Did you forget someones birthday?

Your day starts out like any other day; you are going about your routine, getting your coffee, heading to work, to the store, to the gym.  Someone happens to ask you what the date is and you tell them.  “Hmm, that’s funny” you think to yourself.  “The date sounds so familiar-AHH! It’s so-and-so’s Birthday!”  It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is; your mom, your spouse, your in-law, your uncle, your 4th grade teacher.  The bad news is you’ve forgotten their Birthday.  But there is good news!  You can fix this mistake with two shakes of any computer mouse.  It is free ecards to the rescue!  Just run to the nearest computer (any will do, just make sure that when you take over the receptionist’s computer at the gym that you are polite about it), go to www.gotfreecards.com, pick out a FREE animated card to send to the Birthday Boy or Girl, and email it that very moment!  Within seconds the Birthday recipient will receive the card to their inbox and have no choice but to smile at your creativity for ecard choice, and thoughtfulness for remembering their birthday.  And now happily you can go about the rest of your day, for knowingly bringing a smile to others makes you happy by association.  Gotfreecards.com has saved the day!