Celebrating Birthdays During the Holidays

Happy Birthday Ecard

Happy Birthday Ecard

My daughter was born the day before Thanksgiving. To my mind, the next day was the most joyous day of Thanksgiving I had ever experienced. As the years passed, however, I often felt that her birthday celebration was lost somewhere between the turkey, the football and the anticipation of shopping.


We do our best now to set aside a specific time and place for a party or family get-together. We know that it is important to separate the holidays from her special day.

This advice was passed on to me, as well, by a dear friend, whose birthday falls a mere ten days before Christmas. As she was growing up, her parents took great pains to ensure that the anniversary of her birth wasn’t overshadowed by the holidays. I, too, refrained from combining Christmas and birthday gifts into one.

Everyone has friends and family members who have holiday birthdays. It’s so easy for us to forget or ignore the birthdays during this whirlwind time of shopping, parties and gifts. But it’s not difficult to find an inexpensive, quick way to remind that person with a November or December birthday that you care. Just look to GotFreeCards.com for the perfect birthday e-card!  From humorous, to serious, light-and-sweet to generous, the selection is superb! And the free birthday e-card means you will save a bit more cash to spend on their Christmas present!

Birthday – a time to look in the mirror

What does your birthday mean to you?

Sure, there’s the celebration, the wishes, the ecards, the gifts and the party. No doubt, a birthday is a time to celebrate your life with your loved ones and be showered with gifts and wishes.

But after the last guest has left, your birthday still isn’t over.

For most of us, a birthday is also a time to collect our thoughts. At some point on our birthday, we find ourselves pondering over the course life has taken. Many set personal and professional goals for the coming year on their birthdays. Some look back at the year gone by to reevaluate their priorities. Some feel encouraged by the progress. Some have regrets. We think about the decisions in the past year – good and bad – and how they have changed our lives. A birthday is a perfect time to resolve to quit a bad habit or cultivate a good one.

A birthday represents a milestone. Each year, you turn a corner and are a changed person. You have learnt more, seen more, experienced more of life. How do we consciously ensure these changes reflect in the way we lead the rest of the year and our lives?

A birthday is a reminder that we have been given the gift of yet another year of life. Which is why we celebrate it.  But while the memory of the celebrations may fade away, the moments we spend alone, reflecting and planning the road ahead, stay with us and shape our lives.

So, when you look in the mirror this birthday, what will you see?

Showing your Best Friend you Care with Free Ecards

Family is important, but so are your friends. Women tend to rely on our friends, looking at them to help us get through the tedium of day to day life, as well as when we have a difficult day or week. Friends matter, especially friends who are there for you when you need them. You can show them how much you care for them, no matter how busy you are, with a free ecard or two.

If it is your friend’s birthday, you can send them the You Are My Best Friend ecard. This free ecard demonstrates exactly how much you care for your friend by comparing her to diamonds. A best friend who receives this card will instantly know that no matter how busy you get, you are always thinking about them. The fact that you are comparing them to diamonds is a compliment of the highest order, especially if your best friend is a jewelry aficionado. A free ecard is a wonderful way to start out your best friends day, as you can send it the night before so that they can wake up knowing that you’ve been thinking about their special day.