Friendship Ecards – Happy Monday!

It is time! Time to put down whatever you are doing, time to choose a free animated ecard, and send it to someone…NOW! It takes only a few seconds, but will give your recipient countless seconds of joy.  These days we are hard pressed for time, and though we hate to admit it, most of us tend to only think of our friends when we are in the car, with nothing more to do than call them on our cell phones.  But as soon as we reach our destination, we end the conversation and forget about our friends until we get in the car again.  We don’t want to admit it, we say “nah, not me”, but this is the reality we live in. knows that everyone is in a time crunch, that no one has time to be inconvenienced in order to do something nice for someone else.  Which is why this website exists: to provide a quick and easy route to reach out to your friends, while entertaining everyone at the same time.  So go to the animated Friendship ecards on this website, choose the “Happy Monday” ecard (because sometimes every day feels like a Monday), have a good laugh and send it to your friend’s email inbox.  Nothing lost, but a whole lot gained, and a friendship maintained.

Culture Brings The World Closer

It’s a known fact that cultures around the world share a lot in common, despite their contrasts. Many traditions & beliefs have similar roots & significance across the globe.

Take Halloween for example. Do you know how similar Halloween traditions are to Asian Indian customs practiced during the lunar months of Ashwin-Karthika, that happen to fall around October?

People in the west believe that Halloween symbolizes the return of spirits to the earth. In India, it is believed that spirits of the elders in the family visit during the Ashwin month. In some parts of India, people perform special rituals for an entire fortnight to honor the presence of the elderly spirits. Halloween is the time when people hang lanterns & decorate the front porch with glowing candles, lights, scarecrows & dolls. In India, the festival of Dusssehra falls during the same time. This festival is marked by lighting rows of earthen lamps or ‘Diyas’ in front of houses. The highlight of Halloween is kids in costumes going from door to door collecting candies & sweet treats. During Dussehra or Durga Puja, children in many parts of India go from house to house, dressed in fine clothes, singing devotional songs, collecting goodies & treats. People in some parts arrange their best dolls and collectibles in a special staircase style display for friends and neighbors to admire.

The astounding similarities go on. Around the world, there are countless examples like these. Perhaps, it just goes to show that the world is indeed round and people across the planet share more in common than they realize.

Do you know of any such cultural parallels?

Everyone wants to feel loved

Tuned Into You
Tuned Into You

The requests are the same: everyone wants to feel appreciated, loved, and valued as a human being.  And yet in this fast paced crazy world we live in, we tend to take people for granted, especially those who are the most special to us.  Either we don’t have the time or we don’t take the time to tell those we love just how important they are to us.  The truth of the matter is it really doesn’t need to be a big to-do to show someone you care or that you are thinking of them.  A small gesture, like sending an ecard, goes a long way to remind your loved ones that you think they are pretty special.  At, sending ecards is fast, free, and fun.  The “Love You” section is filled with charming, loving, whimsical, cute, and even funny ecards, all of them animated.  In today’s world we need to remind those closest to us that not only are we tuned into our jobs, our cell phones, our TVs, but we are “Tuned into” them as well.  So send your loved one the animated ecard “Tuned Into U” at, and they’ll get the message that they are just as important to you as they hoped they’d be.

Knock! Knock!

“Ho-Hum.”  It is just another day, another week, same job, same pay, and same commute.  It is time to give your coworkers a chuckle and liven up the place!  Go to and browse through the “Knock, Knock ecards” section.  There is a joke there for everyone, animated for their viewing pleasure!  And they are free to send!  Laugh your way through the “Knock, Knock” jokes, and email them to all of your coworkers.  It doesn’t take but a few seconds, so you won’t be slacking off at work.  There is even a McCain ecard

McCain Funny Ecard
McCain Funny Ecard

for your serious political coworker; once they open it on their computer, they will appreciate the disruption in their boring work day.  There are also “Happy Birthday” ecards in the “Knock, Knock” section, so look on your calendar and find out which co-worker’s birthday is next. Though you made need the laugh the most on this dreary work day, you are sure to get a kick out of just browsing through the “Knock, Knock” jokes at  And who knows, maybe you will get a “knock, knock” at your email inbox, from a coworker returning the favor! is here to make people smile! And it is FREE of course!

Birthday – a time to look in the mirror

What does your birthday mean to you?

Sure, there’s the celebration, the wishes, the ecards, the gifts and the party. No doubt, a birthday is a time to celebrate your life with your loved ones and be showered with gifts and wishes.

But after the last guest has left, your birthday still isn’t over.

For most of us, a birthday is also a time to collect our thoughts. At some point on our birthday, we find ourselves pondering over the course life has taken. Many set personal and professional goals for the coming year on their birthdays. Some look back at the year gone by to reevaluate their priorities. Some feel encouraged by the progress. Some have regrets. We think about the decisions in the past year – good and bad – and how they have changed our lives. A birthday is a perfect time to resolve to quit a bad habit or cultivate a good one.

A birthday represents a milestone. Each year, you turn a corner and are a changed person. You have learnt more, seen more, experienced more of life. How do we consciously ensure these changes reflect in the way we lead the rest of the year and our lives?

A birthday is a reminder that we have been given the gift of yet another year of life. Which is why we celebrate it.  But while the memory of the celebrations may fade away, the moments we spend alone, reflecting and planning the road ahead, stay with us and shape our lives.

So, when you look in the mirror this birthday, what will you see?

An ecard, a paper greeting card, or …nothing?

What is the best way to send a long distance wish?

A paper greeting card evokes powerful emotions in many. It can be felt, held in one’s hands and carries a personal, handwritten message that can be read over and over again. Paper card lovers believe this experience is the closest alternative to actually being there in person.

Meanwhile, most of us have embraced ecards for their convenience and simplicity. After all, they convey the same message. Only they do it instantly. For free.  Besides, not everyone sees the sentiments attached to a greeting card. To many, a wish is simply that. And nothing more.

However, there are some who think that occasions like Mother’s Day, Friendship Day etc have been blown out of proportion by companies selling greeting cards and gifts who profit the most from marketing these concepts. Many refrain from sending cards for this very reason, claiming that they do not need a special day to wish their mother or best friend. They do not want to fall into the marketing trap of greeting card giants. But there are those who argue that it’s nice that loved ones who are otherwise taken for granted are acknowledged and appreciated at least once a year, on the pretext of these occasions.

How about you? Do you love the smell and feel of a paper card? Are you an ecarder? Or do you think actions speak louder than words & that greeting cards are a waste of time or money or effort?

Saying Sorry Made Easy

Alas, you’ve done something to make your mother-in-law mad.  Of course, you’re not sure what you’ve done, or what you said, but your attempt to apologize over the phone has backfired on you and now your spouse is mad at you too.  What to do? Go to and send them both an animated ecard.  They will be bewildered at your creativity and thoughtfulness, and your ever thrifty spouse will be impressed at the FREE cost.  You can’t go wrong!  You can choose from the Sorry  ecards section and express your sincere apologies with a funny or thoughtful animated ecard.  And while you’re there, click on the Love You section and send another animated ecard to your spouse.  A sentiment like the “In Your Arms” ecard, will remind them that even though you do stupid things, you still love them.  Since it goes straight to their email inbox, they’ll be able to read it on their own time and have a good private laugh or cry, and they’ll have no choice but to forgive you.  Forgive you for what?  Well, remember, we’re not sure but the important part is you’ve made amends all with the help of a free animated ecard.  Trust us, your spouse will love that you’ve taken the time to apologize to them, but more importantly to their mom.  So let help you renew the family harmony!

Did you forget someones birthday?

Your day starts out like any other day; you are going about your routine, getting your coffee, heading to work, to the store, to the gym.  Someone happens to ask you what the date is and you tell them.  “Hmm, that’s funny” you think to yourself.  “The date sounds so familiar-AHH! It’s so-and-so’s Birthday!”  It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is; your mom, your spouse, your in-law, your uncle, your 4th grade teacher.  The bad news is you’ve forgotten their Birthday.  But there is good news!  You can fix this mistake with two shakes of any computer mouse.  It is free ecards to the rescue!  Just run to the nearest computer (any will do, just make sure that when you take over the receptionist’s computer at the gym that you are polite about it), go to, pick out a FREE animated card to send to the Birthday Boy or Girl, and email it that very moment!  Within seconds the Birthday recipient will receive the card to their inbox and have no choice but to smile at your creativity for ecard choice, and thoughtfulness for remembering their birthday.  And now happily you can go about the rest of your day, for knowingly bringing a smile to others makes you happy by association. has saved the day!

A free ecard for your boss

Imagine that you’re at work. You hear a buzz at the water cooler that the boss is out sick.  Your coworkers are scrambling to come up with ideas of things to send your boss so that he knows everyone is thinking of him.  Make a house call? Nah, you don’t want to get sick yourself.  Call him? No, you don’t want to disturb him.  Send him some chicken noodle soup? No, not very practical. But you know the perfect thing! A free ecard at! You know that your boss will always be checking his email, no matter how sick he is, and he is sure to appreciate the sentiment of an animated ecard in his inbox.  At, there is a great assortment of funny and thoughtful get well soon cards.  Your only dilemma will be whether you choose to send the card from just you, or from your coworkers, too.  But why not send two?  They’re free!  Send one from the group and another from you with your own personal message.  And while you’re at it, pre-send him an animated birthday ecard to arrive in his inbox on his birthday! has so many animated birthday cards to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your boss.  And once he feels better, hopefully he’ll remember your kindness and return the favor should you ever get sick, or when your own birthday comes up.  Because wouldn’t you want to find an animated ecard in your inbox too?  Why don’t you try it and send one to yourself? Go ahead! They are sure to brighten up anyone’s day.  And don’t forget to tell your coworkers that you’ve solved the problem with an animated card from Got free eCards.  You’ll be their hero!

You Made Me Smile – Thank You Ecards

As the summer months wind down, we tend to think back to the moments that made our summer fabulous and memorable.  Take a moment to reflect on what the summer has meant to you.  Playing hooky at the beach with coworkers?  Enjoying a summer picnic at the park with your kids? Camping with your friends or someone you love?  Whatever your memory, it is sure to put a smile on your face.  Why not share this smile with those that were there with you that day by sending them an animated ecard, like the “You Made Me Smile” card in the Thank You section.  Thank them for being a part of your special memory, or perhaps it was their idea to go hiking to the lake, so thank them for inviting you along!  While once upon a time thank you cards were a fact of every day life, they seem to have gone by the wayside. Perhaps it is due to laziness; you’ve got to go to the store to buy the cards, then write in the cards, then look for their mailing address in the address book that you can’t find, buy some stamps, and finally take it to the mailbox.  But at, there are many FREE ecards here at your fingertips, ready to be sent with the touch of your mouse!  And they are extra special because they are animated!  Just pick a card, add your own sentiment, and send it off!  And when your recipient finds the animated ecard that you thoughtfully sent to their email inbox, they are sure to look back and remember what a fabulous summer they had with you.  And perhaps they’ll send an animated Thank You card right back to you!  And wouldn’t that just make your summer!  So check out the free ecards at, and thank someone today for making your summer memorable.