Printable Cards for Christmas

Personalized Printed Cards Delivered At Your Desk, Instantly!  There’s just something about a paper greeting card that never loses its charm for some of us. We like to hold the greeting in our hands, feel the crisp paper, run our fingers over the words and pictures- as if we were trying to absorb the essence […]

Christmas and New Year

Christmas Ecards   The placement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the calendar seems like a cruel joke.  Other holidays are relatively spaced out: Easter in April, Independence Day in July, Halloween in October.  But between two of the year’s biggest holidays, we have only one short week.              Thankfully, […]

Cost cutting tips for Christmas gifts

The plunging economy and job cuts have taken their toll on many families and parents are worried if they will be able to afford Christmas gifts for their children. Here are some money saving tips to bring you some holiday cheer without lightening your pocket book :   1. Makes gifts. Home made cookies, a […]