Photo Cards

New Customizable Photo Cards!

We here at Got-Free-Ecards are constantly trying to improve the service we provide.  So many people have fallen in love with our free ecards and  free animated ecards, that we’re adding a brand new feature: totally interactive, completely customizable photo ecards, that you can print out at home, using your own printer!

Like most new things, though, even though this feature is incredibly easy to use, it may seem a little daunting to the first-time user.  But if you check out these handy, step-by-step instructions, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own homemade printable ecards.

And remember: like everything else here at Got-Free-Ecards, this feature is absolutely free, and there’s no registration necessary!

First, of course, you need to point your browser to the photo cards website.

    • Once there, you’ll see all the different categories of cards you can make, from simple Christmas and Birthday cards, to Thank you cards and everything in between.  Pick your occasion, and on the next screen, you’ll see a list of templates.  Pick your favorite design, and click on it to go to the template.
    • On the next screen, you’ll see your chosen design, along with a “dummy” photo, that you’ll be changing in just a minute to your very own photo.
    • If you rest your cursor anywhere on the image, you’ll see a list of options pop up.  You can choose to zoom in and out of your photo; you can rotate the image; and you can even click to choose the best fit for the space available.  For now, though, click the “Upload Photo” option.
    • A box exploring your computer will pop up on the screen.  Simply go through your files, choose the photo you want to work with, and click “Open.”
    • After the system is done loading, you should see your photo on the screen, in place of the dummy photo.  Now it’s time to zoom, rotate, and fit the photo, until it suits you just right.
    • Now, below your photo, you see the text box?  We have some pre-loaded messages, each of them holiday specific, but you can customize these, as well.  If you hover your mouse over the text box and hold down your mouse button, you can drag the text box anywhere you want it on the screen.
    • And if you click inside the text box, you can change the message itself.  Just delete and type!
    • Now it’s time to edit your font.  Using the options near the bottom of the screen, if you highlight your text, you can choose the font color, the style (as in bold or italics), and if you want the font itself to have left, right, center, or justified alignment.
    • Now, there’s one more important step: click print!  Yep, that’s right!  You’re done!