How to create Birthday Party Invitations

Online birthday party invitations – a free and fabulous way to invite guests to your party “Mom, can we invite Sarah and Sally to the party?” “Can I get a new bike this year?” “Can we go to Disneyland?” All signs that a birthday is coming up! If you’re a busy mom (or dad) planning […]

How do I make Christmas Photo Cards?

It’s become a tradition, in many families, to mail out Christmas cards with family photos attached to everyone on the gift list.  I have a niece, for example, who I’ve watched grow up, one year at a time, just through the yearly Christmas cards her parents send out.  Now, the tradition of sending photos to […]

Thanksgiving – Does gratitude spring from your heart or from you lips?

How many people will you say, “Thank you” to, today? Your doorman. The cab driver. The guy at the coffee shop. The person who holds the door open for you. Or asks you to have a seat in the lobby. When you think about it, you probably say “Thank you” more times than you realize […]

Photo Cards

New Customizable Photo Cards! We here at Got-Free-Ecards are constantly trying to improve the service we provide.  So many people have fallen in love with our free ecards and  free animated ecards, that we’re adding a brand new feature: totally interactive, completely customizable photo ecards, that you can print out at home, using your own […]

Photo Cards – Share a picture, send an ecard at the same time

I don’t know about you, but I sure miss picture post cards. When I was growing up, thanks to my dad’s job, we traveled and moved a lot. Somehow, I developed a fascination for picture post cards. I would collect postcards wherever we went and mail at least a few out to my close friends. […]

Photo Cards – Send Photo Ecards

It seems like every day Got Free Ecards introduces a new, exciting feature to its website. The newest upgrade is the re-designed photo cards. Now, Got Free Ecards has given users the ability to upload their own photographs for a long time, but now there is an entirely new feature! You’re basically building your photo […]