The Joys of Gift Giving

Everybody loves getting gifts.  Christmas, birthdays…whatever the occasion, we all love seeing packages with our names written on them, seemingly taunting us from where they sit on the other side of the room, or underneath a Christmas tree.  In fact, you could almost say that getting presents is the greatest of life’s joys. You could almost say that, because truly the biggest joy is giving gifts to others.

Giving gifts to those we care about isn’t just about filling an empty spot in their kitchen with a new toaster.  No, things like ecards don’t just exist to give our friends and family members a few chuckles.  Gift giving is all about injecting a little bit more meaning into your own life.

Everyone hears that it’s better to give than to receive, and most of us just hear that statement and kind of roll our eyes.  But it’s a true statement, nonetheless.  The evidence is certainly there.  Getting a new gaming system on Christmas makes for a good memory, sure; but finally being able to give your fiancé an engagement ring creates a great memory.  And twenty years from now, which day will you remember more fondly: you day you bought your first car, or the day you gave your daughter some money to help her buy her first car?  What I’m getting at is that when we are able to help the people we care about achieve happiness, our own joy is a greater, more meaningful feeling than any other in the world.

That’s why we need to make sure to remember our friends and loved ones on their birthdays and on holiday.  Not because the gift you give your son will make him happy, but because being able to give it to him makes you happy, as well.

And we’re not talking about flashy expensive gifts, either.  Something more personalized, with little to no cost attached, does the trick just as well—and even better, really.  Printable birthday cards or free birthday ecards for example, give everyone involved the great joy of gift giving, without putting a big hit in your wallet.  Plus, when you take the time to make a personalized gift, the value of the gift surpasses any sort of monetary value.

Birthdays and holidays are times for togetherness, and they’re times to spread joy around to those we love and care about.  Just remember—giving someone a gift on their birthday brings you just as much joy as it brings them.