How to Easily E-mail Birthday eCards


Birthdays are a great time for celebration, but they can also be quite the hassle, if you don’t happen to be the birthday boy or girl.  There are cakes to bake, parties to plan, and gifts to buy.  Not only that, but if you live too far away from that friend or family member who’s celebrating a birthday, you have to worry about paying postage the cards you mail; and once the card’s actually in the mail, there’s that several day period of nervously hoping that the card actually arrives—and on time.

No one can help you over the stress of baking the perfect birthday cake, but there is an easy solution to those birthday card jitters: free ecards.  Ecards come in all the same great styles you’re used to with store-bought cards, but with a few extra advantages.  The first advantage, of course, is right there in the name: they’re absolutely free—free to pick out, free to personalize, and free to send.  And secondly, ecards eliminate the need to call your friends and relatives to make sure they received your gift, because ecards arrive instantly, through e-mail.

In fact, with just a few easy steps, you won’t only be on your way to sending great birthday ecards, you’ll actually be finished with the whole process!

    • First thing’s first: point your browser to the got-free-ecards birthday cards page, or just click here.
    • This part’s the most fun: now you get to scroll through all the different designs, click on your favorite one to choose it.  You can scroll through your choices one of two ways: by clicking on the arrow to the right of the page, or by using the theme-oriented tabs at the top of the page.  Either way you do it, click on your favorite ecard design.
    • Click on “play” on the next screen, to get a full preview of the card you’ve selected.
    • Once the card has finished its animation, you’ll see an option at the bottom of the screen to personalize it with your own photos, or even your own recorded voice.  If this is the option for you, click the button and follow the easy on-screen directions.
    • We’re almost done!  Now that your card is personalized, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and fill in the recipient information: along with the birthday boy or girl’s name and e-mail address, you can add your personalized message to accompany the card.
    • The last step is to decide when—and how—you want your card sent.  You can choose to send the card immediately or, using the drop-down box at the bottom of page, pick a day up to a month in advance.  Then, using the buttons to the right, choose whether you want to e-mail your card, or send it by Twitter.

I could go on, but we’re finished!  It’s really that easy to send free birthday ecards to everyone on your list!

How to Create Your Own Printable Cards

If you have never sent a Printable Card before, we have good news for you. If you have been using the Printable Cards section on gotfreecards to wish your friends and family on special occasions, then we have even better news!

Introducing the new, improved, easier-to-use and better-to-view, personalized Printable Cards with photo.

If you want to send a Printable Card, here’s what you do.

1. From the several Printable Card themes available for the occasion of your choice, click on the one you like best.

2. Cover

Do you see the two tabs Cover and Inside? First, choose the Cover tab. (It is selected by default)

3. Image

· If you’re happy with the image there, leave it as it is. If not, you can rotate it, resize it, re-position it or delete it and replace it with an image from your computer.

· To resize the image – drag its corners. To rotate it – drag the curved, green arrow on the top right corner. To re-position the image, drag it to the position you want. To delete the image, click on the X on the top left.

· To upload a picture from your own computer, click on the Add Photo link on the right. Select the image you wish to upload. When the image is uploaded, it will appear in place of the default image. You can resize, re-position or rotate this image in the same way.

· Once you are happy with the image on the Cover, you could add text.

4. Adding Text

· Click on the Add Text link on the right. It opens up a Text Box.

· Type in your message. You can resize, re-position and rotate the text box just like the image.

· Choose the font, text size, alignment and text style from the options on the right. Add as many text boxes as you want and arrange them any way you like. So, there’s literally no limit to how creative you can get with your Printable Card.

5. Inside

· If you’re happy with the image and text on the Cover, move on to the Inside, by clicking on the Inside tab. If not, go back and make necessary changes.

· Upload an image from your computer, resize or rotate it, add text and customize it just as you did for the cover.

6. Printing Your Card

· You have two options. Choose Print on One Side, if you prefer a smaller sized card that is folded over twice. (The way you would fold a handkerchief) This is a compact printable card.

· If you prefer a larger card that has a single fold across its center, choose Print Front and Back. (This opens up like a magazine or newspaper.)

Personalize your Ecards, It only takes a minute!


Do you remember the last ecard you received? Probably not. If you do, then what specifically do you remember about it?

Chances are you remember it because it was personalized. With a note. Or the sender’s voice. Or picture. Or maybe all of those. Now, there’s no question that our free ecards are pretty cool by themselves. That’s why you send them! But what makes each of our ecards special is not what we put into it. It’s how you personalize it!

Follow these quick tips to personalize each and every ecard you send. It’s what makes the difference between another ecard and a message from your heart!

1. Add a personal note. Even if it’s just one line. Address the person you are sending the ecard to by name. Even something like ‘Have a wonderful year ahead’ or ‘I hope your birthday is as special as you are’, or ‘Lots of love and hugs from…’might suffice. Your personal note reflects your feelings or wishes and brings the ecard alive. 

2. Add a picture. We all have hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Digital pictures. So, why not share one with your ecard? Adding a picture instantly personalizes your ecard. A picture of you with your family. Or just one that reminds the recipient of you, the good times you shared or something funny. Whatever it is, it will only take a few seconds to add one, but it will bring more joy than you may realize. So, the next time you send an ecard, be sure to click on Add a photo! This feature is available with most of our ecards.

3. Add voice.  Remember the first time you were away from home or separated from a loved one? The first time you spoke over phone, you probably said to each other ‘It’s so good to hear your voice!’ The voice of a loved makes us feel better even when we’re across the globe. To use the Add voice feature available on many of our ecards, all you have to do is use your computer’s mic and sound recorder to record and store a short voice greeting, poem or song. Then simply attach it with your ecard to cheer up your loved one on his special day. Very few of you seem to be using this incredibly cool, yet simple feature. What’s keeping you? Let us know! 

We assure you, these three simple personalization steps will be completely worth it!

Free Ecards Add Photos offers a lot of free animated e-cards, but what if you want to personalize things a bit? 

            You can easily add photos to most e-cards on the site; and of course, it’s free.  Just go to, and pick your favorite card.

            After you click on the card and it’s finished loading, click “Play” to start the animation.  See in the bottom right-hand side of the card, where a button says, “Click to add photo and voice”?  You guessed it: click!

            You’ll be taken to a screen with a stock-photo near the top of the page, and below that there’s a button that says, “Upload Image.”  Yup: click it, too.

            After clicking through the user agreement, basically saying you agree not to do anything obscene or offensive to the person you’re sending the card to, you’re taken to a file-upload browser.  Just scan through your files and find the picture you want to use, and click “Open”.  You’re back on the main page now, and that stock photo will be replaced by the picture you’ve chosen.

            Then just proceed in the same way you would with any other card, by filling out the information for the person you’re sending the card to, at the bottom of the page.  When you’re done, you can click “Preview” to see your card.  Basically, the card will play, just as it normally would, but after the animation your chosen image will be displayed, as well.  And now, just click “Send,” and you’re done!