How do I make Christmas Photo Cards?

Christmas Photo Cards
Christmas Photo Cards

It’s become a tradition, in many families, to mail out Christmas cards with family photos attached to everyone on the gift list.  I have a niece, for example, who I’ve watched grow up, one year at a time, just through the yearly Christmas cards her parents send out.  Now, the tradition of sending photos to your family members along with your Christmas cards has gotten a whole lot easier, and a whole lot cheaper, too.

The first thing you need to do is point your Internet browser to the Got-Free-Ecards Christmas photo cards page.  On this page, you’re going to be faced with the first of several decisions: what size card do you want to create?  Currently, there are designs available in 5” x 5” and 8” x 4” sizes.  And within those sizes, there are several designs to choose from.  Just pick the one you like the best, and click on it.

On the next page, you’ll see a larger version of the card you’ve picked at the top of the screen.  Below that are options for customizing the font—including alignment, color, size and style—and on the left size of the screen there’s a list of step-by-step instructions for making your card (so even if you forget everything I tell you here, you’ll still be set!).

The first thing you’ll want to do is hover your mouse over the center of the stock photo on the card.  A button will appear, which reads, “Upload Photo.”  Click it, and you’ll be taken to an explorer window, of the contents of your computer.  Go through the contents of your computer, find the photo you want to upload, and click, “Open.”  The stock photo on the card should be replaced by your own personal photo.

Hover your mouse over the picture again.  Along the top edge of it, you’ll see three more icons: to zoom in or out on the image, or to flip it around in 90 degree increments.  And at the bottom of the picture, just below the “Upload Photo” icon, there’s a “Best Fit” icon.  Now, if you use either of the “Zoom” icons, you’ll be able to click and drag your photo across the screen.  Use this feature if you want to crop it in a specific manner.  Also, after using “Zoom,” an icon appears at the bottom of the picture, to the left of the “Best Fit” icon, that will allow you to automatically resize the photo to cover 100% of the screen.  And, if after all your own fooling around you’re still not happy with your own results, just click that “Best Fit” icon, and the picture will automatically resize to an optimal fit and position.

Now, if you want, you can leave the stock message—“Merry Christmas”—as it is.  Or, just click once, anywhere over the text, and you’ll be able to retype your own message.  Now, see the gray box above the text?  Click and drag there, to move your message anywhere on the screen.  And you can even change angle at which your message appears, by clicking and dragging the green colored curved arrow at the top and right of the text box.

Now it’s time to mess with all those text options at the bottom.  You can change the font color, the size, the formatting style (like bolding and underlining), and even the type of font itself.

If you’re satisfied with everything you see, then there’s only one thing left to do: click “Print.”

Not only is this whole process a lot more personalized than sending regular Christmas cards, it’s also less time consuming.  And, best of all, (if you ask me, anyway) it’s absolutely free!  So this Christmas, why not change up the tradition, and try Christmas photo cards