Photo Cards – Share a picture, send an ecard at the same time

I don’t know about you, but I sure miss picture post cards.

When I was growing up, thanks to my dad’s job, we traveled and moved a lot.

Somehow, I developed a fascination for picture post cards. I would collect postcards wherever we went and mail at least a few out to my close friends. The idea that by sending them a picture of the places I visited or lived in would somehow bring them closer – stuck with me.

I enjoy receiving postcards too. I love reading the little caption below the picture that describes the spot and love learning about the experiences my friends have had in that place.  Sadly, nobody sends picture post cards anymore. At least, nobody I know.

It’s so easy to call someone, text them or catch up over IM, Facebook or Twitter that picture postcards seem like too much work. Besides, who’s got the time, right?

But, there is something special about seeing a message accompanied by a photo from a loved one and for a moment – being transported to where they are, even if only in thought.

Since picture postcards started fading away, I think the closest thing to replace them are photo ecards. Like this one. Here, you can simply choose an ecard template, attach a picture you’ve just taken and send it instantly to your friends and family. In some ways, this is even better than picture postcards, because you get to send an actual picture of you from the place you are visiting and do it within seconds. So one minute you could be standing next to the Statue of Liberty and the next minute, your friends across the globe would have received your photo ecard! An ecard and a photo wrapped in one – what a cool way to send your summer vacation pictures to friends and family!

And don’t forget, Friendship Day is Aug 2nd. So, go ahead and send a photo card to your best friends no matter where they are.

If it’s a picture of you standing atop the Statue of Liberty, even better.

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