New Year Ecards

Why New Year’s Ecards Trump All Others

After the last Christmas present has been opened and the house is quiet again, the countdown to the biggest celebration of the year begins.

New Year’s – The Mother of All Celebrations

If you think that the best of the holiday season is over with Christmas behind you, consider this – many countries in Asia, it’s not Christmas, but New Year’s that is celebrated with gusto. Even though the new year begins at different times of the year for different cultures( Chinese New Year, Hindu new year etc), almost every part of the world holds some form of New Year’s Eve celebrations on Dec 31st. New year’s eve is the occasion that boasts some of the biggest parties of the year in every part of the world.

It’s a New Year …Wherever you live

Take Times Square, for example. Every year tens of thousands of people throng to Manhattan and Times Square to witness the traditional crystal ball drop at midnight. The celebrations at the London Eye on the South Bank in London attract equally large crowds. While Christmas is more about shopping, spending time with family, exchanging gifts, singing carols and attending Mass, New Year’s is an entirely different experience.

Even people who almost never send cards, don’t skip New Year Cards

A key element differentiating New Year’s from other holidays, is the number of greeting cards and ecards people exchange on this occasion. Since, New Year’s is celebrated by people across countries, cultures and religions, it’s natural that this New Year cards are among the most popular category of greeting cards and ecards. Regardless of location, and the influence of political and economic conditions, businesses and individuals exchange New Year’s greeting cards. You send them to your clients and customers. To friends, family and colleagues. To teachers, students and almost anyone you know.

New year’s ecards and greeting cards serve important functions –

In business, sending new year wishes is a great way to build confidence, trust, goodwill, brand image and to stay in your business partners’ and clients’ memories.

Among family members and friends, new year’s cards help forge or strengthen bonds, build bridges and even offer a fresh start to a strained relationship.

Sending free new year’s ecards is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with people you care about or who are important to you in your professional or personal life. For many people whose resolutions may include getting back in touch with long lost friends and associates, sending a free new year’s ecard is a great starter.

Whatever your reasons – whether you send them every year or have never sent out a new year card before, be it to your best friend or your boss, and no matter where you plan to ring in 2010 – don’t forget that this isn’t just any new year. It’s a new decade! And no matter what else you do, do not miss sending out free new year ecards.

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