Your Worst Halloween Nightmare



Haunted House Ecard
Haunted House Ecard

When I was little, my siblings and I would get so excited for Halloween and all of the things leading up to it.  Carving our pumpkins, helping our mom make our costumes, and getting dressed up for the parade at the school carnival were among the things that we were the most excited about.  And of course, who could forget the evening’s trick-or-treating and all of the forbidden candy we would soon have! 


After a healthy dinner (to counter the sugar in our future), we’d venture out with the other neighborhood kids in search for candy to fill our trick-or-treat bags.  We knew all of our neighbors and we knew who gave out the best candy and who gave out the scary stuff: pennies, raisins, and strange plastic toys.  But we never encountered the scariest “treat” of all, though we were told that they were out there, being given out to unsuspecting kids.  Toothbrushes, the scariest “treat” on Halloween night, was something we hoped never to encounter.  I am sure there are other “kids” out there who have similar Halloween memories and fears, which is why I love the “Haunted House” ecard here at  I’ve sent it to my siblings for some good old reminiscing, and I am sure you have friends and family with the same memories! So send them this card, remind them of the true horrors of Halloween – toothbrushes!

Halloween Candies or Ecards!

October is sure to be a month of purchases: Halloween candy, costumes, spooky decorations, pumpkins, and admission tickets to the neighborhood haunted house. But money need not be spent on Halloween cards, especially cards at typical stores that have no animation and that still require postage! is the one stop shop for all your card sending needs, Halloween included. There are spooky ecards, wishful ecards, and comical ones like the Competitive Witches ecard, all FREE and all animated. No postage needed as they are sent via the internet to the recipients email inbox, fast and free.

Now is the time to send Halloween ecards, it is early enough in the month that there are still those who haven’t given a thought to Halloween yet. Now is the time to remind them that Halloween is here by sending them your favorite Halloween ecard from Do you want to scare them silly, make them laugh, or make them ponder their Halloween costume? You can do all these things and more simply by sending them an animated ecard.

So put your money away and browse to check out the awesome Halloween ecard selection; pick as many as you want, write some spooky and funny messages, and email them off! Make sure everyone you know has a faBOOlous Halloween.

Culture Brings The World Closer

It’s a known fact that cultures around the world share a lot in common, despite their contrasts. Many traditions & beliefs have similar roots & significance across the globe.

Take Halloween for example. Do you know how similar Halloween traditions are to Asian Indian customs practiced during the lunar months of Ashwin-Karthika, that happen to fall around October?

People in the west believe that Halloween symbolizes the return of spirits to the earth. In India, it is believed that spirits of the elders in the family visit during the Ashwin month. In some parts of India, people perform special rituals for an entire fortnight to honor the presence of the elderly spirits. Halloween is the time when people hang lanterns & decorate the front porch with glowing candles, lights, scarecrows & dolls. In India, the festival of Dusssehra falls during the same time. This festival is marked by lighting rows of earthen lamps or ‘Diyas’ in front of houses. The highlight of Halloween is kids in costumes going from door to door collecting candies & sweet treats. During Dussehra or Durga Puja, children in many parts of India go from house to house, dressed in fine clothes, singing devotional songs, collecting goodies & treats. People in some parts arrange their best dolls and collectibles in a special staircase style display for friends and neighbors to admire.

The astounding similarities go on. Around the world, there are countless examples like these. Perhaps, it just goes to show that the world is indeed round and people across the planet share more in common than they realize.

Do you know of any such cultural parallels?

Sparking up Marriage with Ecards

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but one of the things that they don’t tell you in the marriage vows is that it is a lot of work. Deciding whom you want to marry may be one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made. Keeping the marriage together through thick and thin, however, can be much more difficult. When you add busy careers and children to a relationship, it is not surprising that the spark dies in over 90% of long relationships. Free ecards can help you to spark up your marriage again quickly and fairly easily.

A Reminder

Sometimes the couple in a marriage just needs a reminder as to why they married in the first place. If you have been dealing with difficult situations, a small token of words can often help to rekindle the romance in the relationship. Sending an “I love you” card may be all that it takes to make your husband or wife smile and remember how much they love you as well. While words often work, they sometimes aren’t quite enough to make a relationship that has strayed off course lean back into it’s proper position.

Taking It Further

If you’re looking to help your relationship get a bit more spark, a bit of planning, and a free animated ecard or two, may be just the way to do it. To begin with, make some plans for you and your spouse that do not include work, children, or any of the normal haunts. If, for instance, you go out to dinner frequently, avoid the restaurants you usually go to. If you tend to relax around the house most weekend evenings, plan to go out instead. If you can afford a hotel room for the night and don’t usually spend the night at one, book a suite! If you’ve got children, plan for a babysitter and make sure that they’re taken care of. Then start your plan.

Send your spouse a free animated ecard explaining how much you love them, and how you want to show them that you love them. Then, an hour later, send another free animated ecard telling them that you have plans to show them how much you care about them and how much you enjoy spending time with them. Another hour later, send a third free animated ecard that says that you will be contacting them soon to let them know about the plans that you have made.

Throughout the day, send little reminder ecards that let them know how much you love them and how you’re going to prove it in person. By the time the end of the day rolls around, make sure you’ve sent an ecard asking them to meet you at a specific place. Then, whisk them way for an evening (or weekend) away, where you can physically show your love to your spouse once again, where it’s just the two of you.

A Little Courtesy Goes A Long Way

There’s not enough courtesy left in the world. People rarely excuse themselves when they bump each other anymore and generally it’s just not all that common for people to be nice to each other. They jostle each other for seats on the bus or the subway and many are constantly plotting ways to get ahead of their fellows. However, there is a way to turn the tide by taking small steps and one that each of us can accomplish is by thanking someone with ecards for a kindness.

Why not try and brighten up someone’s day by sending them one of the free animated ecards that are available through GotFreeCards? They’re always in the spirit of helping out and spreading goodwill and one look at the vast selection of free ecards that pass along a simple thank you will show you how dedicated they are to making life a more courteous and happy place. Their thank you section is only one of a number of categories available that includes miss you, sorry, and get well soon.

Saying You’re Sorry The Electronic Way

We’ve all done those things that we’d rather not have. It happens to all of us and it’s just a fact of life that we can’t avoid. Sometimes it hurts even more when you can’t directly see the person that you’re trying to make amends with and a great distance separating the two of you might seem at first to be an insurmountable obstacle. Well that’s all changed with the advent of the Internet because now you can send free ecards to those you want to say you’re sorry to.

Really, there’s no better way to stay on top of the latest in technology and at the same time adhere to older traditions and GotFreeCards is the place with the best selections that includes all different kinds of ecards as well as some of the finest free animated ecards that you’ll find anywhere. If you’re unsure what kind of sorry ecard you’d like to send, you can have a look at the convenient tabs at the top of the page where these cards are located. These will give you the ability to ‘window shop’ through what the site has as well as what they’ve got upcoming.

Making the Most of Everyday with Animated Cards

Everyone expects to get cards on their birthday or on a special holiday, and ecards have become the quick and easy way to let someone know how much you care. So much so, in fact, that sending free animated ecards during a holiday has become commonplace. If you want to truly surprise someone and show them how much you care about them, you may want to send them animated cards when they least expect it – on a day that is not a holiday!

Animated cards such as the Thanks for Making Me Smile card are a great way to put a genuine smile on someone’s face. They are created expressly to show someone how much you enjoy having them in your life, and, when sent on a day that is not a holiday, anniversary, or birthday, can mean a great deal to the recipient. The best part about sending animated cards isn’t that they are free and only take a short time to send, it is in knowing that when the receiver gets their ecard, they will know that someone cared enough about them to take a few minutes out of their day to send it.