Friendship Ecards – Happy Monday!

It is time! Time to put down whatever you are doing, time to choose a free animated ecard, and send it to someone…NOW! It takes only a few seconds, but will give your recipient countless seconds of joy.  These days we are hard pressed for time, and though we hate to admit it, most of us tend to only think of our friends when we are in the car, with nothing more to do than call them on our cell phones.  But as soon as we reach our destination, we end the conversation and forget about our friends until we get in the car again.  We don’t want to admit it, we say “nah, not me”, but this is the reality we live in. knows that everyone is in a time crunch, that no one has time to be inconvenienced in order to do something nice for someone else.  Which is why this website exists: to provide a quick and easy route to reach out to your friends, while entertaining everyone at the same time.  So go to the animated Friendship ecards on this website, choose the “Happy Monday” ecard (because sometimes every day feels like a Monday), have a good laugh and send it to your friend’s email inbox.  Nothing lost, but a whole lot gained, and a friendship maintained.