An ecard, a paper greeting card, or …nothing?

What is the best way to send a long distance wish?

A paper greeting card evokes powerful emotions in many. It can be felt, held in one’s hands and carries a personal, handwritten message that can be read over and over again. Paper card lovers believe this experience is the closest alternative to actually being there in person.

Meanwhile, most of us have embraced ecards for their convenience and simplicity. After all, they convey the same message. Only they do it instantly. For free.  Besides, not everyone sees the sentiments attached to a greeting card. To many, a wish is simply that. And nothing more.

However, there are some who think that occasions like Mother’s Day, Friendship Day etc have been blown out of proportion by companies selling greeting cards and gifts who profit the most from marketing these concepts. Many refrain from sending cards for this very reason, claiming that they do not need a special day to wish their mother or best friend. They do not want to fall into the marketing trap of greeting card giants. But there are those who argue that it’s nice that loved ones who are otherwise taken for granted are acknowledged and appreciated at least once a year, on the pretext of these occasions.

How about you? Do you love the smell and feel of a paper card? Are you an ecarder? Or do you think actions speak louder than words & that greeting cards are a waste of time or money or effort?