July 4th Trivia

July 4 th is just a couple of days away. Take this fun quiz to see how much you really know about America’s birthday.

1. Betsy Ross sewed the first flag. True or False?

2. How old was George Washington when he held his first public office?

3. Alexander-Gustave Eiffel known for building the Eiffel Tower, also built the iron framework for ————–.

4. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th 1976. But, it was declared a legal holiday only in ——-

5. The United States imports fireworks worth approximately ——- every year.
($5 million/ $ 700,000/ $ 200 million)

Scroll down for anwers

July 4th Ecards
July 4th Ecards


1. False

2. 17

3. Statue of Liberty

4. 1941

5. 200 million ( $217 million in 2007)

Source : http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/lists/?article=fourthofjuly