October 25, 2008

Flying Pumpkins – Halloween Ecard

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Flying Pumpkins

Flying Pumpkins

There are many things about Halloween that are frightful: scary costumes, spooky music, and haunted houses.  But those things are to be expected, and therefore are not quite as scary in the long run.  But what about the unexpected things of Halloween?  As a child, and yes even as an adult, I tend to let my imagination go a little too far and found myself more scared about things I had yet to see but imagined to be truths.

For instance, we always hear about Witches flying on broomsticks.  The idea of a little old lady with an eerie laugh and a tall pointy hat being able to elevate into the air on a broomstick just gives me the chills.  If I were ever to see this, I would surely pass out from sheer fear.  And then I take one step further and ask myself, “What do jack-o-lanterns do at night when everyone is sleeping?”  While it may not sound scary right now, wait until nightfall and think of it then.  Do they sprout arms and legs and walk around?  Or do they grow magic wings and fly around, annoying Witches on their broomsticks?

To me, this is the essence of all things scary on Halloween, the possibility of the unknown.  This is why I love the animated Halloween ecard, Flying Pumpkins; it gives me the chills every time!  So share this ecard with someone you care about or maybe just someone you want to scare! Happy Halloween!

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