Printable cards how to add your photo

You’ve decided to make a free printable greeting card on  How exactly do you go about making a card with your own personal photos?  

First, go to and click on “Printable Cards” at the top of the page.  On the next page, click “Card with your own photo.”

To start, select, from the tabs in the middle of the page, whether you want to work with the cover or the interior of your card.  Then, click one of the two buttons to the right, depending upon where you want to begin: with adding text, or uploading photographs.  If you click on “Add text,” a box will appear, and all you need to do is type your message in that box.  From there, you can change things like font color and size, using the menu to the right, and by using the old click-and-drag method you can move the text box around to anywhere you want it on the page.  

When you’re done with the text, click the “Upload Photo” button, and a computer explorer menu will pop up.  Just go through your files, find the photo you want to use, and click, “open.”  After it loads, your picture will appear on the screen, and you can drag, drop and slide—just like with the text—to position it just the way you want.  

After that, just switch between the “interior” and “cover” tabs to finish the card, and when you’re done, click “print.”  That’s all there is to it.