The Joy of Using Photo Cards

If you’ve ever sent someone a photo card before, you probably realize that it’s one of the most powerful ways to personalize your messages.  If you haven’t used photo cards, the good news is there’s not much you need to do to see how much more meaning your wishes take on just by adding a picture from your collection.

There’s something about a loved one’s picture that adds a whole new dimension to just about anything. From personalized photo totes to memory books, photo mugs and decorative plates to t-shirts, you can transform pretty much any gift to a memorable one by adding a picture to it – a picture of yourself and/or your family, your pet, your home or something that has special meaning to you and the recipient.

The best part of using photo cards from gotfreecards is that they cost you nothing, can be created at home and sent out in a flash. No hassles whatsoever!  Experience the joy of using photo cards today.

  • Simply visit our photo ecards selection
  • Choose and upload a picture from your computer (Or, pick one of ours that matches the occasion)
  • Customize the background, frame and music
  • Fill in the sender and recipient details and
  • SEND!
  • If you want a printable photo cards, just select the respective option, upload your photo, type in your message and print it out at home. Slip it into an envelope( if you want to) or paste it on the refrigerator or slide it under the pillow – however you choose to give it, you can be assured the recipients will be pleasantly surprised and delighted that you put the thought and effort into creating photo cards for them!

Photo cards can be used for party invitations, thank you notes, greeting cards and decorative posters.  They even make great wrappers for goodies and party favors.  Using a photo is sure to add special meaning to your cards and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Photo cards are likely to be cherished for a long time and less likely to end up in a pile of greeting cards that nobody opens and reads again.

If you have a birthday, party, graduation or special occasion coming up in your family, visit our collection of photo cards right away and you’ll see how infectious joy can be.

This Valentine’s Day – Fall in love…with yourself!

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for love!
If you have a shiny new 2010 calendar in front of you, the month of February no doubt looms large at you. The 14th stares back silently. You may not have circled it, but, everyone knows that every time your eyes fall on the calendar, you sort of draw a mental circle around the date. For some of us, it’s a pleasant reminder of the blessings we have in our lives. And an opportunity to do something nice for the ones we love. Be it sending Valentine’s Day ecards, flowers, planning an elaborate date or a romantic getaway. For others seeking passion and adventure, Valentine’s Day holds promise.
But if you’re one of those millions of hopeful people looking for that elusive thing they call love…what does Valentine’s day mean to you? If you still haven’t found the One or feel betrayed by past experiences, you are probably wary of giving it yet another shot. If you find yourself feeling unworthy of love or think that you’re probably not desirable enough – I have one word for you. Stop! Instead of beating yourself up for being alone or not being able to find the right person, think of Valentine’s Day as a chance to get to know yourself better and to do something nice …for YOU!
It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how much success you’ve had with relationships. Before you find that someone who loves you, you have to learn to love yourself. So, if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day( and even if you do), why not start with these simple steps to celebrating YOU –
1. Do what makes you happy. Pick a hobby or sport. Indulge. Make time to enjoy it. Invest in yourself. It’s not your looks, career, bank balance or real estate investments that define your worth but the quality of time you spend with yourself and with those around you. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t danced or painted in ages. If it makes you happy, you should make time for it. It’s as simple as that.
2. Travel. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to. Either by yourself or with a friend. Explore, experience and enjoy. Send your friends free photo ecards from wherever you are. Come back with pictures, memories, a journal and a rejuvenated spirit.
3. Join a class, club or group. A book club, writing group,marathon training session or sculpting class may help take your mind off some of the depressing, negative thoughts and help you realize the wonderful gifts you have.
4. Offer help. Whether you offer to care for your neighbor’s kids as she works her second shift or join a volunteer project in your community or tutor underprivileged kids – using your gifts and time to help someone is one of the surest ways to feel grateful and find a purpose, especially if you’re going through a bad patch in your own life. When you spread love around, you find that you’re surrounded by more of it.
5. Pamper yourself. Whether it’s a long-overdue spa visit, a luxurious massage session, an expensive dress you’ve wanted for months or a vacation you’ve been putting off – why wait until the perfect ‘One’ shows up to treat yourself to something special? Allow yourself the indulgences that you have earned and deserve to enjoy.
There you have it. Five simple ways to treat yourself to a beautiful Valentine’s Day, regardless of where you are in life. Each of these things is guaranteed to do one thing – help you learn more about yourself and appreciate your life. And, that is even better than having someone else say how great you are!

How to Make a Shopping List for Christmas Gifts

If you end up spending way too much time Christmas shopping and come home with stocking stuffers that nobody is kicked about, maybe it’s time to rethink the way you go about it.

This technique to make a shopping list has helped me find the perfect gifts for my friends and family and saved me hundreds of dollars every time. Maybe it will help you?

1. Settle down at your desk comfortably with a piece of paper and a pencil.

2. Make three columns.

3. In the first column create two sub- headings – Must buy, Want to buy.

4. Under the first category, write the names of your dearest loved ones whom you absolutely must buy gifts for. Parents, siblings, best friend, spouse, grandparents, aunts and uncles may fall in this category. Include the people you care about the most and whom you will definitely be meeting or sending gifts to.

5. Under Want to buy, include people you like and want to give something to – such as colleagues, professors, business associates, tennis partner, distant cousin, child’s teacher etc.

6. In the second column – against each name write down what you know about them which would help you find gifts for them. For example – Against Mom, you could write – enjoys decorating, likes good coffee, is a Michelle Obama fan etc. Against Uncle Stephen, you could write – needs to get his den organized, enjoys cigars, poker

7. In the third column – translate the items in the second column to actual gifts. For example, gift options for mom could be – a yearly subscription to a leading Home Décor magazine or a couple of bags of the finest coffee beans,  a book about Michelle Obama or a collection of the best interview clippings with the First Lady from leading magazines. For Uncle Stephen, the options could be – hire cleaning help to clean out and organize den or build or buy a storage shelf for his large book collection, personalized poker cards or a new poker table.

8. When you’ve done this for all the people in your list, you will see that for each person you will have two or three gift options to choose from. Now, select the options you like best. For some people, you could combine a couple of gifts. For others, you could choose just one. Some gifts, you can make and personalize – a book with Michelle Obama clippings for Mom, for example. Some gifts, you can order online.

9. Do the same with the second category of people. Remember to include gifts that are ‘free’ – such as your babysitting services, an offer to read to someone or to drive them somewhere, to help somebody out for a day etc.

10. When your list is complete, go back with a pen and circle the gift options you like best. Carry the list with you so that if you don’t find your first choice or if it’s beyond your budget, you can pick options two or three.

11. Once you’re done shopping for your first category or ‘Must Buy’ group, bring back the piece of paper and think about the second category of people. By this time, you ought to know how much you have spent already and how much more your budget will allow.

Depending on how comfortable your balance card looks, shortlist your second group further. You can either choose a handful of people from this group and buy them thoughtful gifts or cut back on the budget for each individual and buy all of them similarly priced gifts at a warehouse store or discount store. Be creative. Even if your budget doesn’t allow a gift for everyone, you could still send them Free Christmas Ecards or personalized photo ecards. Or give them a box of home made cookies. At a time when people are trying to cut corners and save every penny, gift certificates or gift cards to bakeries and coffee shops or gas cards would all be appreciated more than you can imagine.

Tip: If you’re completely clueless as to what to get somebody, the best way to find out is by talking to them. Just call them up, chat with them for a few minutes, ask what they have been up to, what their Christmas plans are and how they have been – and within a few minutes – you will have surely learnt something about them that will give you great gift ideas.

Happy Halloween With Photo Ecards

Spook your friends with photo ecards

Going trick or treating in a scary costume is not the only way to celebrate Halloween. Why reduce the occasion to just an evening of fun, when you can get into Halloween spirit (pun unintended) days, if not weeks, ahead.

Yep! Although it’s only October, it’s Halloween that officially sets us in holiday mood. Regardless of the status of your job, the economy, swine flu and other issues, celebrating occasions and holidays is a great way to keep yourself motivated and positive.

Everyone knows that Halloween customs were initially adopted as a way to scare away spirits that visited the earth. Whatever the true reasons may be and whatever version of the story you like to believe in, a little fun never harmed anyone. Besides, going trick or treating with our kids once a year may be the only opportunity for some us to even meet our neighbors.

The interesting thing about Halloween is, everybody expects you to be dressed in a costume on Halloween night. You expect to see ghosts and ghouls and witches and vampires at your doorstep on Oct 31. That anticipation shaves off a little bit of the fun associated with scary Halloween surprises. You open the door, you see a ghost, you smile and head for the candy tin. Where’s the fun? The element of shock? The surprise?

So this Halloween, try something different. How about a harmless prank played on your neighbor? (harmless being the operative word!) Maybe his newspaper disappears mysteriously a few days in a row and in its place he finds a …let’s see….a picture of a skull? Ok, maybe that’s lame, but you can definitely come up with something cleverer.

The point is to let the fun begin a few days ahead, in preparation for Halloween.

And one terrific way to do that is with Halloween Cards. Our selection of Halloween ecards are great for reminding people of the upcoming holiday and to send a little spook their way. But even better are free photo ecards or halloween printable cards. You can’t possibly make it to every costume party at your friends’, colleagues’ or relatives’ places. But you certainly can send a photo card with a picture of you in a costume to everyone. And for that, you don’t have to wait until Oct 31. You can start today. Simply get into a costume, get yourself photographed and you’re on your way to sending your friends and family a free Halloween photo ecard.

Try it. And let us know how your friends liked it.

Photo Cards – Share a picture, send an ecard at the same time

I don’t know about you, but I sure miss picture post cards.

When I was growing up, thanks to my dad’s job, we traveled and moved a lot.

Somehow, I developed a fascination for picture post cards. I would collect postcards wherever we went and mail at least a few out to my close friends. The idea that by sending them a picture of the places I visited or lived in would somehow bring them closer – stuck with me.

I enjoy receiving postcards too. I love reading the little caption below the picture that describes the spot and love learning about the experiences my friends have had in that place.  Sadly, nobody sends picture post cards anymore. At least, nobody I know.

It’s so easy to call someone, text them or catch up over IM, Facebook or Twitter that picture postcards seem like too much work. Besides, who’s got the time, right?

But, there is something special about seeing a message accompanied by a photo from a loved one and for a moment – being transported to where they are, even if only in thought.

Since picture postcards started fading away, I think the closest thing to replace them are photo ecards. Like this one. Here, you can simply choose an ecard template, attach a picture you’ve just taken and send it instantly to your friends and family. In some ways, this is even better than picture postcards, because you get to send an actual picture of you from the place you are visiting and do it within seconds. So one minute you could be standing next to the Statue of Liberty and the next minute, your friends across the globe would have received your photo ecard! An ecard and a photo wrapped in one – what a cool way to send your summer vacation pictures to friends and family!

And don’t forget, Friendship Day is Aug 2nd. So, go ahead and send a photo card to your best friends no matter where they are.

If it’s a picture of you standing atop the Statue of Liberty, even better.

Send a Free Photo Card now