September 22, 2008

Knock! Knock!

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“Ho-Hum.”  It is just another day, another week, same job, same pay, and same commute.  It is time to give your coworkers a chuckle and liven up the place!  Go to and browse through the “Knock, Knock ecards” section.  There is a joke there for everyone, animated for their viewing pleasure!  And they are free to send!  Laugh your way through the “Knock, Knock” jokes, and email them to all of your coworkers.  It doesn’t take but a few seconds, so you won’t be slacking off at work.  There is even a McCain ecard

McCain Funny Ecard

McCain Funny Ecard

for your serious political coworker; once they open it on their computer, they will appreciate the disruption in their boring work day.  There are also “Happy Birthday” ecards in the “Knock, Knock” section, so look on your calendar and find out which co-worker’s birthday is next. Though you made need the laugh the most on this dreary work day, you are sure to get a kick out of just browsing through the “Knock, Knock” jokes at  And who knows, maybe you will get a “knock, knock” at your email inbox, from a coworker returning the favor! is here to make people smile! And it is FREE of course!

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