Free Ecards Add Photos offers a lot of free animated e-cards, but what if you want to personalize things a bit? 

            You can easily add photos to most e-cards on the site; and of course, it’s free.  Just go to, and pick your favorite card.

            After you click on the card and it’s finished loading, click “Play” to start the animation.  See in the bottom right-hand side of the card, where a button says, “Click to add photo and voice”?  You guessed it: click!

            You’ll be taken to a screen with a stock-photo near the top of the page, and below that there’s a button that says, “Upload Image.”  Yup: click it, too.

            After clicking through the user agreement, basically saying you agree not to do anything obscene or offensive to the person you’re sending the card to, you’re taken to a file-upload browser.  Just scan through your files and find the picture you want to use, and click “Open”.  You’re back on the main page now, and that stock photo will be replaced by the picture you’ve chosen.

            Then just proceed in the same way you would with any other card, by filling out the information for the person you’re sending the card to, at the bottom of the page.  When you’re done, you can click “Preview” to see your card.  Basically, the card will play, just as it normally would, but after the animation your chosen image will be displayed, as well.  And now, just click “Send,” and you’re done!

Almost nothing is fun when you’re sick

Face it: almost nothing is fun when you’re sick.  Television is boring.  Movies are too long.  And books are too hard to concentrate on.  But what always gets a smile, even in the midst of your worst cold, is when friends go out of their way to show they’ve been thinking about you: chicken soup delivered to your door, a concerned phone call, or, now, a free animated  Ecards from GotFreeCards.

Sending free Ecards from is fast, simple, and, of course, free.  Just go to

Co-Worker Not Well Ecard
Get Well Soon Ecard For Your Co-worker, and browse through our selection of animated Ecards, many of which are specially designed for that friend or family member who’s under the weather.

When you send an animated Ecard to that friend or loved one who’s stuck at home with the flu, you can be sure it will make them feel just a little bit better, to open up their e-mail and know you’ve been thinking about them.  So head over to GotFreeCards today, and pick your  Get Well Soon Ecard.

Friendship Ecards – Happy Monday!

It is time! Time to put down whatever you are doing, time to choose a free animated ecard, and send it to someone…NOW! It takes only a few seconds, but will give your recipient countless seconds of joy.  These days we are hard pressed for time, and though we hate to admit it, most of us tend to only think of our friends when we are in the car, with nothing more to do than call them on our cell phones.  But as soon as we reach our destination, we end the conversation and forget about our friends until we get in the car again.  We don’t want to admit it, we say “nah, not me”, but this is the reality we live in. knows that everyone is in a time crunch, that no one has time to be inconvenienced in order to do something nice for someone else.  Which is why this website exists: to provide a quick and easy route to reach out to your friends, while entertaining everyone at the same time.  So go to the animated Friendship ecards on this website, choose the “Happy Monday” ecard (because sometimes every day feels like a Monday), have a good laugh and send it to your friend’s email inbox.  Nothing lost, but a whole lot gained, and a friendship maintained.

Saying You’re Sorry The Electronic Way

We’ve all done those things that we’d rather not have. It happens to all of us and it’s just a fact of life that we can’t avoid. Sometimes it hurts even more when you can’t directly see the person that you’re trying to make amends with and a great distance separating the two of you might seem at first to be an insurmountable obstacle. Well that’s all changed with the advent of the Internet because now you can send free ecards to those you want to say you’re sorry to.

Really, there’s no better way to stay on top of the latest in technology and at the same time adhere to older traditions and GotFreeCards is the place with the best selections that includes all different kinds of ecards as well as some of the finest free animated ecards that you’ll find anywhere. If you’re unsure what kind of sorry ecard you’d like to send, you can have a look at the convenient tabs at the top of the page where these cards are located. These will give you the ability to ‘window shop’ through what the site has as well as what they’ve got upcoming.