December 16, 2009

5 Reasons to Send Holiday e-cards

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People ask me, “Why send holiday e-cards?” Their argument is that they buy gifts for everybody anyway. And maybe even greeting cards. They spend the holidays with immediate and at times, extended families. So, why bother sending free ecards?

Point taken.

When you go through the trouble of buying gifts, wrapping them, traveling long distances to spend time with family or making elaborate preparations to entertain at home, why would you also send holiday e-cards? It may not make sense.

But here’s why I think sending holiday e-cards is important, even when you have bought the coolest gifts in the market.

  1. It gives you a chance to be yourself. Whether you want to share a private joke with your spouse, tease a cousin, flirt with a colleague or just express your appreciation for your parents or a relative, ecards let you do it in your own way. Unlike the act of opening presents, people check email in privacy. Nobody’s watching what they got or how they react. You don’t have to worry about what others got them or if they like your ecard. You just say what you want to and leave the rest to them. Invariably, a holiday e card is bound to make the recipient smile. The simple fact that you thought about him or her, and took the time to send an ecard makes a difference.
  2. You send a part of you. Ecards are personal. Or at least, should be. When you send an ecard, you have the option of writing your own personal message, adding a photo of your choice and including a voice message. With a photo ecard, you send the equivalent of a family picture postcard. Take advantage of these features and personalize your holiday e cards as best as you can. That makes all the difference.
  3. People revisit ecards long after the holidays are over. Once a present is opened, you don’t rewrap it and open it again in a few days. But I know people who come back to their email and view their favorite ecards over and over again. They like to read the message, listen to the music or the audio message, look at the animations or simply experience the ecard all over again. When you spend a few minutes to select and send the perfect ecard, the recipient appreciates it for a long time.
  4. You can’t go wrong with the delivery. Let’s face it. The greeting card you take hours to choose at the store, spend hard-earned cash on, painstakingly write in, seal and send – doesn’t always reach the recipient. On time. Postal mail delivery delays and lost holiday cards are a fact of life. But when you schedule a holiday
    to be delivered to your loved ones on a certain date, they’re delivered to their inbox on that date. No later. They don’t accidentally end up in the neighbor’s mail or get opened by mail thieves. If you address an ecard to someone, that someone receives it.  On time.
  5. Ecards reinforce your bond. Whether it’s a friend, a relative, sibling, spouse, coworker or even someone you don’t like very much, an ecard helps strengthen your bond and brings you closer for many reasons. As stated earlier, because it is personal and reflects your style, and because it can be viewed several times, an ecard does more than just greet someone during the holidays. It tells them that you care about them and that you thought about them. Ecards are perfect for sending to people you are already close to and also for people you want to break the ice with. They’re great for making up, apologizing, forgiving or simply expressing your love and affection for someone. And that definitely makes a difference.

Why do you send holiday e cards? Share your thoughts.

December 10, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Ecards

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by Rupa

It’s December. Which means, everywhere you look, you will probably find tips and tricks to land great bargains and save on Christmas shopping. So I’m going to skip the routine and jump straight into something that you can’t put a price on – and yet which is completely free – the smile on someone’s face.  And one of the easiest ways to spread joy and smiles is to send a free ecard. Here are 5 of my favorite Christmas ecards. Hope you find one you like and do let me know which your favorites are.

  1. Get in shape for Christmas Holidays usually cause people to gain pounds and part with $$. And let’s face it – we all wish it was the other way round. This free Christmas ecard featuring Santa and his elves at the gym lightens up your mood and is sure to make you smile. The image of Santa burning calories at the tread mill ought to be motivation enough for anyone wanting to lose weight before Christmas. If nothing else, this is a great, fun ecard to send to your friends a few weeks before the holidays.
  2. Snow Couple Whether it’s white Christmas you wish for or just a great holiday with friends and family, this simple ecard says it all – May Your Christmas Wishes Comes True. And it doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.
  3. Peace and Love An ecard featuring two graceful doves perched atop a branch, gently swaying to the tune of Silent Night, on what appears to be a gorgeous, peaceful night – this is one ecard that you can send to pretty much anyone who appreciates the true spirit of the holidays.
  4. Christmas Lights Can being in love cut down your Christmas bills? Apparently. Some may call this corny, but I think this is a sweet ecard to send to the love of your life.
  5. What I love the Most About Christmas This is another nice ecard to send to your husband or boyfriend, just appreciating the fact that you have each other and recognizing that that’s the most important part of any holiday or celebration.

So there you have it. My top 5 Christmas Ecard picks. Now, over to you. What are some of your favorites?

December 8, 2009

The History of Christmas Greeting Cards

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Every holiday has traditions attached to it.  From trick-or-treating on Halloween, to eating a great meal on Thanksgiving, there seems to be a tradition for every special day of the year.  Christmas is only different, in that there are so many traditions associated with it.  One of the most popular Christmas traditions is sending greeting cards.  Like all holiday traditions, though, greeting cards themselves have a long history.

We’ve reached the point in technology where free animated ecards allow us to send and receive high-quality cards without spending any many.  But this innovation is a fairly recent one.  In fact, greeting cards came into being as a result of the shrew business acumen of a British man named Sir Henry Cole—and his entire aim was to get money!

Cole was instrumental, in the 1840s, in helping create what became known as the Penny Post.  With the Penny Post, people could mail as many letters as they wanted, all over the country, for only a penny each.  This cheap alternative to more expensive mailing services was an instant hit.  Cole knew his new system would be successful from the beginning, though, and he was planning, the entire time, to unveil something new to generate more revenue from his Penny Post.  And a few years later, he did: the first official commercial Christmas card.  Costing only a penny each to mail, the initial print run of over two thousand cards sold out within a year!

Later on in the 1800s, a more related precursor to free ecards came about: home-made cards.  Commercial cards were relatively cheap, sure, but many English citizens were so poor they couldn’t even afford to buy the cards themselves; and so they started creating them at home, using everything from old pieces of fabric, to scrap paper.  Still others, who could have afforded to purchase cards, went the home-made route for a different reason: they were protesting what they saw to be the over-commercialization of Christmas.  For many of England’s upper class, making home-made cards was a way to keep Christmas pure.

Chain stores were of course next on the innovation list, and many of those stores we still have around today: those places that take up large chunks of our area shopping malls, and who specialize in selling greeting cards for all occasions.  The early 1990s brought the first greeting card computer software, too: this software allowed users (who purchased it for a high cost, of course) to create professional-grade greeting cards at home, on their own personal computers.

The biggest innovation in the history of greetings is, of course, free ecards.  As simple a process as it is, and always has been, to purchase a card from a store and mail it, it’s even easier to pick out your own favorite free Christmas ecards and send them electronically, instantly.  Best of all, they’re completely free.

Christmas Ecards: A Few of my Favorites

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by Josh

Christmas is coming up pretty soon, which means the pressure’s on to finish all your shopping.  You probably already have decided to send some free Christmas ecards, but with so many to choose from, you may be having a hard time narrowing it down.  Let me tell you a little about some of my favorite Christmas ecards, and maybe I can help your decision-making process.

Sunny Christmas Ecard

This card starts with a brisk, wintery scene…and then the image pans back to show that we’re really looking at a toy snow globe, and the weather on this exotic beach—where the action actually takes place—is quite nice.  I like this card a lot, because it speaks to two very important truths about me: I love Christmas, and I hate cold weather!

The Christmas List Ecard

This card delivers some welcome news: the markets are rebounding!  Hurray!  But the reason?  Santa’s reviewed your Christmas list, and coal producers are expecting record gains.  I know a few people who barely manage to stay off Santa’s naughty list, so this card is great for them—and for any pranksters and trouble makers you might know!

Crossing Guard Santa

This one is pretty cute.  Here, a school crossing guard ducks from his duties, and steals a quick nap on a bench.  As he sleeps, snow starts to fall, covering him.  And by the time he wakes up, he looks pretty indistinguishable from Santa himself!  Know someone with a good heart who could fill Santa’s job if the big man ever needed a break?  Then this is the card for you!

Golfing Christmas Ecard

When Santa’s not busy working at the toy factory or delivering gifts, he gets the reindeer to take him out to the greens, so he can enjoy a good round of golf!  My brother-in-love loves golf, and I know he’ll laugh himself silly when he sees this card.

Merry Christmas Sweetheart

Finally, here we the perfect card for one lovebird to another.  The message here says that yes, gifts and Christmas lights and things like that are nice, but the best part of Christmas is…waking up next to someone you love!

So those are some of my favorite free Christmas ecards.  I hope you like them, too.  And if not, you should still feel free to browse through all the different designs to the perfect one (or ones!).  After all, like I said earlier, there are tons to choose from!

December 3, 2009

How to Make a Shopping List for Christmas Gifts

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If you end up spending way too much time Christmas shopping and come home with stocking stuffers that nobody is kicked about, maybe it’s time to rethink the way you go about it.

This technique to make a shopping list has helped me find the perfect gifts for my friends and family and saved me hundreds of dollars every time. Maybe it will help you?

1. Settle down at your desk comfortably with a piece of paper and a pencil.

2. Make three columns.

3. In the first column create two sub- headings – Must buy, Want to buy.

4. Under the first category, write the names of your dearest loved ones whom you absolutely must buy gifts for. Parents, siblings, best friend, spouse, grandparents, aunts and uncles may fall in this category. Include the people you care about the most and whom you will definitely be meeting or sending gifts to.

5. Under Want to buy, include people you like and want to give something to – such as colleagues, professors, business associates, tennis partner, distant cousin, child’s teacher etc.

6. In the second column – against each name write down what you know about them which would help you find gifts for them. For example – Against Mom, you could write – enjoys decorating, likes good coffee, is a Michelle Obama fan etc. Against Uncle Stephen, you could write – needs to get his den organized, enjoys cigars, poker

7. In the third column – translate the items in the second column to actual gifts. For example, gift options for mom could be – a yearly subscription to a leading Home Décor magazine or a couple of bags of the finest coffee beans,  a book about Michelle Obama or a collection of the best interview clippings with the First Lady from leading magazines. For Uncle Stephen, the options could be – hire cleaning help to clean out and organize den or build or buy a storage shelf for his large book collection, personalized poker cards or a new poker table.

8. When you’ve done this for all the people in your list, you will see that for each person you will have two or three gift options to choose from. Now, select the options you like best. For some people, you could combine a couple of gifts. For others, you could choose just one. Some gifts, you can make and personalize – a book with Michelle Obama clippings for Mom, for example. Some gifts, you can order online.

9. Do the same with the second category of people. Remember to include gifts that are ‘free’ – such as your babysitting services, an offer to read to someone or to drive them somewhere, to help somebody out for a day etc.

10. When your list is complete, go back with a pen and circle the gift options you like best. Carry the list with you so that if you don’t find your first choice or if it’s beyond your budget, you can pick options two or three.

11. Once you’re done shopping for your first category or ‘Must Buy’ group, bring back the piece of paper and think about the second category of people. By this time, you ought to know how much you have spent already and how much more your budget will allow.

Depending on how comfortable your balance card looks, shortlist your second group further. You can either choose a handful of people from this group and buy them thoughtful gifts or cut back on the budget for each individual and buy all of them similarly priced gifts at a warehouse store or discount store. Be creative. Even if your budget doesn’t allow a gift for everyone, you could still send them Free Christmas Ecards or personalized photo ecards. Or give them a box of home made cookies. At a time when people are trying to cut corners and save every penny, gift certificates or gift cards to bakeries and coffee shops or gas cards would all be appreciated more than you can imagine.

Tip: If you’re completely clueless as to what to get somebody, the best way to find out is by talking to them. Just call them up, chat with them for a few minutes, ask what they have been up to, what their Christmas plans are and how they have been – and within a few minutes – you will have surely learnt something about them that will give you great gift ideas.

December 2, 2009

Christmas Gifts – Sometimes, Less is More

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Somebody please tell me, when did December creep up on me? My “to do” list says it’s time for a Christmas post and I can’t believe it’s just a few weeks away.

Some of us are probably not done with Thanksgiving leftovers yet….how could it be time for Christmas already?

So, if you’re grabbing your coat and bag to rush out to the mall to find the coolest bargains before they’re gone, wait. These tips could save you lots of time and some hard-earned money.

  • Never buy gifts for people because you have to. If someone is not really very close to you, then why waste time and energy trying to find an inexpensive gift for them that they will probably not use anyway? Too many of us fall into this trap of buying something, because it’s supposed to be better than nothing. I have news for you – it’s not. Unless you really know someone well, know what they might like, feel a special bond and really want to buy a gift for them – don’t. You’d be better off taking them out for coffee or simply wishing them a Merry Christmas in the hallway or the street. They’re more likely to remember and appreciate THAT than a pair of re-wrapped socks.
  • Always make a list and stick to it. Never head out to the mall without a list. It’s one of the most dangerous places to be in as far as your wallet is concerned. One minute you will be going in counting a handful of things you need to buy and 6 hours later you will be walking out with a dozen bags in each hand without a clue as to what hit you. You’ll find more tips on how to make a good shopping list that saves you time and money in the next post.
  • Buy bulk gifts whenever possible. Visit warehouse stores and find bargains on items such as stationary, books, clothes and other items. With one such bulk pack, you could strike off two or three people off your gift list.
  • Use Coupons. Do not throw away the flyers and coupons you receive in your mail, in magazines and newspapers. Clip them and save them. Even if you don’t find anything you like, you could always trade it with someone else who may be looking for those items. A book of neatly organized coupons in itself would make a good gift for a savvy shopper in your family.
  • Do not underestimate the value of FREE! Many of us don’t realize that some of the best gifts are still free. For something to be valuable, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Your time, for example is one of the best gifts there is. There are so many different ways you could use it to make someone else’s day better. You could offer to baby-sit your friend’s or sister’s kids for a few hours. For free. You could spend an hour reading to your nieces and nephews or to your kid’s class. For free. You could drive up to see your grandma in the senior center and spend an entire day with her. Or just take a day off and surprise your spouse, friend or mom at work, take them out to lunch or for a walk. The consumer culture we have all been subjected to has led us to forget the incredible value of free gifts that mean a whole lot more than a shopping bag full of unwanted clutter.

And on the same note- guess what else is completely free, creates no clutter and makes your loved ones smile even before they open it?

Free Christmas Ecards.  And, we’ve got plenty of those here.

Have a great Holiday Season!

November 29, 2009

Christmas around the world

If you stared out of your window and saw that it was a bright sunny afternoon and a perfect day for hitting the beach in your shorts – would you believe it was Christmas?

If you live in the United States, probably not. But in Australia and other places in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas actually falls in summer when temperatures approach 100 F! So, Christmas in these places, is celebrated outdoors with picnics, beach parties and candlelight carol singing under the stars.

Find that strange?

Then, take this quiz to see how much you know about Christmas traditions and facts about the holiday and how it is celebrated in other countries.

  1. If you were eating rice pudding with a hidden magic almond in it and were leaving out a bowl of pudding for an elf called Nisse so he wouldn’t play too many practical jokes on Christmas, where would you be living?
  2. If your kids are impatient to open their presents, tell them about the country where children actually wait until Janurary 6th to open them. It’s the same country, where the evil witch Befana is said to leave coal instead of presents for the naughty kids and where people gather at noon on Christmas to hear the Pope offer his prayers and blessings.
  3. Christmas in this country is marked by the arrival of the Christ child Christkindli, a veiled angle who brings gifts. As she enters each house and begins handing out gifts, tree candles are lit. The holiday season in this beautiful country is incomplete without the sternsingers or star singers, who dress up as the three kings and parade down streets singing Christmas carols.
  4. Christmas celebrations start early in this country, on Dec 1st or even earlier. On Dec 5th, children leave a boot or shoe outside their homes and the following day, which is St. Nicolaus day, they find in it either presents or a rod depending on how nice or naughty they had been. An advent wreath is laid out flat on a table and a candle is lit each Sunday in December. Three candles are lit in this way and the fourth and last candle is lit on Christmas eve, thus helping kids keep track of the days remaining until the holiday.
  5. Where would you be if you were mummering? What’s that you ask? Well, it’s a custom in this country where people put on masks and act out Christmas plays. Their celebrations begin with attending the midnight mass. The Christmas feast, besides including at least two roasted meats, a variety of vegetables and roasted potatoes, is wrapped up with Christmas pudding, mince pies and a Christmas cake that is prepared a couple of months ahead! The day after Christmas is celebrated as Boxing Day, referring to the custom of opening church alms boxes and distributing the contents to the needy.


How did you do on your Christmas Quiz? Are there any special Christmas customs or traditions your family follows? Tell us!

Answers :  1. Denmark, 2.Italy 3. Switzerland 4. Germany 5. England

December 22, 2008

Home for Christmas

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Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

When I was a kid, I remember spending Christmas Eve with my Dad’s family and Christmas Day with my Mom’s family. I thought that that was how it always was, and that is how it always will be. But when I started a family of my own, trying to see everyone important to us became more about driving to the next destination than it did about spending time with our loved ones.


To alleviate this stress, my in-laws began having Christmas one week early. That way, everyone was able to hang out together and celebrate all day long, instead of watching the clock. And I was able to enjoy my extended family on Christmas without trying to split the day up between them and my husband’s family. But when we started having kids, it all changed and everyone wanted to see the kids on Christmas so we were back to square one.

But this year it is going to be different. My husband and I have decided that Christmas is going to be at our house, celebrated with just our immediate foursome, and if anyone wants to see us, they will have to come to us! We will be saving on gas, on stress, and saving time as we enjoy our family in front of the Christmas Tree. And for those whom we will not be seeing, I am going to send them all FREE ecards from There are so many choices for Holiday Greetings ecards, that there is something for everyone. This Christmas is going to be easy, and I have GotFreeCards to thank!

Christmas last minute gifts or ecards

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Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

I got an email today from one of those on-line-calendars: “Holiday reminder for Thursday December 25th.” Hmm…what could that be? If you could see my house you’d know that I really, REALLY, don’t need a reminder for this mysterious holiday coming up next Thursday. Next Thursday?!? I cannot believe that Christmas is so close. And before I know it, it will be time to put away my fake tree, take down the lights strung up outside, put away my stash of Holiday wrapping paper and pretty bows, and find a place for my family’s new treasures we received this holiday.


But let’s not think about that yet! There is still time to find last minute gifts at great prices, time to hang up those Christmas lights still snug in the box in the garage, time to go out and get that good smelling tree, time to drink some eggnog, and time to visit Santa at the mall. And there is always ample time to send out your Christmas ecards right here at So when people start reminding you that Christmas is next week, just nod and smile and say “I can’t wait!” and rest assured that you will get everything done that you need to, especially when you have GotFreeCards here to help you send out your “must-have” Christmas ecards!

Christmas Cards on Sale

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Christmas Ecards

Christmas Ecards

I went to a book store last week, to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, and I had to smile at this display of Christmas cards, situated right at the front of the store. 

            I go to this book store often to get coffee in their café and use their Internet connection, and so I remember seeing those Christmas cards, for the first time, several weeks ago.  At that time, probably the beginning of November or close to it, the cards were priced at full retail: close to twenty dollars for a box of fifteen, if I remember correctly.  I remember shaking my head and thinking, People would be crazy to pay that much for cards.

            A couple of weeks later, all the boxes of cards had sale stickers on them, which read: “ONLY $15!”  It was a discount, sure; but ten dollars?  For a box of Christmas cards?  And a couple of weeks later, they had been reduced again, down to ten dollars a box.  And then this past week, during my last-minute Christmas shopping, the cards were bargain-basement priced: three dollars a box.  And people were picking through them like crazy. 

            That’s a decent price, to be sure, but it just made me think: all the silly little things that we spend money on, that we really don’t have to…it’s ludicrous.  Why, for example, would people leap at the chance to buy these Christmas cards for even three dollars a box, with only fifteen cards per box, when they could get ecards for free, on gotfreecards,com, and send as many as they like?

            I suppose there’s always going to be a market for people willing to spend money on things they don’t need, but still…

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