Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

We want to thank you, our READERS, for the support during the year and wish you very Happy Holidays! And if you are still looking for last minute Christmas Cards, we have many options listed below:

1. Free Christmas Ecards – instantly Email these animated ecards

2. Free Printable Christmas Cards – Print At home and send it your your loved ones.

3. Free Photo Ecards – Make Ecards with your photos add Christmas Effects

4. Free Printable Christmas Photo Cards – Create 5X5 or 8X4 photo cards right at home

5. Free New Year Ecards – Email New Year Ecards

6. Free New Year Printable Cards

Mothers Day Ecards

As all of you must know Mothers day is on May 8th. Are you ready? Even if you have planned for a nice Mothers day brunch for your mom. It never hurts to send her some mothers day animated ecards for this special occasion.

We have a very thoughtful mothers day ecard like this one which express our thoughts in words.

Thoughtful Mothers Day ecard
Thoughtful Mothers Day ecard

Or you can send this idyllic mothers day card.

Mothers Day ecards
Mothers Day ecards

So go ahead and spread the joy and thanks!

Favorite Birthday Ecards

Some of our Favorite Birthday Ecards

Are you ever out of ideas when it comes to buying people birthday gifts? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably yes.

There comes a point when you really don’t know what to get people on their birthdays.  After you’ve given someone books, gift baskets, CDs, picture frames, a watch or jewelry, maybe even a digital reader or smart phone, invariably, there’s bound to come a day when you go, “What do I get Nina this year? ”

It’s not that I’m against gifts or anything.  I like buying gifts for people I love and like most people, enjoy getting thoughtful gifts on my birthday. But, there are times when I know I don’t have to get gifts to make someone’s day or to wish someone a Happy Birthday.  Instead of cluttering someone’s home or desk with yet another picture frame, flower vase or a book they have probably read already, I opt to send free birthday ecards.

Sometimes I send free ecards even after I’ve bought gifts. They just add a fun, personal touch to the whole occasion. Either way, take a look at some of my recent favorites when it comes to Birthday ecards. Maybe you’d like to send one of these to your loved ones this year?

  1. Someone Special Birthday Ecard:  – A simple, elegant, tastefully designed ecard with no bangs and whistles. Just lovely flowers, soothing  music and pleasant colors coming together to wish someone special a Happy Birthday!
  2. Surprise Fairy:  – Kids will love this, especially little girls and young ladies. After all who doesn’t wish for a fairytale birthday? With this charming birthday wish, it just might happen!
  3. 10 Years Old Birthday Ecard I love sending birthday ecards to my little nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids. Kids are so thrilled when they receive email, especially if it’s someone wishing them on their birthday. If you have a young friend who’s turning 10 this year, you’ve got to send the little monkey this free Birthday ecard. Trust me, you’ll hear whoops of delight!
  4. Sunshine and blue skies :  Sometimes the best birthday gift you can give someone is…what they already have.  But maybe, they just need a reminder to enjoy it. This birthday ecard is a special favorite of mine because it helps me notice how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. And no gift comes anywhere close. Go ahead wish someone a splendid day with this sunny ecard!
  5. Budget Birthday : OK. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of free ecards inspired by the economic downturn. Humor is one thing that keeps us going during adversity.  So, why not lighten up someone’s day with a joke about the economy ?  This one’s a great pick…especially if your friend works in finance!

Check these free Birthday ecards out and do share your favorites!

How to Make a Shopping List for Christmas Gifts

If you end up spending way too much time Christmas shopping and come home with stocking stuffers that nobody is kicked about, maybe it’s time to rethink the way you go about it.

This technique to make a shopping list has helped me find the perfect gifts for my friends and family and saved me hundreds of dollars every time. Maybe it will help you?

1. Settle down at your desk comfortably with a piece of paper and a pencil.

2. Make three columns.

3. In the first column create two sub- headings – Must buy, Want to buy.

4. Under the first category, write the names of your dearest loved ones whom you absolutely must buy gifts for. Parents, siblings, best friend, spouse, grandparents, aunts and uncles may fall in this category. Include the people you care about the most and whom you will definitely be meeting or sending gifts to.

5. Under Want to buy, include people you like and want to give something to – such as colleagues, professors, business associates, tennis partner, distant cousin, child’s teacher etc.

6. In the second column – against each name write down what you know about them which would help you find gifts for them. For example – Against Mom, you could write – enjoys decorating, likes good coffee, is a Michelle Obama fan etc. Against Uncle Stephen, you could write – needs to get his den organized, enjoys cigars, poker

7. In the third column – translate the items in the second column to actual gifts. For example, gift options for mom could be – a yearly subscription to a leading Home Décor magazine or a couple of bags of the finest coffee beans,  a book about Michelle Obama or a collection of the best interview clippings with the First Lady from leading magazines. For Uncle Stephen, the options could be – hire cleaning help to clean out and organize den or build or buy a storage shelf for his large book collection, personalized poker cards or a new poker table.

8. When you’ve done this for all the people in your list, you will see that for each person you will have two or three gift options to choose from. Now, select the options you like best. For some people, you could combine a couple of gifts. For others, you could choose just one. Some gifts, you can make and personalize – a book with Michelle Obama clippings for Mom, for example. Some gifts, you can order online.

9. Do the same with the second category of people. Remember to include gifts that are ‘free’ – such as your babysitting services, an offer to read to someone or to drive them somewhere, to help somebody out for a day etc.

10. When your list is complete, go back with a pen and circle the gift options you like best. Carry the list with you so that if you don’t find your first choice or if it’s beyond your budget, you can pick options two or three.

11. Once you’re done shopping for your first category or ‘Must Buy’ group, bring back the piece of paper and think about the second category of people. By this time, you ought to know how much you have spent already and how much more your budget will allow.

Depending on how comfortable your balance card looks, shortlist your second group further. You can either choose a handful of people from this group and buy them thoughtful gifts or cut back on the budget for each individual and buy all of them similarly priced gifts at a warehouse store or discount store. Be creative. Even if your budget doesn’t allow a gift for everyone, you could still send them Free Christmas Ecards or personalized photo ecards. Or give them a box of home made cookies. At a time when people are trying to cut corners and save every penny, gift certificates or gift cards to bakeries and coffee shops or gas cards would all be appreciated more than you can imagine.

Tip: If you’re completely clueless as to what to get somebody, the best way to find out is by talking to them. Just call them up, chat with them for a few minutes, ask what they have been up to, what their Christmas plans are and how they have been – and within a few minutes – you will have surely learnt something about them that will give you great gift ideas.

Free Animated Ecards

It has been a year since we started our blog. We have come a long way since then. However, our first post is still relevant…

First post below:

Everyone expects to get cards on their birthday or on a special holiday, and free ecards have become the quick and easy way to let someone know how much you care. So much so, in fact, that sending free animated ecards during a holiday has become commonplace.

If you want to truly surprise someone and show them how much you care about them, you may want to send them animated cards when they least expect it – on a day that is not a holiday! Animated ecards such as the Thanks for Making Me Smile card are a great way to put a genuine smile on someone’s face.

The best part about sending animated cards isn’t that they are free and only take a short time to send, it is in knowing that when the receiver gets their ecard, they will know that someone cared enough about them to take a few minutes out of their day to send it.

Editor’s Notes:

In this day and age when I receive so much spam and twitter. When I know someone has taken the time to choose an e-card specifically for me. It goes a long way in my book. How about you? Do let us know.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Ecards

New Years Ecards


New Year’s Day isn’t quite the hallowed holiday as some others throughout the year are.  Unlike Christmas, there isn’t a great feeling of peace and joy hanging in the air.  Unlike Thanksgiving, New Year’s doesn’t mean cooking a great meal and reconnecting with friends and loved ones we don’t normally get to spend much time with.

           New Year’s does, though, have its share of traditions.  There’s the ceremonial midnight toast, the tradition of kissing the person next to you just as the clock strikes midnight, and, of course, making resolutions.

           What’s funny about New Year’s resolutions is that we mostly known that the lofty goals we set for ourselves—quitting smoking, losing fifty pounds, etc.—are ones we will give up on within the first month or so.  Still, though, it’s fun, and more than a little empowering, to set them in the first place.

           Something my friends and I have started doing, though, is to set goals for the new year that are so ridiculously conceived and easy to achieve, we do it for the sake of the joke, more so than anything else.  Last year, a friend of mine resolved to not eat French Fries on Tuesday—a goal which she has kept (or so she says).  And I resolved to always make sure my shoes were tied when I put them on, rather than just slip them on and dash out the door—a goal which I have not been able to keep.

          However you celebrate or commemorate this New Year’s holiday—whether it be a gathering with friends, or sending free animated e-cards from, just be sure to stay safe, have fun, and set reasonable goals.

Christmas Something Small for those who serve

Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards


This year, as the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees; and as bare walls are covered first with Halloween decorations, then Thanksgiving decorations, and finally Christmas decorations, it’s important to remember the most important people in our lives, and let them know that we care about them, and that we are grateful for all that they do.


Many of us have friends or family members currently serving in the military—people we love who won’t be able to come home for Christmas.  And though they defend our country and our livelihoods overseas without asking or expecting anything in return, that still doesn’t mean it would be anything less than a great idea to do something—anything—for them, to remind them that wherever they are this holiday season, we keep them in our hearts.

There are countless sites on the Internet, taking up collections for care packages—sites so numerous I won’t even bother listing some here.  Other sites—like—give you the opportunity to send animated ecards to your loved ones overseas.  You can even chip in some money at various sites to buy our servicemen and women phone cards, so that even if they can’t come home this holiday season, they can at least phone home.

They do so much for us, without asking anything in return.  Let’s all do something for them—even if it’s something small.

Christmas Unforgettable Holidays

Free Christmas Ecards

Free Christmas Ecards

The most memorable Christmases aren’t the ones where we get the the shiniest jewelry or the most expensive video games.  The memorable Holiday seasons are those marked by truly unforgettable events.

Case in point: when I was eleven years old, my family decided to shell out some cash for a real tree, rather than use the old plastic one.  Dad and I drove to a Christmas Tree farm, chose the biggest, most expensive tree, and took it home. The whole family had a wonderful evening, securing the tree, stringing up the lights, and then attaching ornaments. 

We all went to bed on Christmas Eve night, and I had just fallen asleep when a loud crashing sound jerked me back awake.  My first thought: Santa hadn’t turned the lights on, and was fumbling around in the darkness downstairs.  Then I heard a “meow” and I knew the true source of the disturbance.

I rushed downstairs, following closely my parents, and what we see in the living room is our beautiful, expensive tree, lying on its side, ornaments scattered about and broken, and our gray tabby cat, Bully, sitting in the middle of the whole mess, with a “What’d I do?” look on his face.

Had I been making animated christmas ecards for back then, I would have immortalized the event in a free e-card.  Even still, it’s not something I’m ever likely to forget.  

The next year, we went back to the plastic Christmas Tree, and we never looked back.

Thanksgiving-The Hidden Holiday

Free Thanksgiving Ecards

Free Thanksgiving Ecards

Thanksgiving often gets lost in the shuffle of late-in-the-year holidays.  Hidden between Halloween and Christmas, it’s not unusual to see Thanksgiving as an inconsequential midway point between the other two holidays, rather than the wonderful day it is in its own right.

Don’t get me wrong: I love buying gifts and decorating for Christmas, and there’s still a big part of me that regrets not being able to dress up on Halloween night and go trick-or-treating.  But Thanksgiving has a special place in my heart, and it always will.

Halloween is about being, if for only one evening, something you aren’t.  Thanksgiving celebrates how much we care about each other, just for being who and what we are.  Christmas is a time to buy gifts and make people smile.  On Thanksgiving, the smiles come just from spending time with those you love.

So this Thanksgiving, don’t forget how important the day truly is.  Maybe you can even send your friends and loved ones free ecards from  Our animated e-cards are the perfect ways to say “I love you, and I’m thankful for you being in my life.”

Birthday in July


Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts

When I was growing up, I had a friend in the neighborhood whose birthday was on December 27th—just two days after Christmas.  I often told him how unlucky he was, to have a birthday so soon after Christmas: there’s no way he would get enough presents!  Me?  I was lucky, I thought, because my birthday is in the summer, and so my gift-receiving days were spread pretty evenly apart through the year. 


Of course, now that I’m older, I realize it’s not just about maximizing gift-receiving potential, and I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to celebrate a birthday in a snowstorm, rather than at the beach.  The important thing, either way, I’ve learned, is to surround yourself with people you love, and who love you.  That is what makes a birthday special, and not gifts. 

But gifts are nothing to sneeze at, either.  At we have free e-cards that you can send to your friends and loved ones on their birthdays.  You can show them how much you care with our animated e-cards, and save money by not splurging on expensive gifts, too. 

Even though I still wonder what a winter birthday would be like, I’m perfectly happy to be able to blow out my birthday candles, and then jump in the pool.