Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

We want to thank you, our READERS, for the support during the year and wish you very Happy Holidays! And if you are still looking for last minute Christmas Cards, we have many options listed below:

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Last minute Christmas ideas

“Yikes! Christmas is four days away and I haven’t done a thing!” shrieked my friend Lisa, the eternal procrastinator who always, always does things at the last minute.

Does that sound like you?

If you aren’t adequately prepared for Christmas, don’t panic! Before you rush into a crowded mall and return with yet another bag of useless, cheap or ridiculously expensive gifts, consider some of these tips I offered Lisa.

Create lasting memories with these last minute Christmas ideas

  1. Pick ONE store. Don’t just head out to the mall aimlessly. I guarantee you will waste a lot of time and energy and not have anything to show for it at the end of the day. Make your list and shop for everybody at the same store. This way, you won’t spend hours driving, looking for a parking spot, waiting in line or hauling stuff from one store to another or to your car. Do NOT forget your list. It’s ok to spend a couple of hours making your list if you have to. You’ll still save hours of clueless shopping.
  2. Shop Online. Think online gift cards. Let your friends and family get the things they really want. Sure, it is not personal or unique. But at least it’s better than an unwanted tie or a boring old scarf. Sometimes, it’s the gift that counts. Especially when there’s no thought behind your last minute gifts.
  3. Use your talent. Can you pen beautiful verses in a flash or sketch and paint amazing sceneries at the snap of a finger? What better gift could there possibly be than a framed poem written by you that adorns your sister’s desk or an amazing painting that will hang in your grandmother’s bedroom? Whether it is art, writing, singing, photography or stand-up comedy that you’re good at, think of a way to turn that into a Christmas gift.
  4. Win hearts with a hearty meal. If you can whip up a gourmet meal, or even a reasonably good one, it constitutes a wonderful gift. After all, holidays are a time to enjoy good food and great company. Provide both and you won’t have to worry so much about not getting Uncle Harry those cuff links. Alternatively, get gift certificates to a great restaurant or a new coffee shop so everyone can enjoy time together.
  5. Donate towards a cause. If you or a loved one supports a worthy cause, donating to it in that loved one’s name is the best gift imaginable. It makes the recipient happy, benefits the cause and makes you feel good, not guilty, about your last minute choice.
  6. Send Christmas e cards. This one’s a breeze. Spend a few minutes to select free Christmas ecards for friends and family. Upload pictures from your computer to personalize your photo ecards and you can also try out our free printable Christmas Cards. And . spread smiles and love just like that.After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? As for me, I just hope Lisa doesn’t give me another scarf this year.