Christmas Unforgettable Holidays

Free Christmas Ecards

Free Christmas Ecards

The most memorable Christmases aren’t the ones where we get the the shiniest jewelry or the most expensive video games.  The memorable Holiday seasons are those marked by truly unforgettable events.

Case in point: when I was eleven years old, my family decided to shell out some cash for a real tree, rather than use the old plastic one.  Dad and I drove to a Christmas Tree farm, chose the biggest, most expensive tree, and took it home. The whole family had a wonderful evening, securing the tree, stringing up the lights, and then attaching ornaments. 

We all went to bed on Christmas Eve night, and I had just fallen asleep when a loud crashing sound jerked me back awake.  My first thought: Santa hadn’t turned the lights on, and was fumbling around in the darkness downstairs.  Then I heard a “meow” and I knew the true source of the disturbance.

I rushed downstairs, following closely my parents, and what we see in the living room is our beautiful, expensive tree, lying on its side, ornaments scattered about and broken, and our gray tabby cat, Bully, sitting in the middle of the whole mess, with a “What’d I do?” look on his face.

Had I been making animated christmas ecards for back then, I would have immortalized the event in a free e-card.  Even still, it’s not something I’m ever likely to forget.  

The next year, we went back to the plastic Christmas Tree, and we never looked back.

Christmas Tree Shopping

Free Christmas Ecards

Free Christmas Ecards

My family has a fake Christmas Tree. I am not a fan. It doesn’t smell good, it is prickly to touch, and each branch has to be fluffed and primped and twisted to make it look like a real tree. And then when it is time to pack it up in January, each branch has to be smoothed down and folded up, and there are like 500 of them. But our fake tree has its pluses too: it cost us barely nothing as we got it at an after Christmas sale 3 years ago, it can be put up whenever we want, it fits into a box that is easy to store, and it doesn’t shed.


Our kids’ pediatrician made us get it because she says it is safer for the little ones, and I appreciate that, but I still miss going out to get our tree.

I remember a season when we went Christmas Tree shopping, and spent hours looking for the perfect tree. The tree we always ended up with was nothing to write home about, but once we adorned it with lights, ornaments, and candy canes, it immediately became a part of our home, a part of our Christmas celebrations. It was perfect because it was the one we chose, even if it was bare on one side and had a family of squirrels living in it.

For now, our fake tree is the perfect tree for our family. Christmas Tree shopping is a tradition I will share with my kids when they are older. But today, I will send my husband the free Christmas ecard “Perfect Tree” as a little reminder of the tradition we used to share. What are your Christmas Tree traditions?