Get well soon ecards

A few years ago, I came down with a horrible flu-like bug, and while I called off work and went to the doctor, I didn’t think to call any of my friends or family.

A week later, after feeling better, I went to a little coffee shop where my friends and I congregated.  When they asked why they hadn’t seen me in a week, and I told them how sick I’d been, there was shock all around—my friends had assumed that I just decided to shut myself off for a while.  But finding out that the real reason I was gone, everyone felt badly about not calling, and not coming to visit me.  I laughed it off, said it was no big deal, and the whole matter was forgotten.

Months later, I got bronchitis, and I was out of commission for a couple of days.  This time, you had to stand in line outside my door.  All my friends showed up at some point with soup, vitamins, cold medicine and good wishes.  And though their visits didn’t make me feel physically better, I definitely was touched by the gesture.

When we’re not feeling well, knowing others are keeping us in their thoughts can be a big lift.  And today’s, when practically everyone has Internet access at home, a Get well soon ecard from can do just the trick—especially if you want to send your sympathy, without risking catching that flu yourself!

Almost nothing is fun when you’re sick

Face it: almost nothing is fun when you’re sick.  Television is boring.  Movies are too long.  And books are too hard to concentrate on.  But what always gets a smile, even in the midst of your worst cold, is when friends go out of their way to show they’ve been thinking about you: chicken soup delivered to your door, a concerned phone call, or, now, a free animated  Ecards from GotFreeCards.

Sending free Ecards from is fast, simple, and, of course, free.  Just go to

Co-Worker Not Well Ecard
Get Well Soon Ecard For Your Co-worker, and browse through our selection of animated Ecards, many of which are specially designed for that friend or family member who’s under the weather.

When you send an animated Ecard to that friend or loved one who’s stuck at home with the flu, you can be sure it will make them feel just a little bit better, to open up their e-mail and know you’ve been thinking about them.  So head over to GotFreeCards today, and pick your  Get Well Soon Ecard.