The Joy of Using Photo Cards

If you’ve ever sent someone a photo card before, you probably realize that it’s one of the most powerful ways to personalize your messages.  If you haven’t used photo cards, the good news is there’s not much you need to do to see how much more meaning your wishes take on just by adding a picture from your collection.

There’s something about a loved one’s picture that adds a whole new dimension to just about anything. From personalized photo totes to memory books, photo mugs and decorative plates to t-shirts, you can transform pretty much any gift to a memorable one by adding a picture to it – a picture of yourself and/or your family, your pet, your home or something that has special meaning to you and the recipient.

The best part of using photo cards from gotfreecards is that they cost you nothing, can be created at home and sent out in a flash. No hassles whatsoever!  Experience the joy of using photo cards today.

  • Simply visit our photo ecards selection
  • Choose and upload a picture from your computer (Or, pick one of ours that matches the occasion)
  • Customize the background, frame and music
  • Fill in the sender and recipient details and
  • SEND!
  • If you want a printable photo cards, just select the respective option, upload your photo, type in your message and print it out at home. Slip it into an envelope( if you want to) or paste it on the refrigerator or slide it under the pillow – however you choose to give it, you can be assured the recipients will be pleasantly surprised and delighted that you put the thought and effort into creating photo cards for them!

Photo cards can be used for party invitations, thank you notes, greeting cards and decorative posters.  They even make great wrappers for goodies and party favors.  Using a photo is sure to add special meaning to your cards and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Photo cards are likely to be cherished for a long time and less likely to end up in a pile of greeting cards that nobody opens and reads again.

If you have a birthday, party, graduation or special occasion coming up in your family, visit our collection of photo cards right away and you’ll see how infectious joy can be.