New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Ecards

New Years Ecards


New Year’s Day isn’t quite the hallowed holiday as some others throughout the year are.  Unlike Christmas, there isn’t a great feeling of peace and joy hanging in the air.  Unlike Thanksgiving, New Year’s doesn’t mean cooking a great meal and reconnecting with friends and loved ones we don’t normally get to spend much time with.

           New Year’s does, though, have its share of traditions.  There’s the ceremonial midnight toast, the tradition of kissing the person next to you just as the clock strikes midnight, and, of course, making resolutions.

           What’s funny about New Year’s resolutions is that we mostly known that the lofty goals we set for ourselves—quitting smoking, losing fifty pounds, etc.—are ones we will give up on within the first month or so.  Still, though, it’s fun, and more than a little empowering, to set them in the first place.

           Something my friends and I have started doing, though, is to set goals for the new year that are so ridiculously conceived and easy to achieve, we do it for the sake of the joke, more so than anything else.  Last year, a friend of mine resolved to not eat French Fries on Tuesday—a goal which she has kept (or so she says).  And I resolved to always make sure my shoes were tied when I put them on, rather than just slip them on and dash out the door—a goal which I have not been able to keep.

          However you celebrate or commemorate this New Year’s holiday—whether it be a gathering with friends, or sending free animated e-cards from, just be sure to stay safe, have fun, and set reasonable goals.