Printable Christmas Cards Create Cherished Holiday Memories

Printable Christmas cards have become very popular for various reasons. For one, when you choose a card design and print it at home, you have complete control over the way it looks – the design, the format in which it’s printed, the message that goes inside and even the photo you want on the front. There’s just […]

Christmas Cards on Sale

  I went to a book store last week, to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, and I had to smile at this display of Christmas cards, situated right at the front of the store.              I go to this book store often to get coffee in their café and use their Internet connection, and so I […]

Christmas “Learning my Lesson”

Last year I decided I wasn’t sending Christmas cards.  There were too many other things to do, in getting ready for Christmas, that if I could eliminate any headaches, I would do myself a favor.  And one headache to eliminate was Christmas cards. But it didn’t take too long after my mailbox began filling with […]