud and huggable and hard to read at times.

So, what’s it going to be? Golf clubs or gadgets?
Tickets to a game or a TV? BBQ or beach?

* No worries! If you still haven’t figured out a gift for Dad, feel free to borrow some tips and ideas from our blog here.

* And regardless of where you are and what you plan to do, send a chuckle or two his way with our free Father’s Day ecards. From fishing to football to rock star dad, you’ll find an ecard to warm dad’s heart. Or maybe tickle him pink.

* He doesn’t check his email that often? No problem! Our Printable Frathers Day Cards section is your answer. Pick a card, add an image of your own or choose one of ours, type in your text, or choose a message and hit Print. Just make sure it reaches his hands on time!

There. So, now you have a gift idea. A free Father’s Day ecard. And a printed greeting card, just in case.

Right. Now go whip up that hearty Father’s Day breakfast and have a fabulous time with dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day? Bah!


Every time I think about going shopping for Father’s Day, I can almost hear my dad’s voice, saying, “Why on earth do you need to spend so much to say something I already know?”

Father’s Day? What’s that?

The part of the world where I come from, Mother’s day and Father’s day aren’t really a big deal and everyone goes about their lives on the premise that parents love children and children care about parents, no matter what the date or month.

Marketable Moments

But after moving to the USA, I started noticing how much was made out of these occasions. From talk shows to commercials, magazines to malls, you could tell what month or date it was merely by glancing at the displays or topics being discussed.

I kind of liked it. I began to see things in a new light. These occasions give people the chance to express their appreciation and love. It made sense to me because I had moved so far away and it gave me a chance to do something special for my parents, who, I knew, missed me terribly.

And so it was that I started sending my parents flowers, greeting cards, restaurant reservations, tickets to shows and other such gifts.

And they appreciated my efforts. They really did. But they just didn’t get it.

“No more Father’s Day gifts, Please!”

My dad would say over the phone, “Why did you spend all that money on a watch? Haven’t I taught you anything? Learn to save, young lady, save!” My attempts to explain that I really wanted them to have the gifts and that it made me happy to send them stuff, were lost in the echoes of his booming voice.

My mom would express how lovely the gifts were, but would also tell me not to spend so much on her. “If you’re happy, that’s the greatest gift we can ask for,” She would say.

“But, Ma” I would protest, “I want to do this. It’s no big deal really. It’s Mother’s day after all.”  But my arguments were completely lost on them.

To my parents, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are simply superfluous. They don’t need them to know how much their children love them. All they want is for their kids to be happy and to stay in touch.

After years of trying to convince them, I finally decided to give in. I thought to myself, “Well, whatever makes them happy.” It seems as if they would be happier if I didn’t spend as much. So, I decided to cut back on gifts this year and send them free ecards instead.

My mom loved the free Mother’s Day ecard I sent her. And guess what my dad will find in his inbox on Father’s Day!?

While I will be spending just a few minutes browsing and selecting a free Father’s Day ecard, my dad will probably be thrilled to learn that his daughter has finally learnt to save. And what better gift can there be?

Now, that’s what I call a win-win!

Fun Father’s Day Activities for the Family

by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

If you are looking for a few fun and inexpensive ways to spend Father’s Day this year, you’re in luck!  You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to have fun with dad.

Go Fishing – If dad is an avid fisherman, why not surprise him and offer to take him fishing for the day?  Get all his gear ready to go, pack up a nice lunch, bring along the sunscreen and go fishing for the day.  Even if fishing isn’t your cup of tea, dad will appreciate the gesture.

Camping – Why not load up the family and go on a little overnight adventure?  If you don’t own an RV or camper, ask a neighbor or friend to borrow a tent and a few sleeping bags.   Just make sure you know how to put the tent up or it could be a very long night!   Bring along the cooler, ice packs, some dogs and fixin’s and his favorite beverage.  Oh, and don’t forget the smores!   Make sure you bring your cell phone, matches, flashlight and bug spray along too.  This will be a Father’s Day dad will never forget!

Game Night – When was the last time you played Twister?  If your family hasn’t played a board game in ages, now is the perfect time.  Whether you play a good game of Scrabble, Pictionary, Monopoly or Candy Land, board games are fun for the entire family.  And if you don’t happen to have any board games handy, no worries.  Just stop by your local thrift shop.  You can always pickup all sorts of games at yard sales for next to nothing too.  Once you have the games, whip up some simple appetizers and you are good to go.  Just make sure to have plenty of dads’ favorite drink on hand too.

Pack a Picnic – No matter what the weather is, Father’s Day is the perfect time for a family picnic. Even if it is pouring rain, you can still have the picnic.  Just set it up in the living room or family room if the weather is dreary or cold.  And if you don’t happen to own a picnic basket, area yard sales or thrift shops will have them.  Pack the basket with some sandwiches, potato salad, chips and dessert.  Throw in the plates, utensils, drinks, ice packs and blanket or table cloth and you are good to go.  Don’t forget bug spray, hand sanitizer and sunscreen.

No matter what you decide to do for dad, just make sure to send him free Father’s Day ecards.

Happy Father’s Day!

Fun Father’s Day Facts and Trivia

Just for Fun Father’s Day Facts and Trivia 

Father’s Day is right around the corner.   In honor of this very special day, why not take a stroll down memory lane and take a peek at the interesting facts about the origins and history of Father’s Day.  There are also some fun factoids as well.   

  • 2009 marks the 100 anniversary of the origins of Father’s Day.
  • Sonora Louis Smart Dodd is the founder of Father’s Day.  In 1909, she wanted to honor and do something very special for her father, William Smart.  Mr. Smart, a widower and Civil War veteran, was left to raise a newborn and five other children after Sonora’s mother died during childbirth. 
  • The first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington, in June, 1910.
  • Father’s Day was celebrated on different dates until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed Father’s Day to be held on the third Sunday in June.
  • In 1972, President Richard Nixon made it permanent – the national observance of Father’s Day would be held annually, on the third Sunday in June.
  • Today, there are over 64 million fathers in the United States.
  • As of 2006, there are over 14,000 hardware stores and over 23,000 sporting good stores in the USA.
  • Almost 95 million Father’s Day cards were given to dads last year.
  • Believe it or not, ties are still a popular gift for Father’s Day.

 Happy Father’s Day!