Christmas Ecards: A Few of my Favorites

by Josh

Christmas is coming up pretty soon, which means the pressure’s on to finish all your shopping.  You probably already have decided to send some free Christmas ecards, but with so many to choose from, you may be having a hard time narrowing it down.  Let me tell you a little about some of my favorite Christmas ecards, and maybe I can help your decision-making process.

Sunny Christmas Ecard

This card starts with a brisk, wintery scene…and then the image pans back to show that we’re really looking at a toy snow globe, and the weather on this exotic beach—where the action actually takes place—is quite nice.  I like this card a lot, because it speaks to two very important truths about me: I love Christmas, and I hate cold weather!

The Christmas List Ecard

This card delivers some welcome news: the markets are rebounding!  Hurray!  But the reason?  Santa’s reviewed your Christmas list, and coal producers are expecting record gains.  I know a few people who barely manage to stay off Santa’s naughty list, so this card is great for them—and for any pranksters and trouble makers you might know!

Crossing Guard Santa

This one is pretty cute.  Here, a school crossing guard ducks from his duties, and steals a quick nap on a bench.  As he sleeps, snow starts to fall, covering him.  And by the time he wakes up, he looks pretty indistinguishable from Santa himself!  Know someone with a good heart who could fill Santa’s job if the big man ever needed a break?  Then this is the card for you!

Golfing Christmas Ecard

When Santa’s not busy working at the toy factory or delivering gifts, he gets the reindeer to take him out to the greens, so he can enjoy a good round of golf!  My brother-in-love loves golf, and I know he’ll laugh himself silly when he sees this card.

Merry Christmas Sweetheart

Finally, here we the perfect card for one lovebird to another.  The message here says that yes, gifts and Christmas lights and things like that are nice, but the best part of Christmas is…waking up next to someone you love!

So those are some of my favorite free Christmas ecards.  I hope you like them, too.  And if not, you should still feel free to browse through all the different designs to the perfect one (or ones!).  After all, like I said earlier, there are tons to choose from!