Saying Sorry Made Easy

Alas, you’ve done something to make your mother-in-law mad.  Of course, you’re not sure what you’ve done, or what you said, but your attempt to apologize over the phone has backfired on you and now your spouse is mad at you too.  What to do? Go to and send them both an animated ecard.  They will be bewildered at your creativity and thoughtfulness, and your ever thrifty spouse will be impressed at the FREE cost.  You can’t go wrong!  You can choose from the Sorry  ecards section and express your sincere apologies with a funny or thoughtful animated ecard.  And while you’re there, click on the Love You section and send another animated ecard to your spouse.  A sentiment like the “In Your Arms” ecard, will remind them that even though you do stupid things, you still love them.  Since it goes straight to their email inbox, they’ll be able to read it on their own time and have a good private laugh or cry, and they’ll have no choice but to forgive you.  Forgive you for what?  Well, remember, we’re not sure but the important part is you’ve made amends all with the help of a free animated ecard.  Trust us, your spouse will love that you’ve taken the time to apologize to them, but more importantly to their mom.  So let help you renew the family harmony!