Birthday History

Ever wonder why we celebrate birthdays?  I did, too, and so I did some research, and what I found is pretty interesting.

            Celebrating birthdays, like many contemporary traditions, has its roots in Christian customs.  Centuries and Centuries ago, after human beings figured out how to follow lunar cycles, it wasn’t long before the first calendar, as we would recognize it, was developed. 

            Shortly thereafter, early Christians, who regularly struggled with pagans and those of other faiths for dominance in the societal limelight, got it in their heads that on the anniversary of a person’s birth, the pagans would send evil spirits to torment that person. 

            The solution, which probably made some sort of sense at the time, was to throw a huge party, in the birthday boy or girl’s honor, in the hopes that all the positive energy and good-will would drive away the evil spirits.

            Whatever their reasons were, I’m just glad that birthday celebrations have developed into what they are today; and I’m certainly glad I don’t have to worry about demons getting me on my birthday, too.  Remembering to write all those Thank-You cards is enough trouble!