Getting Ahead in Business with Free Animated Ecards

The business world is a dog-eat-dog world, and it can be difficult to get ahead, especially when you’re trying to go against tons of other businesses. If you’re in the business world, you know how important it is to do whatever you can to keep your clients and customers with your company, and the best way to do that is to prove to them that you not only haven’t forgotten about them, but that you truly care about them. One easy, and inexpensive, way to do that is to send free ecards to them whenever it is their birthday!

Keeping Track

Sending free ecards to a client or customer (or boss) on their birthday is not only affordable, it is a great way to let the recipient know that you are thinking about them. How can you keep track of each person’s birthday? First, you need to have each clients email address and birthday. This can be tricky to get, depending on what type of a business you are in. If you send out newsletters (which you should be doing to get traffic to your website or business), you can request the birth date that way. If you have a store that exists in the real world, you can ask new guests to enter their email address and their birth date when they go into your store.

Once you have complied all of this information, it is time to get it organized. Using a program like Excel makes it easy. Open a new spreadsheet and enter the person’s name, birth date, and email address. Then simply arrange the file in order of birth date, starting with January and running through to December. Every day you or your assistant can check the file and will know who is having a birthday. Then, simply choose the free ecard of your liking and enter the email addresses.

Some free ecard companies will allow you to enter multiple addresses for each ecard, while others require that you use only one address per ecard. Remember to keep the ecard a simple and elegant one, rather than a silly and goofy one, unless you’re in the funny business, then make it as silly as you’d like.

Your Information

One thing you need to remember to put in your free ecard is your contact information. If you don’t have your contact information available on the free card, the recipient will not only know who sent the card, they won’t know how to get back to your site, possibly costing you to lose some business. Sending free ecards is a great way to keep yourself connected to your customers and clients, costing you only a little time and effort. You will be amazed at how quickly and positively your clients and customers respond to the free ecards they receive from you. You may even want to send a free ecard during an anniversary, depending on what type of business you’re in.