Printable Cards Famous Quotes

Say you’ve decided to make a free printable card, and you’ve gone through all the steps I’ve outlined in previous posts, but you just can’t figure out exactly what to say.  What do you do?  Let our Famous Quotes index help you. 

At the top of the homepage, right next to the “Printable Cards” button you looked at earlier, there’s a link for “Famous Quotes.”  If you click that button, you go to a page that is updated daily with famous quotes.  Feel free to use the current day’s update, or cycle back through the index to find something you like a little better.  

Once you find the one that’s just right for your printable card, highlight the text with your mouse, right click and then click “copy.”  Then, when you’re on the “add text” page for your printable card, right click again in the “add text” box and click “paste.”  And voila!  Your famous quote is inserted!

Sure, we can come up with our own words of wisdom, but sometimes it’s best to let the great minds of our time speak for us!