My Favorite Christmas Ecards

by Rupa

It’s December. Which means, everywhere you look, you will probably find tips and tricks to land great bargains and save on Christmas shopping. So I’m going to skip the routine and jump straight into something that you can’t put a price on – and yet which is completely free – the smile on someone’s face.  And one of the easiest ways to spread joy and smiles is to send a free ecard. Here are 5 of my favorite Christmas ecards. Hope you find one you like and do let me know which your favorites are.

  1. Get in shape for Christmas Holidays usually cause people to gain pounds and part with $$. And let’s face it – we all wish it was the other way round. This free Christmas ecard featuring Santa and his elves at the gym lightens up your mood and is sure to make you smile. The image of Santa burning calories at the tread mill ought to be motivation enough for anyone wanting to lose weight before Christmas. If nothing else, this is a great, fun ecard to send to your friends a few weeks before the holidays.
  2. Snow Couple Whether it’s white Christmas you wish for or just a great holiday with friends and family, this simple ecard says it all – May Your Christmas Wishes Comes True. And it doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.
  3. Peace and Love An ecard featuring two graceful doves perched atop a branch, gently swaying to the tune of Silent Night, on what appears to be a gorgeous, peaceful night – this is one ecard that you can send to pretty much anyone who appreciates the true spirit of the holidays.
  4. Christmas Lights Can being in love cut down your Christmas bills? Apparently. Some may call this corny, but I think this is a sweet ecard to send to the love of your life.
  5. What I love the Most About Christmas This is another nice ecard to send to your husband or boyfriend, just appreciating the fact that you have each other and recognizing that that’s the most important part of any holiday or celebration.

So there you have it. My top 5 Christmas Ecard picks. Now, over to you. What are some of your favorites?