July 4th – more than a holiday

July 4th means different things to different people.

To some, it’s a celebration of the birth of a great nation. (With the emphasis being perhaps on the celebration, than on the significance of the nation’s birth!)

To others, it’s a reminder of the gifts that our forefathers fought to bring us – independence, freedom, liberty – whatever you call it, it’s something many of us take for granted.  It shouldn’t take long to realize how fortunate we are. There are millions of people who don’t enjoy what we now believe is a right. Whether it is freedom of speech or the right to vote and elect our leaders, the citizens of the free world have much to be grateful for, despite all the shortcomings in the ‘flawed system’ we are so quick to point out. So, in a way, July 4th is a solemn reminder of how much further we need to go.

And then there are those of us, for whom, it’s merely a long weekend. “What are your plans for the long weekend in July?” “So, where did you spend the Fourth weekend?” “Where’s your family headed for July 4th?”

Sure, July 4th may be almost synonymous with BBQs, fireworks, road trips, parties and parades. And that’s perfectly fine. But, before you head out to party, why not take a moment to reflect on what this Independence Day means to you and your family. Thanksgiving may be months away. But July 4th is yet another opportunity to appreciate this gift of freedom that we enjoy, and to express our gratitude to the people who make it possible for us to live our lives the way we want. Be it our troops, our political leaders or forefathers, spend a few minutes thinking about them. If you have a long road trip or flight ahead of you, it might be a great time to discuss what this holiday means with your kids. (And don’t be surprised if they seem to know more than you!)

So, if you’ve decided to celebrate a more meaningful Fourth, start with Free Fourth of July Ecards. Send a July 4 th free ecard, printable card or photo cards to your friends and family, reminding them how fortunate we all are to be celebrating a holiday that represents freedom.

So, tell us, what does July 4th mean to you?