Your Worst Halloween Nightmare



Haunted House Ecard
Haunted House Ecard

When I was little, my siblings and I would get so excited for Halloween and all of the things leading up to it.  Carving our pumpkins, helping our mom make our costumes, and getting dressed up for the parade at the school carnival were among the things that we were the most excited about.  And of course, who could forget the evening’s trick-or-treating and all of the forbidden candy we would soon have! 


After a healthy dinner (to counter the sugar in our future), we’d venture out with the other neighborhood kids in search for candy to fill our trick-or-treat bags.  We knew all of our neighbors and we knew who gave out the best candy and who gave out the scary stuff: pennies, raisins, and strange plastic toys.  But we never encountered the scariest “treat” of all, though we were told that they were out there, being given out to unsuspecting kids.  Toothbrushes, the scariest “treat” on Halloween night, was something we hoped never to encounter.  I am sure there are other “kids” out there who have similar Halloween memories and fears, which is why I love the “Haunted House” ecard here at  I’ve sent it to my siblings for some good old reminiscing, and I am sure you have friends and family with the same memories! So send them this card, remind them of the true horrors of Halloween – toothbrushes!

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