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Free Christmas Ecards





Free Christmas Ecards



Even when something as perfect as FREE CHRISTMAS ECARDS is readily available for everyone to use, there are still people who have some excuse not to use them. Here are the top 7 excuses people have for not using FREE ecards and an answer for each excuse:

Excuse #1) I want to write my own sentiment in the Christmas cards I send out this year.
Answer: You can add your own sentiments to every ecard at

Excuse #2) I want to be able to send pictures of my kids and the dog in my Christmas card.
Answer: This is also something you can do with each ecard!

Excuse #3) I don’t understand how to do it.
Answer: It’s easy! Just select the card you want to send, input the email addresses of the recipients, add your personal message, add any photos, and hit the send button!

Excuse #4) But I have all of these cute Christmas postage stamps to use.
Answer: Save them for something you HAVE to mail! No stamps needed at!

Excuse #5) I want to send people something they can keep and show to their loved ones.
Answer: It will be on their computer! They can forward it to anyone they want to show!

Excuse #6) My grandma doesn’t have an email address to send it to.
Answer: also has FREE printable cards that you can design yourself to print out and mail! Perfect for those Christmas stamps you’ve been saving.

Excuse #7) I don’t celebrate Christmas.
Answer: So send a holiday ecard, a thank you ecard, or any ecard you want! The choices are endless!

No more excuses! Send your free ecards today!